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Plenty of anime lovers would appreciate just how many episodes of One Piece there are to enjoy, but it can become tricky when you’re trying to catch up! Fortunately, there are a few nifty ways that One Piece lovers could get up to speed without cutting down on enjoyability and crucial content. So how to watch One Piece faster?

One Piece fans can catch up on the anime series by skipping the intros/ outros and potentially watching at 2x speed. Reading the manga instead of watching drawn-out sections can cut down on time, but watching the ‘summarized One Piece movies’ is not recommended.

While getting through the entire One Piece anime series as-is will take a couple of months, there are ways to shorten the time so you can continue with the latest episodes. Stick around to find out how you can watch One Piece in the shortest time possible, without missing out on important events throughout the story.

How Fast Can I Catch Up On One Piece?

When it comes to getting the low down on the One Piece saga, there will definitely be a ton of content cut out for any fan. The One Piece manga would take an immeasurable amount of time for fans to read depending on various factors, but it’s somewhat easier to estimate how long it would take to watch all of the episodes available.

100 Funniest ‘One Piece Memes to Keep you Laughing 84

That being said, there are tons of episodes to get through – the One Piece has anime over 1000 episodes to date! Each of these episodes takes between 22 and 24 minutes to reach the end, which we’ll be using as the base of time calculations.


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According to CBR, viewers could technically get through all of the One Piece episodes in around 17 days – if they are not eating, sleeping, or taking breaks of any sort. At the same time, viewers would take approximately 50 days to catch up on all of the One Piece anime episodes if they were to binge watch One Piece for 8 full hours each day – including weekends!

That’s definitely a long time, and it will certainly be tough to get in that much anime a day considering other commitments like studies, work, and much more. The odds are that any person would fluctuate between how many hours they can dedicate to the One Piece anime series per day.

How To Watch One Piece Faster

The whole purpose here is to help you catch up on One Piece as efficiently as possible while considering time as a dominant factor. But, the main aim is to still help you find a way to get up to speed without ruining the One Piece journey. Consider the tips below to help you cut down on time while watching One Piece:

Read The One Piece Manga (Partially)

While most One Piece fans would probably prefer to watch the One Piece anime, many old-school fans have found that reading the manga can cut down on time. You should be able to catch up on the story itself much quicker if you read the manga – or at least read through some of the ‘debatably skippable’ One Piece episodes (those that are not exactly ‘filler One Piece episodes’ but are not important either, like up until Arlong Park).

Do Not Watch The One Piece ‘Summarized’ Movies

It should be noted that there are quite a few hints telling fans to just watch the summarized One Piece movies, which supposedly compile all of the most important events into a short and easy-to-digest package. But, it’s not recommended by most of the One Piece community, as this will likely result in you missing out on tons of crucial information – not to mention that it may ultimately be a waste of an incredible anime series!

Skip The Intro/ Outro

While the average One Piece episode takes between 22 and 24 minutes, it’s been calculated that the intro and outro segments of each episode actually amount to between 2 and 3 minutes. Although it may be tiresome to skip through the intro and outro sections every time, it will add up and result in you catching up sooner than later.

Watch One Piece At 2x Speed

This is a quick and simple way to get the One Piece experience without having to skip episodes you’d rather watch. However, this will also depend on preferences, since some viewers may find that changing the speed ruins the whole feel of it.

But, there are quite a few anime fans who may feel that the entire progression is slow-paced, which is nothing new for many anime series. If this is the case for you, watching it at 2x speed may not be too much of an issue.

Use One Pace

While it’s still up for debate depending on how you like to enjoy your One Piece episodes, One Pace has been a helping hand for quite a few fans out there. This platform is a fan project that actually recuts the One Piece anime in an attempt to make it more in line with the pacing of the original manga.

This is done by removing filler content that isn’t seen as necessary by most of the community or taking out filler scenes that are not present in the manga. At the same time, the brains behind this project have taken plenty of care to ensure that the experience is still as authentic as possible with seamless transitions, audio, and music.


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One Pace does not have all of the One Piece anime episodes available (with no promises with the release of new episodes), but this platform may be a good place to begin in order to give yourself a headstart. The platform has over 350 episodes available for download, and One Pace has stated that these are 45% faster than the original – which can save you over one hundred hours!

What Should I Skip When Watching One Piece?

When you’re getting through the One Piece watch order, there are a few episodes that can actually be skipped entirely. These episodes have been noted for ‘filler’ One Piece content, and while it’s still enjoyable to watch for any fan, the information provided is not really necessary for following the story’s progression.

There are quite a few One Piece episodes you can skip, some of which include character arcs. Some One Piece episodes may touch on interesting cannon moments that primarily add hype to the experience – which, you can skip if you’re alright with missing out on that.

Should I Rush Through One Piece?

Just to mention, there is a cost for skipping episodes or rushing through the One Piece story – over and above potentially missing out on some extra info. Many One Piece fans may actually love to be in your shoes, wide-eyed and free to dive into the wonders of One Piece for the very first time.


Once you catch up, you’ll be cursed with the same burden as the rest of us – having to go through painful waiting sessions just to watch the next episode! It’s just something to consider – there is really no rush, and catching up on One Piece without enjoying it just wouldn’t do the anime justice.

Although one may feel pressured to get through old One Piece episodes as quickly as possible just to watch the newer episodes, you should still be enjoying every moment of this anime. Thankfully, with these simple tips, you can catch up on One Piece without rushing the experience entirely.

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