All One Piece Filler Episodes You Can Skip in 2023

One piece fillers

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One Piece passed the 1,000-episode mark in late 2021 and as the show is continuing its long run, fans are eagerly waiting for new episodes of Oda’s anime series. One of the original “Big Three” anime series, One Piece has a constantly growing fanbase and is among the most popular anime series in the history of the genre. In this article, we are going to talk about the episodes of One Piece.

Anime episodes can be classified as fillers and canon episodes. Canon episodes are taken from the manga, while filler episodes are anime-only original content that is not present in the manga. Filler episodes have a different function, depending on how and when they are broadcast, but that is not going to be the topic of this article. Instead, in this article, we are going to give you a list of the One Piece filler episodes that you can easily skip.

Episodes 54 to 61: The Warship Island Arc


This Arc takes place right after Luffy received his 30,000,000 Berries bounty at the end of the East Blue Saga, and before the Straw Hats arrived on the Grand Line. The Straw Hats found a young girl named Apis floating in the ocean. It turns out that she escaped from Navy warships. So Luffy’s crew agreed to return to his native; Warship Island, but will be attacked by Nelson Royale’s fleet along the way.

After successfully escaping the Navy, the pirates and the little girl realize that they have landed in the Calm Belt, where they encounter the Sea Monsters. Then, narrowly escaping the latter, they left Calm Belt, then continued on their way to Apis’ home island. After reaching Warship Island, they discover that Apis has a Devil Fruit ability that allows her to talk to animals, then it is revealed that she used it to befriend a Millennial Dragon on the brink of death, a species of dragon believed to be extinct. She wants to help this Sennenryu to return to her family, but they encountered two problems.


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Firstly, the Navy fleet is also after the dragon, as it can be used to make a powerful and valuable elixir, granting immortality. Their commander (Commodore Nelson Royale), has hired Erik (A Devil Fruit user, the Kama Kama no Mi) to help him get the Sennenryu, but he intends to disobey, and keep the dragon all to himself.

Secondly, they don’t know where the Nest of Dragons is, the gathering place of all living Millennial Dragons. This Arc chronicles the Straw Hats’ efforts to bring the Sennenryu home, make Apis the happiest, and stay out of Erik’s reach.

This is the first filler arc in the whole One Piece anime and in all honesty, it’s not really worth watching. There’s nothing that happens in it and although it is in itself quite intriguing, it doesn’t really contribute to the overall plot in any way, which is why we think that you can skip it.

Episodes 131 to 135: The Post-Alabasta Arc

Post Alabasta Arc

This arc contains five standalone episoes:

  • Episode 131 – The First Patient! Anecdote of the Rumble Ball: Arriving on an island that appears to be deserted, the Straw Hats set out to search for food, while Chopper is left alone to guard the ship. On the boat, he recalls the first time he did the Rumble Ball and his first patient, Kureha. He shared this story with Nico Robin, a new member of the crew at that time.
  • Episode 132 – The Navigator’s Mutiny! For an Unwavering Dream!: Nami buys 1000 sheets of extremely durable paper from a strange seller. She is trying to transfer some of her old maps to this new document, which will be the start of her world map. She is constantly interrupted by the crew, but will eventually succeed in doing so.
  • Episode 133 – Inherited Recipe! Sanji, the Curry Expert: The crew accidentally navigates around sea vessels and tries to slip away in the fog. An apprentice cook named Tajio falls, then is rescued. After eating their food, Sanji asks if he could visit any Marine kitchens. He boards a ship with Tajio & Luffy until sunrise when the fog clears. Sanji hides among several critical food boards, and escapes just in time with Luffy. With Sanji’s help, Tajio managed to make his curry stew, for his superiors.
  • Episode 134 – I’ll Make it Bloom! Manly Usopp’s Eight-Shaku Ball: The crew arrived on an island, where they are preparing a big party, with a magnificent fireworks display. Usopp befriends Kodama who is the pyrotechnics director’s granddaughter. She wants to set off a giant firework, which killed her parents the year before when they tried to put it out. In the end, his grandfather pulls it all off with the help of Usopp, which further determined the sniper to become a great warrior of the seas.
  • Episode 135 – Infamous Pirate Hunter! The Wandering Swordsman, Zoro!: While resting, Zoro had a flashback to when he met Johnny and Yosaku and later confronted (to come to their aid) Dick.


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This is probably the least good among all the filler arcs. The five episodes are all standalone with individual stories and not only do they not contribute to the overall plot in any way, but the episodes also aren’t really connected with one another either.

Episodes 136 to 138: The Goat Island Arc

Goat Island Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates arrived on Goat Island, and spot a young goat nearby. As Sanji, Usopp, and Luffy tried to capture her to eat her, the latter ran off, luring them into a trap where the crew got surrounded by other goats. Zoro and Sanji prepare to fight back but are stopped by Chopper. From the conversation with the goats, Chopper discovered that the trap was set by an old man, who was hiding nearby.

After discovering the old man, the latter took fright and wanted to flee, but was quickly stopped by the bush. Zoro uses his katana to cut the branches and free the old man, but he was unconscious. The crew thought the man passed out due to Zoro’s katana. When Chopper checked on Zenny, he was surprised to find that the man’s heartbeat had stopped.

They asked the goats to lead them to the latter’s abode. Zenny woke up a little later, and to make up for this act of “violence”, he began ordering the crew around doing chores. Zoro set out on a journey up the mountain to look for food. He happens to find a pirate ship in the mountain and informed the rest of the crew. While the crew wondered why was it a pirate ship, they decided to leave the island; no longer desiring to want to do the old man’s chores.

However, Chopper insisted on staying, as he discovered that the old man had passed out not because he had a weak heart, but because he only had 3 days to live. The next day, the crew decided to treat Zenny better, doing whatever he asked and meals for him. They also helped build the pirate ship, which turned out to be his. He said he builds his own coffin. Meanwhile, Minchey discovered that many years ago Zenny, the money-lending pirate, was lost in these waters after robbing pirates and should “be ready to die” soon.

Therefore, he decided to lay a trap, so he could get his hands on the treasures, but also Zenny and Luffy’s crew. Back on the island, Zoro realized that three days had passed, and the old man still looked healthy. Chopper then commented that it might be a mistake. Once again the crew decided to leave the island. Nami told them they couldn’t, because she lost their Going Merry to the old man in a game of chess and is still trying to win him back.

Zenny says they would have to work for him for 10 years on the island before they could get their ship back. Usopp suggested leaving quickly, but Luffy refused, as he said he didn’t want to break a promise. At that moment, Robin won against the old pirate in chess to regain their ship. The old man said he had never seen such pirates. During the night, they began to have a celebration.


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Nami tries to get Zenny to tell them where he hid his famous treasure, but the old man revealed he was Zenny, the loan shark. He tells the crew that his dream was to be the Pirate King, but he is now too old to go on the adventure. Luffy remarked that it will never be too late for him to start his adventures. The next morning, Chopper woke up and alerted the crew that the Marines had arrived on the island.

Zoro prepares to fight, but Minchey convinces them, saying they can’t do anything when they only have one ship. Usopp headed up the mountain to inform Robin of their departure. With Luffy’s help, Zenny and his goats were able to attack the Marines. The Straw Hat Pirates then came as reinforcements. Meanwhile, due to his heart, Zenny weakened, which gave Minchey an attempt to capture him.

The commander prepared to hit the old man, when suddenly Robin, who was on Zenny’s boat, threw his abacus at Minchey. The Straw Hats then tied Minchey. Nami then asked Zenny where his treasure was hidden, then he replied that when he landed on the island with his fortune converted into cash, the goats had eaten everything he had, which is why he mentioned that the goats were his treasures.

Luffy then threw Minchey onto Captain Moore’s ship, who stripped Minchey of his title after discovering his betrayal. The two pirate crews say goodbye and go their separate ways, to live their own adventures. To thank the pirates for capturing Minchey, Moore allowed them to choose their place of battle. Luffy pointed to the foggy area, which once again caused the loss of the Captain’s fleet.

Now, this is a very interesting filler arc. If you like goats. If goats aren’t really your thing, then you won’t find much material in this arc. It’s not bad, but it’s simply not that intriguing and it doesn’t connect to anything else, which is why you can skip it without feeling guilty.


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Episodes 220 to 224: The Ocean’s Dream Arc


One night, while moored near an island, the entire crew began to fall asleep. Only Nico Robin stayed awake to finish reading a book, while a mysterious young man blew underwater into a seahorse. The next morning, Robin greeted Nami, who did not recognize her. In the boys’ room, Tony Tony Chopper was the first to wake up and jumped when he saw that he was surrounded by humans.

When the other people finally woke up, they tried to figure out what was going on, because they had no idea how they got there, or why so many people were surrounding them. They only remembered the events that happened just before Monkey D. Luffy came into their lives. (In Luffy’s case, before he was on Alvida’s ship).

Afterward, Usopp tells them that they are all part of his crew and lost their memories in a fight against a giant whale. However, Sanji quickly sensed the lie. He decided to make breakfast for everyone, and the pirates headed for the bow of the ship. Sanji, at the sight of Nico Robin and Nami, fell in love. They soon noticed Chopper, who was hiding behind a barrel, having no idea what he was doing there.

Robin says they were on a pirate ship, which freaked everyone out, especially Nami who still hated pirates (having lost her memory). At this point, Zoro Roronoa appeared, and Usopp began to get scared, seeing that it was the great pirate hunter. Nami returned to her room and found a photo of her, Belmer, and Nojiko.

Thus, Zoro decided that he had no reason to stay in their company any longer, and went to the island. Nami arrived in a village to find a diary, which serves as the residents’ only source of information, as they, too, have lost their memories. Nami tried to find a ship she could use to get back to Cocoyashi, but the boy from last night appeared and explained to her that all the boats that docked on the island were wrecked.


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In the ship’s mess room, Robin explained that they were on the same crew, but being the last member, she didn’t know the circumstances under which everyone had joined this crew. She then recounted what happened the day before and said that she had heard a strange noise. With a whistle from the tea kettle, everyone with the memory loss realized they were all having the same dream of a boy blowing into an instrument, which Robin hadn’t done because she was stayed awake.

They came to the conclusion that the boy was the cause of their memory loss. That night, the boy knocked again and was surprised to find everyone awake. Luffy attacked him, damaging his seahorse horn and all his memories came back to him, but the boy escaped. Luffy reminds everyone of their role in the crew, then also wants to bring Zoro and Nami back, but Robin convinces him to wait until morning.

The next day, they arrived on the island and immediately clashed with Nami and Luffy forced her to help them find Zoro. On their way, Robin reads through an ancient scripture and, realizing the real cause behind the memory loss, tells everyone to go to the “Palace of the Sea God”. Meanwhile, the boy hypnotized Zoro, to put him on his side.

The seahorse then reveals its ultimate technique. He first makes everyone see, in the form of an illusion, their loved ones, and makes them see all their enemies, which makes them vulnerable. As he does, he gets bigger and bigger and begins to float in the air, claiming that he is now a Sennenryu (Millennium Dragon), as he always wanted.

Despite having lost all of his memories, Luffy decides to ride the Seahorse and unwittingly uses his Devil Fruit powers to wrap his arms around it. This caused Luffy’s memories to be expelled by the seahorse, so he decided to defeat the seahorse until he returned everyone’s memory, only to then send him off the island.

The crew then reaches the village, where they thought they were rewarded for returning all the memories to the inhabitants, and are attacked instead. Noko, the boy who was hypnotized by the seahorse, misinterpreted the situation and thinks the Straw Hat Pirates were the ones who took all the memories and warned the whole village. After that, the crew is forced to rush to the ship and speed off.

This arc is actually good in terms of plot, as the overall idea was quite intriguing and it was actually in conjunction with one of the video games, which was great. Why skip it then? Because it has no influence on the plot – once it’s done, the characters return to their normal selves and everything goes on as if the plot never happened. Bummer.

Episodes 225 to 226: Foxy’s Return Arc

Foxy, Porch, and Hamburg are in a boat when the Straw Hat Pirates find them and save them from sinking because of the seas. They locate the Sexy Foxy, but Kibagaeru is now the captain. Furious, Foxy challenges Kiba to a captains’ duel in a Davy Back Fight. Kiba triumphs because he refused to play along and used unethical tactics to triumph. When Robin and Chopper decide not to attend the party after Luffy defeats Kiba, Foxy prepares a trap for them because he can’t stand that they helped him and flees. Despite falling prey to the traps, Foxy’s two robots are ultimately vanquished by Luffy and the others.


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Although it has only two episodes, Foxy’s Return Arc actually brings back one of the most disliked characters in the whole series, and with that said, why would anyone watch additional episodes about him? The episodes don’t make much sense and unless you’re a big fan of Foxy, you can definitely skip this one.

Episodes 382 to 384: Spa Island Arc

Spa Island Arc

At the beginning of the arc Nami and Robin appear talking with Doran, the owner of Spa Island, and he is explaining the different relaxation facilities that the place has. While the other members are enjoying the baths, restaurants, and pools. Doran also tells Nami and Robin about the rain and Candy Rainbow, also adding that only lucky customers get to see it. Nami assures them that they will see the rain of sweets, Doran laughs and tells them that his Spa’s earnings are ten billion berries, leaving Nami surprised.

Then Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper appear playing skate in the water standing on some soap while being watched by a girl. After this, it starts to rain sweets in that same place, and Luffy takes so many that he becomes fat. After this, Luffy, accompanied again by Usopp and Chopper, jumps down a slide, and when they reach the bottom, they meet Lina; the girl who had appeared before accompanied by her pet Nukky, a sea raccoon that can be transformed.

This one is also quite short, but this one also brings back Foxy. With absolutely no relevant plot progression, the Spa Island Arc was not good as it was, but when we saw Foxy again, we realized that it was simply horrible. This one could be too much even for Foxy’s fans, which is why you can definitely skip it.

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