15 Best One Piece Fan Ships Ranked by Probability

15 Best One Piece Fan Ships Ranked by Probability

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The term “ship” in terms of anime is actually a shortened version of the word “relationship” and represents fan-based relationships between the characters in the series. So, if you think that two characters would be great as a couple, you’re “shipping” them together. We’ve explained this so that you do not expect a list of ships (boats) from One Piece, since this is a rare occasion where the term “ship” can actually be misunderstood, as there are actual ships in the series.

Anyway, this article is going to give you a list of the 15 best One Piece fan ships based on the probability of their realizations. At this moment, romance is not the focus of Oda’s work, but there is a possibility that it might become relevant in the future. Some of these ships are more or less likely, some are a bit far-fetched, but based on what the fandom states and what Oda has written in the canon works, we think that these are the 15 most probable ships; some are mutually exclusive, but we suppose it is going to be clear why that is. Enjoy!

15. Sabo and Koala


Sabo has a friendly relationship with his counterpart, Koala, by the time the Dressrosa arc progresses. As a result, she became very upset and cried at the thought that Sabo would leave the revolutionaries with his memories back, and is aware of his history with Luffy and Ace and his regret that he was unable to participate in the Battle of Marineford.

Koala was happy for him when Sabo was finally reunited with his sworn brother and also tried to comfort him due to his long feelings of regret over his inability to save Ace – showing some closeness between them. She also attended his battle at the Corrida Colosseum. However, she is constantly angry at his selfish attitude regarding ignoring duties, such as when she chastised him for potentially risking war due to the Marine’s wrath when he started fighting Fujitora.

14. Chopper and Milky

Chopper and Milky Cropped

On Zou, Chopper met Milky, a deer mink who works as a nurse on the island. Milky was the first character in the series to whom Chopper showed any romantic interest whatsoever, wanting to be with her. Milky herself seems to admire Chopper’s knowledge of medicine just as much as all the other minks on the island. She is grateful to him for saving her, but no romantic relationship has been noticed between them as of yet.

13. Vivi and Koza


Koza, the leader of the rebellion, has been close friends with Vivi for 11 years. Although they weren’t on the best of terms when they first met, the level of respect between them soon increased. Vivi owes him her life for saving her from several kidnappers as a child.

12. Franky and Nico Robin

Robin and Franky

Robin and Frankie have a close relationship with each other. Franky sympathizes with Robin’s plight and states that her existence is not a crime as dictated by the World Government. Franky removed the handcuffs from her using the keys the Straw Hats obtained while fighting the CP9 agents. They also beat Spandam together as they both mutually hated him.

Robin helped the Straw Hats convince Franky to join them by grabbing his groin, much to Franky’s pain and displeasure. He is also the only member of the team who can take Robin out, despite her being considered the calmest member, on par with Zoro, except when he is arguing with Sanji. She becomes annoyed at Franky’s flippancy during serious moments.

Like Nami, she seems completely indifferent to Franky’s ridiculous inventions. She was visibly annoyed when Franky was inside the body of Chopper (with whom she is very close), making strange and obscene faces. Like Nami and Usopp, Franky also dislikes Robin’s strange habit of using harsh or scary facts to suggest possible outcomes.


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11. Zoro and Tashigi

maxresdefault 1 3

Apparently, Tashigi still holds a grudge against Roronoa Zoro. After she discovers his true identity, she challenges him to a duel. Zoro defeats her, but she refuses to accept defeat unless he cuts her for real. One of Tashigi’s goals is to defeat Zoro in order to take him to Wado Ichimonji, as she believes that such a famous blade should not be in the hands of a criminal; much later, she notices that Zoro also possesses Shusui, furthering her interest. Seeing his advanced skills, after two years of honing his skills under Mihawk, she is clearly beginning to respect his colossal strength.

10. Zoro and Nami


Nami trusts Zoro’s fighting skills and often counts on him. However, she is often annoyed by his lazy antics, such as sleeping too much. Zoro, like all the other members of the team, unconditionally trusts her navigational skills and always obediently follows her commands. Nami’s cunning allows her to manipulate the ever-abandoned swordsman into constant indebtedness, and due to this, they often argue with each other, usually resulting in Sanji’s intercession.

Despite this, they are both the top drinkers among the Straw Hats. Zoro cares about her safety, often coming to her aid (in Skypiea, he constantly worried that Nami was swallowed; in Thriller Bark, he thought about whether Sanji could save Nami, although he himself was in danger, which Franky stressed: he saved her from an attack Monet on Punk Hazard; on Dressrosa, he ran to save the ship where Nami stayed from Doflamingo; he was the only one who stayed with the sick Nami when the others ran away to watch the island and, in addition, took over her navigator functions so that she could rest).


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Nami also takes care of him; this is clearly seen after the events of the Thriller Bark arc when she stays by his bed with Chopper while the rest of the crew celebrates.

9. Smoker and Hina


Hina is a longtime friend of Smoker, joining the Navy at the same time as him and helping him out of situations that could have gotten “The White Hunter” fired from the Navy. The exact nature of their relationship is unknown at this moment, and while this is a very far-fetched ship, fans do ship them quite often. The opposite nature of their personalities is similar to a lot of other ships on this list, which is why this ship actually makes sense in the scope of a shonen anime series. The lack of information is a different issue, though.

8. Shanks and Makino


In the village of Fuusia, Shanks was quite close friends with Makino, who worked in a bar. Makino showed concern for him when Shanks was insulted by Higuma. And Shanks, in turn, offered to help clean up what the mountain bandit had spilled and smashed. She was drying off the pirate when the robber left. She is very grateful to Shanks for saving Luffy at the cost of his hand and thinks of him with the utmost respect. She understands that he is a good person, albeit a pirate.

7. Sanji and Viola

Sanji and Violetta

While on Dressrosa, Sanji met the beautiful dancer Viola, who tricked him into saying she was being hunted. Naturally, Sanji offered to help her without hesitation. After that, it became clear that she was Donquixote Doflamingo’s subordinate, but despite the fact, Sanji believed that Viola was being held against her will and still wanted to help.

She doesn’t believe him at first but then realizes that he is sincere due to his Devil Fruit. Consequently, she betrays her subordinates and strongly advises Sanji to leave Dressrosa, using her abilities to reveal that he and his team are trapped, She also giving him a Den Den Mushi so he can contact Law and a map to get to the hidden factory for the production of SAD.

6. Luffy and Boa Hancock

maxresdefault 8

Luffy managed to befriend the Gorgon Sisters despite their early attempts to kill him for seeing the mark on the back of the Shichibukai Boa Hancock, which the other two sisters also have. This sign he gave to the Tenryubito is proof that they were once slaves, and they would rather die than show it to anyone.

But during the fight with the Hancock sisters, when the sign on Boa Sandersonia’s back almost showed up, Luffy covered it with his body so that no one could see it, thus showing them his respect, claiming that their secrets had nothing to do with this fight. This brought back many memories for Hancock, and she decided to let Luffy live.

Later, Hancock decided to test Luffy’s selflessness and told him about her past, whereupon he forgave them, deciding that only the Tenryubito were to blame for doing terrible things, thus earning their friendship and Hancock’s love. For everything she did to him in Impel Down and for giving the key to the handcuffs from Ace’s Kairoseki, he hugged her, which made her almost fall over with happiness.

Although he did not know that Hancock loved him, he was genuinely concerned for her and did not reveal to Magellan how he got to Impel Down, even despite the risk to his life. After the two-year timeskip, Luffy learns that Hancock wants to marry him, but it is unknown if he understands her feelings or just takes it as an intention to get married. In any case, he rejects her offer, but this does not change his friendship with her, as he later states that he hopes to meet her again.


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5. Sanji and Pudding

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When Big Mom came up with a plan to kill the Vinsmoke Family, Pudding readily agreed to act as a bride for Vinsmoke Sanji. When Sanji arrives at Totto Land, Pudding pretends to be in love with him and acts as if she wants them to have a happy wedding, even agreeing to forego the marriage if it becomes hell for Sanji.

However, Pudding did think of Sanji as a pawn, putting aside the prospect of marrying him. She showed how she really felt about Sanji when she scoffed at his proposal and how he showed her his swollen face (which his brothers had beaten), and later imitated his face, which she supposed he must do after seeing her third eye and learning about her assassination plan.

Pudding went on to call Sanji a freak and a failure and even considered him unworthy of being a suitable prince. Not fully knowing his fiancée, Sanji overheard Pudding’s conversation with his sister and was shocked to see her true identity and third eye.

He was devastated when Pudding revealed that she and her mother intended to kill the entire Vinsmoke family during the Tea Party. Listening to her bullying and insulting him, Sanji was left with a “broken heart,” crying quietly in the rain.

4. Usopp and Kaya

Usopp Kaya

While living in his home village, Usopp supported Kaya over the death of her parents and tried to keep her happy by telling her his fictional stories. His deceit, however, played a negative role when he tried to protect her from Kuro’s three-year plan. She did not believe him and became very disappointed in him (up to nightmares) until she found out the truth.

Realizing that Usopp was fighting for her, she went to meet Kuro in order to stop her former guardian, even pointing a gun at him. Before leaving, Usopp promised to tell her about his greatest adventure upon his return, and she, in turn, promised to wait for that moment. When the Sogeking flyer was released, Kaya recognized him as Usopp and, inspired by this, decided to study harder to become a doctor, believing that he might need medical attention upon his return.

Kaya was probably one of the reasons why Usopp found it almost impossible to part ways with the Going Merry, having such a strong attachment to the ship. Usopp refused to leave the ship even though the rest of the crew had already agreed to it due to its malfunction. He even cut ties with the Straw Hats to keep the ship for himself and deliberately deluded himself that it could still be saved. During the funeral of the ship, he cried very hard.

3. Sanji and Nami

nami ships 1

Nami often takes advantage of Sanji due to his devotion to her, ordering him to do his errands, although she is often annoyed by his womanizing in serious moments. For example, when Sanji leaves a note for Nami before riding the Puffing Tom in Water 7, she is annoyed that most of the note is a meaningless love letter and the key information is only in the postscript.

In Enies Lobby, when Kalifa defeats Sanji, Nami is struck by his ethics of refusing to hit women and decides to repay her for what she did to him. He also seems to respect his code of gentlemen. She was disgusted by his perverted behavior when he was temporarily in her body during the Punk Hazard arc and tried to control him so that he didn’t go too far in his perversions.

Sanji is also the only member of the Straw Hats whom Nami calls with a suffix, i.e. “Sanji-kun” (by the way, Nami is the only girl to whose name Sanji adds “-san”). In the Zou arc, Nami was hurt by Sanji’s departure and went with Luffy to Whole Cake Island to rescue him.


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2. Zoro and Nico Robin


After the Alabasta Arc, when Robin joined the team, Zoro was the only one who didn’t trust her (he was the only one she couldn’t bribe or “charm”). However, later on, he shows a willingness to protect her when she is in danger. For example, he caught her when she nearly died at the hands of Enel and was the first to come to her aid when Aokiji threatened her.

He is still wary of her trust during the Water 7 arc, having heard her supposed intent to kill Iceberg, but is fully dedicated to saving her when he learns of his intended sacrifice for the team. He has always loved fighting, but during the fight with Kaku, he states that he cannot do it due to the time limit in obtaining the key to her handcuffs.

After the Enies Lobby Arc, Zoro began to trust Robin completely, and the two of them got along well with each other. According to Usopp, they always speak coldly, even if they say scary things. He began to show the same willingness to risk his life to protect her as with the rest of the team. Among the Straw Hats, Zoro and Robin are both the calmest and most serious in any situation.

Robin is also the only member of the team who never gets on Zoro’s nerves and angers him for nothing due to their similar personalities. During the descent to Fish-Man Island, Robin is the one who stops Zoro from exiting the bubble, which would cause him to die from pressure, thus showing her concern for him. Incidentally, two of Zoro’s more notable displays of power, the Asura on Enies Lobby and the 1080-pound cannon on Dressrosa, were a direct response to Robin’s safety.

1. Luffy and Nami

1634634707 664 One Piece 7 Reasons Luffy Should Take Down Boa Hancock.webp

Although Nami respects Luffy as a captain, she often scolds him for his stupid behavior, but he never gets angry with her, even when she manipulates him. Also, Luffy doesn’t mind following her directions when navigating the ship. Despite being a rubber man, Luffy can still take damage from Nami’s physical attacks when she beats him up out of anger or annoyance.

At first, Nami was the only one Luffy trusted with his hat during battles, showing the captain’s and navigators’ trust. Despite small conflicts due to his recklessness, she deeply believes in him and sees him as a huge source of strength. When Nami fell ill shortly before the Drum Island arc, Luffy desperately tried to help Nami as best he could due to the lack of a ship’s doctor.

He constantly stayed by her side and tried to make her smile, then became sad when he failed and tried to keep Genzo’s promise. During the Drum Kingdom arc, Luffy put aside his pride, and instead of making the villagers answer for shooting Vivi, he knelt before them, begging them to bring a doctor to their ship for the sick Nami.

When it was revealed that the only way to cure her was to actually climb the Drama Tower on foot, she implicitly trusted Luffy to be safe there. Luffy climbed 5,000 meters barefoot to take her to the doctor, with increased pain caused by the rubber’s reaction to the cold. Despite Nami betraying Luffy when she steals their ship and treasure during the events in Baratie, he does not change his mind about her, insisting that she become a navigator on his team.

Ironically, he seems to have more faith in her than the other team members. When Johnny told him that he saw Nami kill Usopp, he refused to believe it, to the point of nearly beating him up. However, in a similar situation at Whiskey Peak, where he was told that Zoro had beaten the people who fed them, he immediately attacked him, even though the information came from an unreliable source (unlike Nami’s case).

Although he usually forgets, Luffy is still sometimes wary of Nami’s wrath. When he heard that Absalom was going to marry her, Luffy simply said, “He wants to marry Nami? He’s brave.” Even not knowing anything about her past and seeing her screaming and crying out of hatred for Arlong, Luffy gives her his hat to comfort her, and he gets mad at Arlong, attacking him and his crew to avenge her, just as Gol D. Roger had done before. Nami is the only person Luffy has trusted with his straw hat.

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