How to Wear Two Hairs on Roblox Mobile in 2023?

roblox multiple hairstyles

Roblox allows players to engage in numerous gameplay types and enables them to create some incredible characters with awesome customizations. But, much like all in all games, many players want to get the most unique and personalized character possible – which can really be helped by layering different hairstyles.

The ability to wear multiple hairstyles was removed in a recent Roblox update, and the “Advanced Options” /Asset ID method no longer works. Roblox Android and iOS players can still wear multiple hairstyles by downloading the Yandex or Kiwi Browser App and adding the BTRRoblox Chrome extension, granted that they do not select “Continue to App”.

Although many players could successfully layered and combined up to 10 hairstyles, this ability was changed in a recent update and the process for wearing two hairstyles on platforms seems to be much trickier than expected. Stick around to find out all of the different methods you can try out to get your Roblox character to rock 2 hairstyles (or more) at the same time in-game.

Editor’s note: This guide has been updated to reflect the current state of the game. This is still the best approach when it comes to wearing two hairstyles in Roblox for all the players not willing to give up on the mechanic.

How To Wear Two Hairs On Roblox Mobile

Customizing your game character can be one of the most exciting aspects of starting off any new game, and layering hairstyles had become almost a staple for countless Roblox players. Still, even then, players would love to switch up their styles throughout their gameplay experience, as their character grows and evolves with the game’s progression.

Roblox definitely promotes creativity within the game’s community, and there’s nothing quite like creating a unique character that’s unlike any other. Roblox players can customize plenty of attributes in the game, such as their character’s mouth, eyes, clothing, and much more, along with various color choices.


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But, a massive character component is the choice of hair – from color and style to mixing and matching styles. Many Roblox players adored the fact that they could wear multiple hairstyles at the same time in this game, as this type of allowance can essentially lead to brand new hairstyles – while the allowance was available, that is.

Two Hairs on Roblox No Longer Available (Update)

A recent update brought a flood of frustration for Roblox fans, as the ability to layer hairstyles to an infinite degree was removed completely, now limiting players to only one hairstyle at a time. The reasons for the change are still unknown, but countless Roblox players are now desperate to find a way to wear more than one hairstyle in the game.

It was initially super easy to get two hairstyles on Roblox when playing on PC, and not too challenging to get more than two hairstyles at a time on mobile platforms. All players would need to start off is access to at least two different hairstyles to equip, after which players could use the Avatar Editor to change their character in-game.

roblox hair 1

Many Roblox players may already know about the previously meta method for getting more than one hairstyle – by logging in and using the Advanced Option, followed by entering in the Asset ID. But, regrettably, this method no longer works – also due to the same update that removed the multiple hairs feature.

How To Get Two Hairs on Roblox Mobile (iPhone & Android)

Players have a couple of options when it comes to putting on two hairs in Roblox mobile. But, some of these methods will depend on the type of platform they are using – either iPhone or Android.

  1. You can use a hair tool to put two hairs on Roblox Android.
  2. You can also use the paint tool to put two hairs on Roblox Android.

But, there is a great new method for getting two hairs on Roblox – useful for just about all Roblox players using Android and iOS on mobile and tablet platforms. Follow the steps below to get more than one hair in Roblox on mobile:

1. Download The Yandex Browser App / Kiwi Browser

roblox hair 2

First off, players will need to download the Yandex Browser App (Yandex Browser with Protect). Most community members have reported that this app is protected and completely safe to use, and quite a few players even use it with their main Roblox accounts.

It’s available for both Android and iOS devices, meaning this is a great method for just about any Roblox mobile player. But, the same process can also be done with the Kiwi Browser as well.

roblox hair 9

From there, players will just need to wait out the installation process and open the app after it’s finished installing.

2. Chrome Web Store (Extensions)

Once the app is ready to go, head to the search bar and navigate to the Chrome Web Store, ensuring that you’re in the Extensions section. Type in the words “BTRRoblox” (case sensitivity doesn’t really matter that much).

roblox hair 3

Click on the link that reads “BTRRoblox – Making Roblox Better”, as seen below. This link is typically the first result that will pop up after typing in the search bar, but this may differ between different regions and instances – so make sure to click on the right one.

roblox hair 4

3. Add To Chrome

Once you locate the “BTRRoblox – Making Roblox Better” page, you will need to scroll all the way down until you hit the bottom of the page.

roblox hair 5

Scroll down past the section with ratings and reviews, and click on “Add to Chrome”. Follow the prompts until the “Add to Chrome” button changes to “Remove from Chrome”.

roblox hair 6

4. Open Roblox (Yandex)

Next, you’ll need to go ahead and open up Roblox on the Yandex Browser app that was just downloaded. This can be done by typing “” into the search bar.

roblox hair 7

You will then be given the option to “Continue in App”. But, do not select “Continue to App” – you will need to continue in the browser version.

5. Avatar

From this point, you will be able to start making changes to your Robox avatar. Follow the steps below to get two or more hairs on your Roblox character:

  1. Select “Avatar”.
  2. Navigate to “Request Desktop” by clicking on the three-dots button (or the Aa button for iOS users).
  3. Select more than one hair!
roblox hair 8

If you’re looking for a visual reference to help you out throughout the process, check out this video guide for the Yandex Browser method, made by lanah:

Or, check out this video guide using the Kiwi Browser, made by flarentia:

Hair Customization Method on Roblox Mobile

Roblox players on mobile will have a substantially more challenging time getting the same results with the Hair Customization method on PC. Customization is environment-dependent, and there are several levels in the game for developing unique hairstyles.

Most PC players prefer to use the Blender app for this method, but mobile players cannot actually design their own hairstyles using the Hair Customization method. The process for customizing hair in Roblox is slightly different and more difficult than it is on PC.


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Unfortunately, there is no solid method for getting the Hair Customization method right on Roblox mobile that will work for every single player. But, there are a few approaches that have worked for quite a few Roblox mobile players, namely:

  1. Place two hairs on the Roblox character’s head and then use the character’s hair tool to move them around.
  2. Place two hairs on the ground and then use the character’s walk tool to move them around.

Despite the fact that Roblox players do not have the same hairstyle customization allowances as before, there are still a ton of changes you can make for the Roblox character of your dreams. You can still get your Roblox character to look awesome and unique using these nifty tricks discovered by the community.

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