How & When Did Buggy Become a Warlord of the Sea?

How & When Did Buggy Become a Warlord of the Sea?

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The Seven Warlords of the Sea, whose full title was Seven Royal Warlords of the Sea, were seven powerful pirates allied with the World Government, which gave them a “pardon” for all their crimes. They are one of the most famous groups in One Piece and although it has been disbanded, we still like to write about these guys. In this article, we are going to explain how and when Buggy the Clown became a Warlord of the Sea in one of the most surprising moves in the history of the franchise.

Buggy the Clown became a Warlord of the Sea sometime during the timeskip, which is when he became known as “Star Clown” Buggy. The exact circumstances of this surprise move have never been revealed, but we know that he received his invitation immediately after showing Captain John’s treasure mark to Alvida.

In the rest of this article, we are going to tell you what happened with the Warlords of the Sea and how Buggy managed to get a spot in the group. Also, you’re going to find out about Buggy’s current status, which is going to answer the question of whether he’s powerful enough to be a Warlord of the Sea or not. Spoilers ahead!

How and when did Buggy the Clown become a Warlord of the Sea?

In order to properly explain how Buggy the Clown became a Warlord of the Sea, we have to go back to the Marineford Arc, after Buggy’s escape from Impel Down. When they arrive at Marineford he makes an appearance with his arms raised along with Luffy, Crocodile, Ivankov and the prisoners. Later, Whitebeard sees him and calls him “Red Nose” to which he gets angry and starts yelling at him until he realizes who he is.

Whitebeard offers him a chance to kill him if he first helps him in this war, to which Buggy accepts. His followers are amazed that Buggy can speak as equals with Whitebeard, although Whitebeard then reveals that he only remembers him as a crew member of Gol D. Roger and that he only offered to help him because the pirates who followed him were powerful and he did not want to deal with them now.

When the Marines want to cut off communication so civilians won’t see the Pacifista army, Buggy steals a Den Den Mushi and starts broadcasting a ridiculous hero scene, until he is frozen by Aokiji. He is later thawed by Akainu’s magma and when Luffy fights Mihawk, Mihawk grabs him to protect himself from the slashes as he is immune.

Seven Warlords27 Posters

After Whitebeard’s death, he cries since he will not be able to take the old man’s head and flees the place leaving behind his admirers. Suddenly, he manages to rescue (albeit accidentally) Jinbe as well as Luffy, both badly injured by Akainu’s actions and thrown into the air by Crocodile to get them away from danger (the prisoners interpret that this accidental rescue was Buggy’s true intention and not run away from Marineford).

This displeases Buggy because at that moment Akainu targets him as well, however he manages to escape from his attack. Just after Trafalgar Law appears emerging from a submarine and asks him to hand over both pirates to heal them, Buggy asks him who he is, but realizing that with Luffy in his hands he has become a target of the admirals, he gladly hands them over.


Buggy vs. Mihawk: Who Would Win in a Fight?

After Shanks and his crew appear in Marineford Square, the redhead throws his straw hat at Buggy, telling him that if he gives it to Luffy he will give him a treasure map, to which the clown nods with a huge smile. After realizing that Shanks only joked with him to get him to agree to do the favor for him, an annoyed Buggy tells him that he still has a grudge from the past, but Shanks just looks at him with a friendly smile.

Those present and especially the escaped prisoners from Impel Down interpret this as Buggy’s aggression towards the Emperor, saying that their captain is not afraid to face the powerful pirate and that they will be his eternal followers from now on. After this, Buggy thinks that if he stays close to Shanks and the prisoners, he will be able to get out of the HQ square alive.

After the war, Buggy was somehow reunited with his old team, and they lie that they never gave up and searched for him, and they welcome him back with tears in their eyes; Alvida speaks saying that they even abandoned him, but they ignore her. Buggy welcomes them back; Cabaji and Mohji introduce themselves to the Impel Down crewmates, who immediately adore them as well. Buggy next presents Captain John’s treasure map to Alvida.


Is Buggy a Yonko: How & When Does He Become One?

Galdino (Mr. 3) who joins the crew receives a letter from the World Government addressed to the clown. In it, he is invited to become one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Sometime during the infamous timeskip, details on which are scarce, Buggy accepted the World Government’s invitation to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea and founded an organization called Buggy’s Delivery at some point during the timeskip, gaining a strong presence in the Underworld.

After two years, we hear from Buggy again at the meeting held at the new Marine Headquarters for Donquixote Doflamingo’s resignation as a Warlord of the Sea. Buggy is revealed to be one of the three new Warlords of the Sea after these two years, along with Trafalgar Law and Edward Weevil.

As you can see, we know when (roughly at least) Buggy became a Warlord of the Sea, but the exact circumstances remain unclear. How such a coward and fraud managed to get so high up in the world of the pirates is unknown, but he not only became a Warlord of the Sea, he will later also become one of the Yonko after Kaido’s and Big Mom’s downfall without even participating in the event in Wano Country.

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