Hunter × Hunter: Is Kurapika a Boy or a Girl?

Hunter × Hunter: Is Kurapika a Boy or a Girl?

Kurapika is one of the protagonists of the Hunter × Hunter manga and anime. The lone survivor of the Kurta clan, Kurapika takes the Hunter Exam in order to become a Blacklist Hunter and gain the ability to take vengeance for the people and take back their eyes. Kurapika is a very intriguing character with a layered and complex personality, which is why our desire to talk about Kurapika is quite understandable. Thanks to his name and his appearance, people are unsure whether Kurapika is a boy or a girl in the series and we are going to answer the question for you.

Kurapika is undoubtedly a boy in Hunter × Hunter. Save for the somewhat feminine face and blonde hair, Kurapia has absolutely nothing girl-like on him. He does have a somewhat feminine voice, but he doesn’t have female bodily features, and he refers to himself using male personal pronouns, which is usually very important in an anime series to determine whether a character is a boy or a girl.

In the rest of this article, we are going to tell you what you need to know about the issue of Kurapia and his gender. It is now clear that he is a boy but we are going to explain how the issue arose and why some people thought that Kurapika was actually a girl. If you’re not fully up to date with Hunter × Hunter, there might be some spoilers ahead.

Is Kurapika a boy or a girl in Hunter × Hunter?

Due to his diminutive stature and slightly androgynous appearance, Kurapika appears to be younger and has more subdued characteristics. He has brown eyes that were gray in the 2011 series but were blue in the 1999 series. He has blonde hair. He wears a white full-body suit from training underneath the blue tabard he dons for his debut in the series, which has an orange (red in the anime) hem decoration.

During the York Shin storyline, He changes into his tabard and training gear. He’s got flat shoes on. He wears a tuxedo for the Dark Continent arc, and during the operation, He has an H sewn into the left side of his jacket. Although Kurapika wears two earrings, only one is visible in the entire series. He starts using black contact lenses to cover his red eyes as he learns Nen.

Kurapika belonged to the former Kurta clan. The bonus Tsuioku-Hen depicts Kurapika as a happy, amiable, protective, and adventurous little boy, which runs counter to some aspects of the actual Kurapika’s nature. Additionally, the bonus reveals Kurapika’s relationship with his grandfather (the head of the Kurta), father, and mother.


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Kurapika nearly went down a cliff as a little child, but Pairo, his best buddy, saved him. Kurapika was unharmed, but Pairo had suffered a terrible injury, leaving him with weak eyes and legs that seemed to get worse every day. As a result of his guilt over the occurrence, Kurapika believed that traveling to the “outside world” to find the greatest physician for his tribe would be the only way to put an end to it.

Kurapika Design

His commander, however, rejected this choice since it might be harmful and because humans are creatures that do not comprehend his race. When they eventually helped a strange woman named Shilah, she handed them a book about the outside world to read together and cherish as a thank-you. Kurapika approached the elderly guy to inquire about the book (knowing that he stole it).

He ultimately allowed him to take the test thanks to a new justification. After diligent study and passing all the exams, the elderly guy set some requirements and tests for him, including one in which he had to go shopping with a companion while keeping his eyes closed. Kurapika went with Pairo. After clearing the final test, Kurapika finally proclaimed that he would seek out a doctor for Pairo in the outside world so the two of them could embark on a global tour.

The Ghost Brigade eventually kills the clan for their highly valuable scarlet eyes, leaving behind hundreds of gouged-out corpses in their wake. Kurapika, the sole surviving member of his tribe, makes a promise to bring back every eye that has been stolen from his town and to bring the Ghost Squad to justice.

In the end, we opted to give you a short overview of Kurapika’s appearance and his history, so that you can confirm for yourselves that he is a boy, but also why people think that he could be a girl. In the next section, we are going to analyze his personality to determine whether he actually behaves like a boy or not.

Does Kurapika behave like a boy in the series?

Kurapika spends a lot of time with books. He absorbs all information and has a special interest in history books. Kurapika has developed incredible judgment over time and has excellent people skills. He remains stoic, smart, thoughtful, and thorough. Believe it or not, Kurapika hates violence of any kind. Peace-loving by nature, he finds it difficult to bring himself to use violence.

Kurapika is a wise and cool individual with a vast amount of information. He is a judgmental person who warms up to people readily despite being bashful. At first, his seclusion from people keeps him moral and level-headed, but his heart is tainted with despair and anger. Kurapika locks his heart to new people and maintains his introversion in order to concentrate on his objective after being traumatized by losing all those he loved when he was twelve years old. However, Kurapika has the capacity to be loving and caring, grinning when her buddies are content.

Although Kurapika publicly declares that he wants to join the blacklist hunter community and that his ultimate objective is to apprehend the gang of robbers who murdered his family, Kurapika is, in reality, ready to fully compromise his morals and engage in dishonest business practices in order to further his objectives. If anyone in any way insults the memory he holds of his clan, he is known for having violent outbreaks of rage.


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Kurapika starts down a path of self-destruction after turning into a professional hunter. He expresses his anguish by engaging in violent behavior out of fury. Due to his reserved nature, Kurapika can occasionally be quite careless and unreasonable, but his friends are the only ones who can calm him down long enough for him to reason.

He began to value his friendships and cease seeing them as a weakness that prevented him from reaching his objectives. He was also willing to put off getting revenge on the Phantom Troupe in exchange for his friend’s safety. After seeing the strong relationships among the spiders, especially Pakunoda’s allegiance, he even began to doubt the validity of his mission. Ultimately, though, this did not stop him. The people he cared about became a part of his urges even though he wasn’t available for a while, which drove him to seek more power so he wouldn’t lose anyone.

He started to experience a severe sense of loss as he got closer to regaining his brothers’ eyes since he thought he had no one and nowhere to go back to. When he was younger, he had a more impulsive and adventure-seeking attitude similar to Gon. Kurapika, on the other hand, was constantly fiercely protective of his pals, even going so far as to punch a man for making insulting remarks.

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