30 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters (Ranked)

30 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters (Ranked)

Hunter × Hunter is one of those anime series, like Berserk, where the hiatuses are more famous than the series itself. And while Berserk is going forward, the future of Hunter × Hunter is still very unclear, which is quite a bummer because it is one of the better shonen titles we have come across. The characters of Hunter × Hunter are quite intriguing, and their powers and abilities are very interesting conversation topics. Now, to help you out in any future debate you might have, we have decided to take the 30 strongest Hunter × Hunter characters and rank them based on their strengths, powers, and abilities.

30. Cheetu

Cheetu cara

Cheetu is very fast and agile, being able to run at incredible speeds; due to this, he can dodge attacks with ease, as long as he is attentive to his opponent.

29. Bonolenov Ndongo

Bonolenov sin vendas

Bonolenov engages in graceful dance-like movements, using holes in his body to produce music and evade attacks. While his martial arts proficiency remains unclear, being part of the “Bap” suggests combat skills. It’s uncertain if his boxing gloves serve a functional purpose or simply cover his hand holes, and during a Chimera Ant fight, he strategically waited for his opponent to tire before delivering the finishing blow, potentially driven by anger.

28. Leol

Leol Apariencia

Leol, possessing lion genes, benefits from strong jaws capable of a single, devastating bite. His nen type is Specialization, and with the guidance of Shaiapouf, he mastered this skill in an impressive three days.

27. Shoot McMahon

Shoot ready to fight

Shoot possesses incredible physical combat skills, facing stronger foes like Yupi despite sustaining mortal wounds. Despite his perceived cowardice due to a lack of confidence, Shoot exhibits unwavering determination, battling the Royal Guard Chimera Ant despite eventual defeat. His fighting style blends martial arts and Nen, showcasing adaptability and strategic prowess against opponents with varying abilities.


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26. Knuckle Bine

Knuckle and a puppy

Knuckle displays notable physical combat skills, taking on stronger foes, and possesses the ability called Potclean. This power allows him to accumulate hit credits on his enemy, with the ability disappearing if he takes a strong hit. Despite having the potential to defeat Gon in two hits, Knuckle’s kindness, considered his greatest weakness, prevents him from using his full force in battle.

25. Uvogin

Uvogin atrapado por las cadenas

Uvogin boasts the highest physical strength among the group and excels in close combat. His optimal fighting state is when protecting someone, despite his reluctance to admit it. Uvogin’s skin toughness enables him to withstand bullets, rifles, and even anti-tank missiles without harm. He possesses a lethal scream capable of killing those nearby and can project hard objects, like bone fragments, from his mouth with bullet-like force. While lacking martial arts skills, he relies on powerful blows in combat.

24. Shalnark

Primera aparicion de Phinks y Shalnark

Born in Meteor City, Shalnark’s elusive existence makes obtaining information about him nearly impossible, as he lacks any recorded data in databases. Despite being ranked tenth in the Phantom Troupe’s strength hierarchy, he possesses formidable skills in close combat. Shalnark’s intelligence enables him to excel in computer hacking, a valuable asset for gathering information for the Phantom Troupe.


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23. Phinks Magcub

Phinks y Kalluto escapan

As the second physically strongest member of the Phantom Troupe, Phinks is a master of unarmed combat, excelling in defeating opponents with his bare hands. His martial arts expertise centers on swiftly and silently incapacitating foes by snapping or twisting their necks. While the full extent of his abilities remains undisclosed, Phinks demonstrates exceptional speed and effectiveness in hand-to-hand combat, surpassing even Uvogin in these aspects.

22. Nobunaga Hazama

Nobunaga Laido

Nobunaga is an adept swordsman, with Killua recognizing the difficulty of approaching him without risking being cut in half. While he hasn’t revealed his Hatsu, Nobunaga displays proficiency in Nen usage. His swift decapitation of Squala and ability to rapidly engage with Franklin highlight his exceptional sword skills and combat prowess.

21. Morel Mackernassey

Morel y su pipa

Morel is a skilled strategist and resourceful fighter, utilizing his pipe not only for Nen abilities but also as a formidable weapon in close combat. Despite its weight, he effortlessly wields it with one hand, a testament to his well-conditioned body. Morel emphasizes the supportive nature of his abilities, considering them more effective as aids in battle.

20. Illumi Zoldyck

Illumi receives a call from silva

Illumi, an assassin from the Zoldyck family, has been highly trained in assassination since birth, earning him a strength rating of 95, according to Hisoka. His extensive training grants him exceptional abilities, including resistance to poison, tolerance to electricity, high agility, physical strength, and proficiency in armed and unarmed combat. Illumi demonstrated his prowess by effortlessly eliminating a group of professional hunters before they could react. Additionally, he excels in acting, showcasing his skill in impersonating various individuals.

19. Kite

Kite 2011

Kite, a skilled hunter, has discovered 68 new species and possesses extensive knowledge, particularly in biology. His expertise allowed him to mentor both amateur and pro-hunters, such as Gon and Killua. Initially more powerful than the duo, Kite could combat formidable organisms like Chimera Ants effortlessly, even inflicting wounds on Neferpitou at the cost of his life. Later revived as a corpse, he displayed resilience in battles against Shoot and Knuckle.


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18. Nanika

Nanika 145

Nanika can inhabit and coexist with another living being, taking control under specific conditions and adapting to the host’s physical capabilities. In its current state, Nanika has the power of a normal child. Alluka empathizes with Nanika, allowing her to sense his emotions. The most notable ability is Nanika’s capacity to grant wishes, speculated by the Zoldycks to be potentially infinite. It remains uncertain whether Nanika retained this wish-granting ability after Killua instructed it not to fulfill any more wishes.

17. Cheadle Yorkshire

Cheadle Yorkshire HCE Portrait

As the president of the Hunters’ Association, Cheadle wields significant authority, political influence, and access to classified information. While her combat and Nen abilities remain undisclosed, being a member of the Zodiacs and a Triple Star Slayer suggests formidable skills in Nen usage. Pariston openly challenged her fighting capabilities during the presidential election, asserting that she lacked the skills required for the position. Cheadle’s background as a legal scholar and medical doctor implies expertise in jurisprudence and medicine, with her Triple Star Virus Hunter status indicating breakthroughs in the medical field.

16. Kurapika 

Kurapika emperador del tiempo

Kurapika, benefiting from his status as a Hunter and a Zodiac, holds significant authority in the Hunter Association and leads Light Nostrade’s new organization. Over the course of the series, his powers undergo substantial growth, with Hisoka recognizing his immense potential. Despite initial inferiority to Killua, Kurapika surpasses him in strength during the Yorknew City Arc, showcasing formidable Nen abilities. Notably, he is one of the few characters to have successfully killed a powerful member of the Phantom Troupe, highlighting his exceptional intelligence, combat proficiency, and unyielding will driven by a quest for revenge.

15. Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Ryu

As a Two Star Treasure Hunter, Biscuit Krueger is a crucial contributor in her field, particularly knowledgeable about gems. Despite her youthful appearance, she holds significant strength and intellect, as demonstrated by defeating Binolt and Bara with ease. Regarded highly within the Hunter Association, List’s skills extend to recognizing lies due to her lifelong practice of deception. Additionally, her unique ability to sleep with a large part of her brain awake adds to her exceptional qualities.

14. Razor

Razor atrapa bal3Fn

Razor is very powerful, as evidenced by his aura’s ability to repel even seasoned Hunters. While his specific combat skills remain undisclosed, his reputation as a dangerous opponent is well-founded. Members of the Phantom Troupe, including Phinks, acknowledged his strength and chose to avoid confrontation, suggesting he might surpass them in power. Razor’s lethal ball game poses a significant threat to most opponents, with only individuals of the caliber of Biscuit and Hisoka capable of withstanding it.

13. Feitan Portor

Feitan27s concealed sword

Feitan, ranking fifth in arm wrestling within the Gen’ei Ryodan, is physically one of the strongest members and the fastest among them. He showcased remarkable speed during his encounters, generating multiple afterimages and swiftly appearing behind enemies. Feitan’s swordsmanship skills were evident as he effectively blocked Zazan’s rapid attacks with powerful blows. While the full scope of his abilities remains undisclosed, his combination of extreme speed, formidable strength, and potent Nen skills establishes him as a lethal adversary.

12. Killua Zoldyck


Killua, a skilled assassin and scion of the formidable Zoldyck Family, possesses significant wealth under family control and a surname that invokes fear. Trained since birth to be a lethal weapon, he is acknowledged as the most talented assassin in the Zoldyck family’s history. Killua’s exceptional abilities include high immunity to poison, electricity tolerance, advanced combat skills, and superior stealth techniques acquired from a young age. His intellectual prowess, analytical skills, and strategic thinking enable him to overcome stronger or more experienced adversaries, while his ability to walk quietly and stay alert during sleep enhances his defensive capabilities.

11. Hisoka Morow

You passed

Hisoka, renowned for his graceful, ruthless, and cunning combat style, remains enigmatic as his true abilities have never been fully showcased. Despite facing adversaries known for their terrifying strength, such as Hisoka pondering a deathmatch with the formidable Illumi and aspiring to confront Ging Freecss and Isaac Netero, the details of his fighting techniques remain undisclosed. Hisoka’s inclination towards unconventional martial arts adds to the mystery surrounding his formidable and deadly prowess.


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10. Shaiapouf

113 Shaiapouf dances

As a Royal Guard among the most powerful Chimera Ants, Shaiapouf adopts a strategic approach to combat, relying on intelligence and subtle abilities rather than direct confrontation. Possessing butterfly genes, he can fly with his wings. Shaiapouf, familiar with Nen since birth, excels in transmutation and manipulation types, making him the sole Chimera Ant proficient in Hatsu and showcasing exceptional skill in its utilization.

9. Ging Freecss

Ging 136

Ging is an elite Hunter with the distinguished title of a double hunter, granted for significant contributions to humanity. Classified information surrounds him, suggesting considerable influence and wealth, potentially exceeding that of a head of state. Despite being a member of the Zodiac Hunters, Ging, code-named “boar,” is among the few exceptions who did not alter their appearance according to the group’s convention.

8. Menthuthuyoupi 

Metamorphosis 2011

Menthuthuyoupi, a member of the Chimera Ant Royal Guard, possesses immense power, successfully taking on formidable opponents like Knuckle, Shoot, Morel, and Meleoron. His substantial aura contributes to his shapeshifting abilities, great strength, and durability, establishing him as one of the series’ most potent characters. The surge of fury during battle not only strengthens him but also inspires the development of a formidable Nen ability.


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7. Chrollo Lucilfer

Chrollo cries after reading his prophecy

Chrollo, the leader of the Phantom Troupe, is a formidable fighter and recognized as the group’s strongest member. He faced Silva and Zeno Zoldyck simultaneously, demonstrating exceptional skill and survivability, although causing little damage. Chrollo’s fighting style combines speed, precision, and intelligence, enabling him to exploit enemy weaknesses. He uses a poisoned knife in dire situations, and his tendency to hold back stems from his desire to steal interesting abilities from opponents. Despite Zeno’s acknowledgment of potential defeat, he hints at the difference in outcome if Chrollo fought seriously.

6. Zeno Zoldyck

Zeno Ep 111

Zeno Zoldyck, a distinguished member of the formidable Zoldyck Family, has honed his assassination skills from an early age, reaching exceptional competence in combat and mastering Nen techniques. Despite his qualification as an Assassin, Zeno’s versatility stands out as he is proficient not only in Nen of Transformation but also in the rare Emission. Renowned for his wisdom and benevolence, he excels in complex assaults, such as aiding Netero in the Chimera Ants’ palace ambush. Zeno’s martial prowess extends to the art of Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan, showcasing his expertise in snake, tiger, and dragon styles, further highlighting his unique position within the family.

5. Silva Zoldyck

24 Silva laughs

Silva Zoldyck, the renowned head of the notorious Zoldyck family, is a world-class assassin with exceptional Nen proficiency and unarmed combat skills instilled in him since childhood. Exhibiting resilience to poison, extraordinary strength, speed, and superhuman body control, Silva embodies the pinnacle of Zoldyck’s prowess. Notably, he successfully defeated an unnamed Phantom Troupe member three years prior to the main story and engaged in a fierce battle against Chrollo, with the outcome remaining undisclosed, as both survived the encounter.

4. Neferpitou

Pitou with Kite27s head anime

Neferpitou, a member of the Royal Guard and one of the most formidable Chimera Ants, stands among the series’ strongest characters. Achieving the feat of defeating and killing Kaito with minimal injuries shortly after discovering Nen, she garnered praise from Meruem himself. Even Isaac Netero, the President of the Hunter Association and the world’s strongest Hunter, questioned the extent of Neferpitou’s power. Her aura expansion left Gon and Killua astounded, surpassing even skilled Nen users like Hisoka and Illumi, showcasing her heightened senses and precise instincts as a cat-human hybrid.


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3. Isaac Netero

Isaac Netero, a legendary figure and former President of the Hunters Association, stands as one of the most spectacular characters in the series. Revered as the world’s most powerful Nen user during his lifetime, Netero’s prowess, power, and wisdom were unparalleled. Despite aging, he remained an extraordinary force, eliminating hundreds of Chimera Ant squads in NGL effortlessly. Netero’s training and meditations in NGL contributed to his continuous growth, showcasing his development and the need for his legendary skills in facing formidable threats, including the likes of Meruem and Neferpitou.

2. Adult Gon


Gon, a Hunter with extraordinary potential, possesses incredible observation skills, agility, and stamina. His versatile fishing rod serves both precision casting and offensive purposes, as seen in the Hunter Exam. His limitless talent, recognized by powerful individuals like Hisoka and Biscuit, enables rapid learning, notably in Nen. Gon’s transformation against Neferpitou hints at his potential to rival even Meruem with continuous, intense training. Despite his recklessness, he excels in close combat, narrowing the gap with Killua through dedicated training and determination.

1. Meruem

91 Meruem27s cruel nature

Meruem, the most formidable Chimera Ant, stands out as one of the series’ most powerful characters. Even before absorbing Youpi and Pouf, he displays incredible resilience, enduring Netero’s relentless attacks unscathed. Netero’s powerful Zero Hand only inflicts minor cuts and bruises on Meruem. His strength further escalates after absorbing two of the strongest Chimera Ants, Youpi and Pouf, enhancing his already overwhelming power.

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