‘Infiesto’ Ending Explained: What Does COVID-19 Have to Do with the Kidnappings?


Welcome to the ending explained for Infiesto, a new crime mystery movie arriving on Netflix this weekend. The film is directed by Patxi Amezcua, and stars Isak Ferriz, Iria del Rio, Jose Manuel Poga, and Luis Zahera. The film tells the story of detectives Marta and Samuel as they try to solve the mystery surrounding the appearance of a young woman who everyone thought was already dead. Both detectives will follow the clues and discover that behind the appearance there is something more sinister at play.

Infiesto is undoubtedly a movie that tries to create some sort of mystery, but it fails entirely because none of the parts of the puzzle work outside the most shallow of layers. It seems like the film’s creatives saw the first fantastic season of True Detective and thought they could do something similar without understanding what makes that season of television so compelling. Instead, we are stuck in Infiesto with two very bad detectives and a mystery that is not worth solving at all.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Infiesto. Read at your own risk.

Who Is The Girl That Appears At The Beginning Of Infiesto?

Infiesto is a mystery movie, and it uses many elements from other films and TV shows that have managed to do a great job of compelling the audience to solve the mystery alongside the characters in the story. The story takes place during the pandemic, and this element seems to be very important for the story. But at least for the film’s first hour, this element only serves as the background and does very little to create a character or move the plot forward. It is also interesting that the main characters simply don’t use face masks, even when the movie emphasizes it.

At the very start of the movie, a young woman appears on the road. Her clothes are tattered, her limbs wounded, and she seems to be entirely out of it. This compelling image appears to be an homage to the very start of the fantastic series Twin Peaks when a similar girl named Ronnette Pulaski seems on the road and serves as the inciting incident for the entire show. However, just like in that show, this girl only serves as a plot device and is used to deliver clues off-screen. It is pretty underwhelming.

This girl had been thought dead for a while, but she was actually being held hostage by some very bad people and managed to escape when she could. Her escape serves detectives Marta and Samuel to lock down a location where they think the kidnapper could be hidden. They find a farmer there looking after the place, but they find nothing. However, after the lab finds certain chemicals on the nails of the girl who escaped, just like in Twin Peaks, Samuel, and Marta understand that they just let go of a person of interest.


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They closed down the area, and when night fell, the police cornered the man. They try to arrest him, but he prefers to commit suicide before letting that happen. He screams, “it is only the beginning,” before shooting his head with a shotgun.

What Does COVID-19 Have To Do With The Kidnappings?

After this man’s death, the detectives begin tracking his family, and they discover that their brother is quite an infamous figure in the area. The man in question is known as “The Devil,” and when they find him, he engages in an exchange of bullets with the police. However, they cannot kill him as he is the only source of information on the girls that have been kidnapped recently. They find multiple shoes and clothing of other girls, and when they manage to interrogate the criminal, he begins to talk about prophecy and how sacrifices are needed in these dark times.

It seems that our detectives have stumbled upon a cult. One believes that the COVID-19 virus is a sign that the world is ending and that the only solution for salvation is to perform human sacrifices to an ancient Celtic goddess. None of this makes any sense, but when trying to find the source of the cult, Samuel stumbles with a photo. He then goes to ask someone in the area if they know the man in the picture. He asks a policeman named Ramos, who leads him to a place where, he says, lives someone who knows the man in the picture.

In a very bad twist, the man in the picture is Ramon himself, and he kills Samuel. Marta arrives at the scene, but her partner is already dead. Marta is able to track Ramos and kill him just before he manages to kill another young woman. The movie ends with Marta meeting his sick husband, who is sick with COVID-19, and they embrace as they look at what the world has become. It is a very grim ending, but it feels very unsatisfying because we didn’t have the time to connect with Samuel, who is now dead, or with the case and its many mystical elements.

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