Infinite Craft: Here’s How To Make Roronoa Zoro

how to make zoro in infinite craft

Infinite Craft has a very simple definition, it’s a game in which you can make pretty much everything, and the possibilities are endless. But besides some natural phenomena such as clay, rain, and cities you can also create pop culture references, and in the anime community, one of the most recognizable names is Roronoa Zoro one of the most notable Straw Hats from the long-running anime One Piece. Now, creating Zoro is not the easiest feat in the game, but that’s why we’re here to help. Let’s see how to create Zoro in Infinite Craft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • To create Zoro in Infinite Craft you need to combine katana and One Piece.
  • To create One Piece you need to combine pirate and anime.
  • With the combination of One Piece & other elements in the game you can create various One Piece characters.

Step 1 – Creating katana

To create katana you need to combine samurai and fire, this is easier said than than beacuse there are quite a few steps involoved into crafting samurai, but don’t worry once you create Japan it’s rather easy, here’s how to craft katana in Infinite Craft:

  1. Plant + Water = Swamp
  2. Swamp + Plant = Venus Flytrap
  3. Venus Flytrap + Ocean = Seaweed
  4. Seaweed + Mountain = Sushi
  5. Earth + Continent = Land
  6. Land + Sushi = Japan
  7. Fire + Earth = Lava
  8. Water + Lava = Stone
  9. Lava + Stone = Obsidian
  10. Stone + Obsidian = Blade
  11. Blade + Fire = Sword
  12. Japana + Sword = Samurai
  13. Samurai + Fire = Katana
crafting katana

Step 2 – Creating One Piece

One Piece is created through combining pirate & anime and just like katana above, it involoves a lot of steps, at least we took care of Japan right? Here’s how to create One Piece in Infinite Craft:

  1. Earth + Earth = Mountain
  2. Mountain + Water = Lake
  3. Lake + Water = Ocean
  4. Earth + Water = Plant
  5. Plant + Plant = Tree
  6. Tree + Tree = Forest
  7. Forest + Wood = Wood
  8. Wood + Ocean = Boat
  9. Boat + Ocean = Ship
  10. Ship + Ocean = Pirate
  11. Ocean + Earth = Island
  12. Island + Earth = Continent
  13. Continent + Lake = America
  14. America + Japan = Anime
  15. Pirate + Anime = One Piece
creating one piece in infinite craft


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Step 3 – Creating Zoro

Now that we have both One Piece and Katana we can go ahead and create Zoro:

how to create zoro in infinite craft

Creating Straw Hat Pirates in Infinite Craft

If you want to expand on your One Piece roster and include Straw Hats, you can do it by combining Zoro & Luffy. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Tree + Wood = Paper
  2. Paper + Paper = Book
  3. Forest + Forest = Jungle
  4. Book + Jungle = Tarzan
  5. Tarzan + Jungle = Monkey
  6. Monkey + One Piece = Monkey D. Luffy
  7. Monkey D. Luffy + Roronoa Zoro = Straw Hat Pirates
how to create straw hat pirates

How to create Zoronoa in One Piece?

Zoronoa is created by combining Zoro & Nami, whatever that is:

  1. Luffy + Seaweed= Nami
  2. Nami + Zoro = Zoronoa

Creating Zorosushi in Infinite Craft

Similary if you combine Zoro and Sushi you will get Zorosushi, whatever that is:


Have a combination to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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