[Interview] Uwe Boll Talks Video Games, MCU & ‘First Shift,’ His Latest Project

Interview with Uwe Boll

Uwe Boll is a man who needs no introduction, a director, producer, and screenwriter who has left an indelible mark on the film industry with his bold and often controversial works. Known for his unapologetic approach, Boll has crafted a unique film experience that has sparked countless debates in the cinematic community.

We got an opportunity to discuss with Bool how has his approach to moviemaking changed over the years and what new projects he has in the works. 

FH: You’ve risen to prominence primarily because of your live-action adaptation of famous video game franchises. What lessons did you take away regarding your adaptations & would you have done something differently?

Uwe: I appreciate the recognition for my live-action adaptations of famous video game franchises. Throughout my career, I have learned valuable lessons from these adaptations that have shaped my approach to filmmaking.

One important lesson I have taken away from adapting video games is the significance of understanding the source material and its fan base. It is crucial to capture the essence and spirit of the game while also creating a compelling narrative for the film. Balancing the expectations of gamers and introducing new elements to engage a wider audience requires a delicate approach.

Looking back, there are certain aspects I would have approached differently in some of my adaptations. Hindsight is a powerful tool for growth and reflection. In retrospect, I would have put more emphasis on script development and storytelling to enhance the overall quality and coherence of certain adaptations. Additionally, collaborating more closely with the original game developers and involving them in the creative process could have resulted in a more authentic and cohesive final product.


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Understanding the unique dynamics of video game storytelling versus film storytelling has been an ongoing learning process. Video games offer interactive and immersive experiences, while films have a linear narrative structure. Translating the gameplay elements and player agency into a compelling cinematic experience has its challenges. It requires finding the right balance between honoring the game’s mechanics and delivering a cohesive story that resonates with both gamers and moviegoers.

The lessons I have learned from my live-action adaptations of video game franchises have shaped my growth as a filmmaker. While there are areas where I would have approached things differently in hindsight, I am grateful for the opportunities to bring these beloved games to the big screen and to continue evolving and pushing boundaries in the world of film.

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in video game adaptations in the film industry. Do you plan on revisiting the genre? I don’t think that there’s a director out there that has more experience than you bringing the stories to life?

The surge of interest in video game adaptations in recent years is indeed intriguing, and I am always open to exploring new opportunities within this genre.

While my focus has expanded beyond video game adaptations in recent years, I remain passionate about storytelling and exploring different genres. I am constantly seeking new and exciting projects that challenge me as a filmmaker and allow me to connect with audiences in meaningful ways.

If the right project comes along, one that aligns with my creative vision and offers an opportunity to bring a compelling video game story to life, I would certainly consider revisiting the genre. I believe my experience and understanding of both the gaming and film industries uniquely position me to tackle the complexities of video game adaptations.

Ultimately, my goal as a director is to create engaging and memorable cinematic experiences that resonate with audiences. Whether it’s in the realm of video game adaptations or other genres, I am dedicated to pushing boundaries, exploring new storytelling techniques, and delivering films that captivate and entertain viewers.

What is your opinion on the adaptations like “Uncharted,” “Last of Us,” “Halo,” that are some of the most successful in the last couple of years? 

Each of these franchises has a dedicated fan base, and the success of their adaptations can be attributed to several factors.

One key aspect is the storytelling and rich narrative found within these games. ‘Uncharted’ and ‘The Last of Us’ particularly stand out for their immersive storytelling, complex characters, and emotional depth. These elements have resonated with both gamers and general audiences, making them suitable for adaptation into films or TV series.

Another factor contributing to their success is the creative teams involved. The involvement of talented directors, writers, and actors who understand and appreciate the source material is crucial. Their passion and dedication to capturing the essence of these games have helped bring these adaptations to life in an authentic and compelling manner.

Additionally, advancements in technology and visual effects have played a significant role in translating the stunning visuals and immersive worlds of these games into the cinematic medium. The ability to recreate the game’s aesthetics and epic action sequences has contributed to the appeal and success of these adaptations.

Overall, the success of ‘Uncharted,’ ‘The Last of Us,’ and ‘Halo’ can be attributed to their strong source material, talented creative teams, and advancements in technology. These adaptations have shown that when done right, video game adaptations can captivate audiences and bridge the gap between the gaming and film industries.

Did your opinion change regarding the gaming community, and are you surprised that the industry has grown so much in such a small time span?

The growth of the gaming industry over the past few years has been remarkable and has surpassed many expectations. The gaming community has expanded significantly, attracting a diverse range of players across different age groups and demographics. The industry’s growth can be attributed to several factors, technological advancements, broadening accessibility, cultural acceptance, esports and competitive gaming, and social and online interactions. While the industry’s growth has been substantial, it is not entirely surprising considering the inherent appeal of interactive and immersive experiences offered by gaming. The industry’s ability to continually innovate, adapt to changing technologies, and deliver engaging content has contributed to its rapid expansion.


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Besides the video-game adaptations, you’ve tackled some socially relevant but sensitive topics, most notable examples being “Rampage,” “Assault of Wall Street,” and “Auschwitz,” Do you plan to revisit the genre, and what would be your next “socially sensitive” project if you had the opportunity to create it?

I am known for tackling socially relevant but sensitive topics in my films. While I have not publicly announced any specific plans for future projects, it is not unlikely for me to continue exploring thought-provoking subjects.

It is important to note that tackling sensitive topics requires careful handling and a responsible approach to ensure respectful representation and avoid controversy. My approach to such projects often involves a raw and intense style of storytelling to capture the gravity of the subject matter.

While the exact nature of my next socially sensitive project would depend on my personal interests and the prevailing societal issues at the time, it could potentially delve into themes such as social inequality, political corruption, human rights abuses, or environmental concerns.

I have a track record of taking risks and pushing boundaries with my films. By exploring topics that resonate with audiences and spark conversations, my aim is to use the medium of film to bring attention to critical issues and provoke thought.

Your film “Blubberella” is a satirical take on superhero movies, and you’ve criticized Marvel’s MCU in the past, and since then, the cinematic universe as a whole has expanded so much that it has become a pop culture phenomenon. Were you surprised to see such development? What’s your opinion today? 

My film “Blubberella” was indeed a satirical take on superhero movies, and I have expressed criticisms towards the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in the past. The expansion and success of the cinematic universe concept as a whole have been significant, with multiple franchises and interconnected storylines capturing the attention of a wide audience.

It is worth noting that the growth and popularity of the cinematic universe concept might have surprised some observers, considering the scale and impact it has had on pop culture. The ability to weave multiple narratives and characters across various films has resonated with audiences and generated immense enthusiasm and engagement.

It is important to recognize that satirical works, like “Blubberella,” use humor and irony to comment on popular trends and cultural phenomena. My criticism of the MCU in the past could be seen as part of my satirical approach rather than a personal stance on the entire cinematic universe concept.

Are there any specific genres or types of stories that you haven’t explored yet but would like to tackle in your future projects?

There are indeed several genres and types of stories that I would be interested in exploring in my future projects. While my career has spanned a wide range of genres, there are always new and exciting storytelling avenues to venture into.

One genre I would be intrigued to tackle is science fiction. The realm of science fiction offers limitless possibilities for exploring futuristic worlds, technological advancements, and thought-provoking concepts. It provides a platform to delve into social commentary and existential questions while pushing the boundaries of visual effects and imaginative storytelling.


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Additionally, I am drawn to stories with historical or political themes. Exploring significant events, periods, or individuals from history and presenting them in a compelling and thought-provoking manner is a captivating prospect. These types of stories offer opportunities to shed light on lesser-known narratives, challenge established narratives, and provide a deeper understanding of our collective past.

Furthermore, I would be interested in exploring character-driven dramas that delve into complex human emotions and relationships. Crafting intimate and introspective narratives allows for in-depth character development and exploring the depths of the human condition.

Ultimately, my passion lies in creating engaging and impactful stories, regardless of genre. The potential to continually challenge myself as a filmmaker and to push boundaries in storytelling is what drives me. I look forward to embarking on new projects that offer fresh perspectives, evoke emotions, and captivate audiences in unexpected ways.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to discuss & where can we learn more about them? 

‘First Shift,’ my latest movie, is an electrifying crime drama that takes viewers on a raw and intense journey into the lives of law enforcement officers in the bustling streets of New York City.  

‘First Shift’ immerses audiences in a gripping narrative that delves into the complexities of the police force, examining the personal and professional challenges faced by those who protect and serve. Through its authentic portrayal of the gritty realities of law enforcement, the film offers a thought-provoking exploration of justice, morality, and the human experience.

‘First Shift’ promises to captivate viewers with its compelling characters, intricate plot twists, and relentless pace that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.  

The movie is poised to be a cinematic experience that not only entertains but also sparks important conversations about the complexities of law enforcement and the pursuit of justice.

Audiences can eagerly anticipate the release of ‘First Shift’ to witness my contribution to bringing this gripping crime drama to life on the big screen.

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