Is Black Clover Finished or Will There Be More (Anime & Manga)?

Is Black Clover Finished or Will There Be More (Anime & Manga)?

Black Clover suddenly ended its 170-episode run not long ago, which came as somewhat of a shock since the manga is still ongoing and the anime hasn’t adapted the whole story. News of a sequel movie did cause the fans to relax, but the future of the Black Clover anime is still a matter of debate.

The Black Clover manga is currently ongoing and as far as it seems, the manga is nowhere near its ending, although we don’t know how fast the plot is going to evolve going forward. The anime series is on a hiatus to allow the story to progress and we don’t know whether it will be continued in the form of one or more anime movies or another set of anime episodes, but it will undoubtedly continue, as per the information we currently have.

The rest of this article will provide you with all the additional information related to the future of the Black Clover series. You’ll find out what happened to the manga and how the developments in the manga influence(d) the future of the anime series. You’ll also find out whether there will be more Black Clover material and what the whole franchise is going to look like in the future.

Is the Black Clover Anime Finished?

Animated by Studio Pierrot, the Black Clover anime series initially aired from October 3, 2017 to March 30, 2021, with a total of 170 episodes. Studi Pierrot is known for its long-running anime, for example, Bleach, so it’s no wonder that Black Clover has so many episodes in an era where 20-ish-episode anime series are practically a standard.

Now, Pierrot announced that episode 170 would be the last anime episode of Black Clover, which somewhat shocked fans, as the anime is nowhere near its ending; the manga itself seems to be nowhere near the end, so the anime definitely has a lot more material to adapt. So, what does this mean? Is Black Clover finished?

Well, as far as the anime series is concerned, this initial batch is over. Pierrot animated 170 episodes and they don’t plan on animating more anytime soon. But, that does not mean that Black Clover is truly finished, as we are going to see in the sections that follow.

Will There Be More Black Clover Anime?

As far as the general outlook is concerned, Black Clover is not over. The fact that the manga still has more than enough chapters to adapt means that there will be new material in the future; the only question is whether it will be a continuation of the original anime series, or an anime movie.

Currently, we know that the anime is going to get a sequel anime movie, but the information on the movie is very, very scarce.

blackclover 2

Save for the above-shown poster, we have absolutely no information about the movie. Shueisha promised more information at a later date, but as of the time of writing this article, no new information about the Black Clover movie has been published.

We assume that it will be a sequel adapting one or two of the next manga arcs, but we’ll be updating this article when new information appears.

Why Is the Black Clover Anime on a Break?

Now, anime series are usually adapted from the manga. This is not a rule, but it is true in most cases. Now, if you’re adapting a manga that is already over, you won’t have any problems, as there is no new content. On the other hand, if you’re adapting an ongoing anime, which is also the most common scenario, you’re risking one major thing – catching up to the manga.

Namely, manga chapters are published according to a separate schedule from the anime series. The two are rarely adjusted, so the manga follows its own tempo, while the anime has its own separate broadcast schedule. A common problem that arises from this is the anime catching up to the manga.

This happened to Fullmetal Alchemist, which is when the author gave the anime producers the liberty to create their own, original twist on the narrative, while the full adaptation of the manga was released later in the form of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This is one way to solve this problem, although not a common one.

A more common solution is the anime series – especially if it’s a long-running one like Bleach or Naruto – simply stopping the main narrative and using filler episodes or even whole filler seasons.

Fillers aren’t canon – they’re original anime material – and they don’t really advance the plot in any way, but they give time to the manga author to write more content that will later be adapted. This was a common trend back in the day when anime series were longer and most fans from that generation are used to it.

But, with anime becoming shorter and shorter, the trend of introducing filler content slowly disappeared. There aren’t many long anime series today, and Black Clover was a rare example of such an anime in a day when a single anime doesn’t usually have more than 100 episodes in total, stretched throughout four or more seasons, with big gaps between them.

So, with episode 170, Black Clover came very, very close to the manga and the producers simply had to stop.


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They could’ve released a filler season, that’s sure, but they opted not to do it, choosing instead to focus on the sequel film, rather than to create filler content. What does this mean for the future of anime? We don’t know. The producers stated that this was a hiatus, rather than a cancellation.

We also know that a sequel movie is in the works. Will we ever see a new Black Clover anime series, or will the adaptation be concluded via anime movies? That remains to be seen, but be that as it may – Black Clover is certainly far from over.

Is the Black Clover Manga Finished?

Yūki Tabata began publishing Black Clover on February 16, 2015 and as of the time of writing this article, more than 300 chapters have been published; the chapters have been collected in 30 volumes so far. The manga is, thus, ongoing and based on the plot, we don’t see it ending anytime soon.

Sure, there were moments when Tabata could’ve simply gone for the final arc, but he has been successful in prolonging the plot of the manga so far, so we have no doubts that he will be able to do it in the future as well.

So, what happens in the manga after episode 170? Yuno is training when he notices Langris hiding nearby. Yuno asks Langris to come out and asks him why he is there. Langris replies that he has come to help, as Yuno has to fight a space magic user. Yuno accepts Langris’ help, thinking that Langris should have gotten stronger.

Back at Asta’s, Asta and Love lose to Night again and heal their wounds by eating something made by the Spade Kingdom’s resistance. Asta suddenly has an idea, which Love joins, as Asta has a good idea 9 times out of 10, but she fails. Night tells them it’s time to meet up with the others, and Asta realizes it’s been two days.

Night says they must die since it did not work, and uses the dark prison Hunting Ground to shroud them in shadows. As Nacht begins to attack them, Asta and Love think about why they want more power and why they can not let the other die. Suddenly, a light shines through that shocks Nacht.

In the Spade Kingdom, Zenon meets with Moris Libardirt and inquires about his brother. Moris tells Zenon that his Dante will be fine and that he will also be stronger than before. In the tank, Dante reflects that he can not wait to fight Asta again. Zenon asks about the other projects and Moris tells him that they are fine.

Back at Asta’s, Asta has managed to undo Night’s magic. Nacht thinks about how Asta can be strong and tells them both that he lost. Asta is happy to be able to join the mission, but Nacht says that Asta can not go right now because he has yet to fully master his union. Nacht then leaves Gimodelo there to continue training, telling them that they will wait for them to arrive.

In the capital of the Clover Kingdom, everyone is preparing to attack the Spade Kingdom. When Nacht arrives, some of the captains ask where Asta is, to which Nacht replies that he will come later. Nacht then uses his Shadow Corridor spell to bring the others to the Spade Kingdom.

In the Spade Kingdom, Moris informs Zenon that the resistance has shown up. As the Resistance announces that they will take back the kingdom, the Magic Knights arrive at the castle of the Spade Kingdom. Suddenly, a giant demon confronts the Resistance, while Zenon announces that only the strong will be recognized as citizens of the Spade Kingdom.

Fuegoleon notices the mana outside and wonders if the resistance will be okay, to which Nacht says they will be fine. Outside, Mereoleona shows up and attacks the demon while proclaiming that she will help the resistance. Inside the castle, the Magic Knights split up and remember what Nacht told them about how to stop the Advent of Qliphoth.


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Outside, Mereoleona reflects on how she met Nacht and that she realizes she can become stronger. They notice that the demon is unharmed, so Mereoleona uses her Hellfire Incarnation spell to increase her power.

Mereoleona then uses her Calidos Brachium Purgatory: Abyss to stomp the demon into the ground. At the castle, Rill and Charlotte confront Vanica, Yuno and Langris confront Zenon, and Night and Jack confront Dante.

Zenon notices that Yuno is alive and wonders how this is possible, to which Yuno replies that it is due to William’s magic. Yuno also announces that they will get William back once they defeat Zenon, and attacks Zenon. Zenon blocks the spell and Yuno thinks about how Zenon uses his bone magic to defend himself while using his space magic to disrupt his opponent’s mana.

Langris then attacks with his Archangel Crash spell, but Zenon interrupts him with his space magic. Langris decides to attack with a bigger spell, Archangel Destruction, but Zenon counters by covering the area with his spatial mana mastery to disrupt his opponents mana. Zenon tells them that they will die without being able to make a single move and attacks. Suddenly, Sylph appears and announces that they will defeat Zenon.

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