Is Boruto Gay, Straight, or Asexual?

Is Boruto Gay, Straight, or Asexual?

The romantic preferences of iconic anime and manga characters have always been a hot topic, and the same can be said for newer characters like Boruto. It’s not unlike such titles to continue with vague plots with regard to non-platonic relationships, but quite a few fans have begun wondering if Boruto perhaps swings in a different direction.

Boruto is not considered to be gay or asexual, and he is seen as straight by the majority of the community. While there hasn’t been any concrete evidence to suggest he has romantic interests, it’s widely believed that Boruto and Sarada are likely to develop a romantic relationship once they mature.

Although the debate about Boruto’s sexuality has been one of the many discussions about manga and romance, there’s a ton of evidence to suggest that he is as straight as one could imagine. Stick around as we discuss why exactly Boruto is depicted as straight, as well as why so many fans have begun questioning his preferences.

Is Boruto Gay?

There have been quite a few Boruto fans wondering why he became gay, or when he became gay. This was made even more prevalent within the story’s progression after Chapter 69 of the manga hinted at Mitsuki having a crush on Boruto, hoping for something more than classic friendship.

With all that being said, most of the responses within the community have been along the lines of “He never was”. There may be hints at Mitsuki being interested in Boruto, but there is actually no evidence within the storyline itself that suggests Boruto has romantic inclinations toward Mitsuki or men in general.

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In fact, Boruto is often viewed as uncomfortable and awkward when Mitsuki stares or asks weird questions. Some have even argued that this may mean he is in denial, but truthfully, the same reactions would be justified in the same situation for almost anyone who wasn’t interested in the person staring – irrespective of sexual orientation.

Why Do Fans Think Boruto Is Gay?

Boruto’s writer, Ukyō Kodachi, shared his support with regard to the LGBTQ representation in anime and manga. He made quite a few respectable yet perplexing statements concerning the sexual preferences of characters within Boruto, such as “I decide whether my characters are straight or gay or so on even when that’s not the main theme of the story”, which was shared on Twitter.


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It was highlighted that the orientations of the characters in the stories that he writes are never usually a focal point and that he does wish to include various orientations where possible and where he feels it makes sense. He continued as follows:

“Loving somebody is natural, and you don’t necessarily need a reason to portray something that’s part of nature. Wouldn’t you be bothered if someone told you not to write straight characters because there’s no reason for them to be straight? It would bother me. After all, even putting aside sexual orientation, you establish characters by coming up with details about them.”

Kodachi shared that he frequently uses different sexual orientations within the pieces that he writes. Although, he does not usually provide obvious cues as to each character’s orientation and preferences – primarily since it generally does not play into the storyline at all.

“It’s not like I decide the sexual orientation of my characters randomly like I’m rolling dice. I just decide whether my characters are straight or gay or so on even when that’s not the main theme of the story. In my opinion, it makes the world I’m depicting feel more natural and alive.”

It’s well-known that the characters in Boruto were supposed to represent the next generation, which can be interpreted in a variety of ways – perhaps more akin to the real world than we might have thought, a world flourishing with Pride more than ever before. Fans quickly started thinking of potential characters to who these new approaches may have been applied during the writing phases – possibly starting with Boruto himself.

Is Boruto Asexual?

While Boruto portrays no obvious interest in love and romance, this does not necessarily make him asexual. Many anime characters, particularly males, have often shown far more interest in adventure, thrill, heroism, and food when put up next to love and romance – only to end up with someone obvious or unexpected once they mature.

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A lot of this just makes sense for the overall feel of the storyline – a childlike, innocent, and pure hero that is set on the journey itself. It’s very common for anime and manga plots to feature protagonists in a similar light, but it never rules out these characters having romantic interests or full-blown relationships at later stages.


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It’s not believed that Boruto is asexual, since he may simply be at an age where romance does not interest him. Most fans feel it’s far more likely for Boruto’s feelings of friendliness and the ability to care for another to blossom into love and romance with age.

Is Boruto Straight?

Boruto is believed to be straight, despite the fact that his preferences may not necessarily be shown in obvious ways – considering his young age. Although the storyline doesn’t really focus on budding romances, there has been the most amount of cues to suggest he would be interested in females once he is ready to take on that chapter of his life.

Who Does Boruto Like?

Tons of fans have been wondering who Boruto likes for quite some time, and the basis has always been on slight hints throughout the story rather than concrete evidence. The most popular of all Boruto’s potential crushes is Sadara since the vast majority of fans believe that these two will one day start a relationship when they get older and that they will eventually end up getting married.

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Although it’s been proven that LGBTQ has been explored within the Boruto saga, there has been no evidence to show that Boruto himself identifies within the community. He seems to be as straight as ever, but it’s not like it really matters anyhow, Boruto is the same loveable character that we’ve all come to adore either way.