Is Criminal Minds on Netflix, Prime, Disney, HBO, or Hulu? Where to Watch Criminal Minds Online

Is Criminal Minds on Netflix, Prime, Disney, HBO, or Hulu? Where to Watch Criminal Minds Online

On September 22, 2005, CBS premiered Criminal Minds, which immediately became a rating hit and frequently featured as one of CBS’s most-watched even after it concluded on February 19, 2020. Criminal Minds is a police procedural crime drama television series created and produced by Jeff Davis, owned by CBS. Spanning through 15 years, this show has produced 324 episodes in 15 seasons which remain on demand. With all those seasons and episodes, where is the best place for you to watch Criminal Minds online? We will let you know in no time.

Criminal Minds is indeed a fitting title for this series, considering its content. It falls under the genre- crime drama as a tv show highlighting a group of criminal profilers working for the FBI. More than the crime, these profilers are tasked with analyzing criminals themselves to prevent crimes intended by dreaded criminals. 

Suspense is a constant feature interwoven throughout Criminal Minds, where you are urged to expect the unexpected. Importantly, it also gives insight into how the fight against crime goes even in the real world. Now, where can you watch all seasons of this educative and intriguing series online? Please read on.

Where to Watch Criminal Minds Online?

Is Criminal Minds on Netflix, Prime, Disney, HBO, or Hulu? Where to Watch Criminal Minds Online

A common issue for a television series with so many episodes is complete availability, as some platforms might stream only a few seasons. Fortunately for us, Criminal Minds is owned by CBS, a major player in the entertainment community who has viewers’ interests at heart. Additionally, Criminal Minds is a video on demand; therefore, many streaming platforms ensure its availability for the satisfaction of their customers.

So, where can I watch Criminal Minds online? An excellent place to do this is CBS’s official website. This site not only provides the show in its entirety but is also very cost-efficient. However, on this site, it will just be like watching a television program.

Do you, like me, find watching such a suspenseful series with commercials in-between to be provocative? If so, then is not for you. Still, CBS has you covered with its streaming platform, Paramount+. 

Paramount+ is a good streaming platform containing all episodes of Criminal Minds alongside behind the scene content. Criminal Minds is also available for streaming on Netflix and DirectTV.

You can also watch Criminal Minds on Sky and Amazon Prime. Showmax is also an excellent site to stream this intriguing tv show. Furthermore, the fast-rising FuboTV is also not left out because it features Criminal Minds for streaming.

It is essential to have in mind that Criminal Minds is geo-restricted content on many streaming platforms. Therefore, if you are having trouble accessing this show on a platform where it is available, then your location may be restricted.

Did I mention that Criminal Minds also has many successful spinoffs, including a Korean version? Well, I think I just did. The good news here is that you can also access these spinoffs on any of the above platforms where they are not restricted.

Is Criminal Minds on Netflix?

Criminal Minds is on Netflix, albeit not the entire show. Netflix has the first 12 seasons available for streaming online and with subtitles. However, should you be anticipating the arrival of the final three seasons on Netflix?

Hoping to catch the final three seasons of Criminal Minds on Netflix, from my perspective, would end up a vain quest. I believe this because I recall how well Netflix kept up making new seasons available in the shortest possible time. Nevertheless, this effort ended after the 12th season and with no formal explanation for that.

This line of thought is supported by a precedent with another CBS original show- Hawaii Five O. Recall that Netflix suddenly removed this show from their platform a while back, and who knows whether Criminal Minds is next. So I’m trying to say that if you are a Netflix subscriber wishing to watch or re-watch Criminal Minds on Netflix, now is the time. 

For now, watching Criminal Minds on Netflix is quite advantageous. First, consider that Netflix imposes fewer restrictions since Criminal Minds is available for streaming in many countries. This leniency is outstanding in comparison to many streaming platforms that are more geo-restrictive. Additionally, a regular subscription on Netflix is all you need to access Criminal Mind on Netflix.

Is Criminal Minds on Amazon Prime?

Is Criminal Minds on Netflix, Prime, Disney, HBO, or Hulu? Where to Watch Criminal Minds Online

If you desire to watch Criminal Minds online, then a prime membership on Amazon will go a long way to help you realize this desire. With Amazon Prime, you can watch every single episode of Criminal Minds from season 1 to 15. So yes, Criminal Minds is on Amazon Prime Videos, the complete series in its entirety.

It would not come as a surprise, though, that Criminal Minds is highly restricted content on Amazon Prime. On Amazon, Criminal Minds is limited to the United States and the United Kingdoms.

However, even in these locations, a Prime subscription will only take you as far as season 12. So yes, seasons 13 to 15 are not available to prime subscribers. This unavailability does not mean that it is unavailable on Prime videos; it only means that you would have to pay to watch the show.

For Prime subscribers in restricted locations, you can still get Criminal Minds on Amazon. Here, you can explore the option to buy Criminal Minds on Digital via Amazon. However, purchasing on digital would cost $2- $4 per episode or about $23- $35 for a whole season.

An advantage of the purchase option is the elimination of time constraints and restrictions based on location. Once purchased on Amazon, you can watch episodes anytime, anywhere. In addition, you can still go back to your library after a while to re-watch any of the purchased episodes without any extra charge.

Is Criminal Minds on HBO Max?

Since its inception, HBO Max has always focused on making available original content of HBO. However, this goal has not prevented them from acquiring licenses to stream original productions from other networks. So, what is the status of Criminal Minds on HBO Max?

Sadly, Criminal Minds is not on HBO Max. Even though CBS does not necessarily retain an exclusive streaming right to Criminal Minds, somehow, HBO has managed to miss out on streaming this show.

Is there any particular reason why HBO Max does not stream Criminal Minds? Honestly, I have yet to come across any. However, it is enough to say that Criminal Minds is not on HBO Max and leave it at that.

Nevertheless, Barry is on HBO Max, and it is a fair substitute for Criminal Minds, just in case you have a running Subscription on HBO Max. I am recommending Barry because it is also an intriguing series under the genre- crime drama. As icing on the cake, Barry is also very hilarious and is sure to keep you entertained.

Is Criminal Minds on Disney Plus?

Is Criminal Minds on Netflix, Prime, Disney, HBO, or Hulu? Where to Watch Criminal Minds Online

The acquisition of Star by Disney comes out as a milestone on their expansion journey. This broadening has led to the inclusion of many more series and movies on Disney Plus. Luckily, Criminal Minds is one of the TV series included on Disney plus with their acquisition of Star.

So Criminal Minds is on Disney Plus, and that is good news. However, how much of Criminal Minds does Disney Plus make available for streaming? Well, all 15 seasons and spinoff series are available for streaming on Disney Plus.

Now, commenting on the notion that Disney Plus only contains children’s content, here is an updated fact. With the acquisition of Star, Disney plus was flooded with thousands of mature, focused content such as Criminal Minds, as we have seen. Also, has been and even more, now there is a constant release of new mature original content by Disney available on Disney Plus. Such contents include; WandaVision as well as The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

To watch Criminal Minds on Disney Plus, you have to be a subscriber, and there is yet no free trial for a new subscriber. However, kindly read on as we discuss another legal way to get a free trial on Disney Plus. Traditionally, a subscription to Disney Plus would only cost you £7.99 per month and a discount price of £77.99 for an entire year.

Note that, Criminal Minds is also restricted content on Disney Plus. Currently, only in Canada can you access all 15 seasons of Criminal Minds on Disney Plus. With time though, the latest seasons are sure to be included for other locations. 

Is Criminal Minds on Hulu?

Criminal Minds is on Hulu, which is currently a top streaming platform. Hulu, though, has not bothered to archive earlier seasons since there are only the three latest seasons available on Hulu. So I was amazed to discover that only seasons 13 to 15 are available for streaming on Hulu.

If you intend to watch Criminal Minds for the first time or re-watch the series from scratch, then Hulu is not the platform for you. On the other hand, if you are only interested in any of the three final seasons, you can stream them on Hulu. 

Hulu is an extensive network having millions of subscribers. This streaming platform is famous for streaming many new and on-demand tv shows. In addition, Hulu is appropriately licensed to stream shows produced by many networks like NBC, CBS, HBO, and others.

This extensive network, alongside Hulu’s affinity for popular demand, may have been why Hulu removed the earlier seasons. The fact is that Criminal Minds is an exciting series that keeps you in suspense, but when the suspense is surmounted, I’d say that’s it. This feature has made it a poor choice for re-watching, and Hulu knows this.

Recall that Hulu is highly restrictive in content. For Criminal Minds, Hulu restricts this content to the United States. Therefore, outside of the United States, it is not possible to legally watch Criminal Minds’ available seasons on Hulu.

Where to Watch Criminal Minds for Free

Is Criminal Minds on Netflix, Prime, Disney, HBO, or Hulu? Where to Watch Criminal Minds Online

All the streaming platforms we have considered thus far require subscriptions for access to Criminal Minds. Disney is a good streaming platform to access Criminal Minds but remember; you would need to subscribe for £77.99 annually. Criminal Minds is a must-watch so, how can you get it for free?

You can watch all 324 episodes of Criminal Minds on for free. Here all episodes are free, but you would be forced to sit through all the commercials as well. Also, you do not get to choose the video quality, although you are given a standard quality. Alas, it is just like watching a show on television.

You can get six months of free access to watch Criminal Minds on Disney Plus. Well, this offer does not come from Disney itself, but it is legal. All you have to do is join the mobile network o2 as a new customer or upgrade your mobile plan if already a member. When you do, you begin to enjoy a deal that gives you six months of free access on Disney Plus.

Netflix also offers a 7-days free trial for new customers, and you can use this trial to stream Criminal Minds. On Netflix, you get to stream the 12 seasons available. This 7-days free trial is also running on FuboTV, Google Play, YouTube Tv, and Hulu, where you can catch episodes of Criminal Minds.

You can also stream Criminal Minds for 14 days free on Showmax. For a new subscriber, Showmax offers a 14-days free trial, and Criminal Minds is available for streaming on this platform. However, only seasons 1 to 13 are available, but this is also a lot.

Interest is sufficiently kindled in each episode when watching Criminal Minds. The only shortcomings that could come between you and this exciting and entertaining series are time and cost. These, however, have been dealt with properly in this article. The recommended site is sure to provide you a splendid viewing experience provided the proper conditions such as subscription and location are met. Now enjoy the wonderful experience from Criminal Minds.

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