Is Dragon Age: Absolution Canon to the Games? (& How Is It Connected)

dragon age absolution canon

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Dragon Age: Absolution is a Netflix animated series that’s based on the popular Dragon Age games, as it is becoming clear that the streaming giant has been quite active in bringing in video game adaptations to its library. Of course, fans of the video games will be delighted to see one of the best video game franchises getting an animated version. But is Dragon Age: Absolution actually canon to the games?

It is unlikely that Dragon Age: Absolution is canon to the video games as it is actually an animated series that is simply based on the games. As such, while some of the places and characters are based on the places and races established in the games, Absolution is a standalone storyline that isn’t connected to them.

There have been a lot of different video game adaptations that we’ve seen on Netflix, and only a few of them are actually connected to their source material. In that regard, Dragon Age: Absolution isn’t too different because the storyline is entirely original to the series and is unlikely related to the video games. Now, let’s look at this topic in greater detail.

Is Dragon Age: Absolution Canon To The Games?

One of the most popular video game franchises we’ve seen in the past 15 or so years is BioWare’s Dragon Age, which has had a series of different video games that have won a lot of awards. As such, these games are high-quality in terms of their graphics, gameplay, and storytelling. But it is usually in the storytelling that people often get lost in, as Dragon Age tells amazing storylines that have always captivated fans.

Of course, considering that Netflix has always been known to deliver video game adaptations, whether live-action or animated, Dragon Age became the newest to join the roster as it is set to enter Netflix’s library in December with Dragon Age: Absolution.

So, while we’ve seen our fair share of video game adaptations from Netflix, the thing is that not all of them are actually canon to their source materials. We can name a few of them (Castlevania, Dota, and Resident Evil, among others). But there are some that are considered, to some degree, canon to video games. That said, is Dragon Age: Absolution canon to video games?


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It is highly unlikely that Dragon Age: Absolution is canon to the video games because of the fact that this series is basically just an adaptation that was inspired by the source materials, which are the Dragon Age games themselves. That means that the storyline of this series is entirely original and unique to the Netflix adaptation, even though it will have clear references to the source material.

Dragon Age: Absolution is simply inspired by Dragon Age lore, and that means that the universe and the characters are all based on the established lore of the Dragon Age games. The series will take place in the same universe as the Dragon Age games, and that’s why the cast of characters is also heavily inspired by the different characters we’ve seen in the games. That explains why the series will include elves, mages, Qunari, demons, and other similar beings and entities that we’ve seen in video games.

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Of course, the thing is that the storyline of Dragon Age: Absolution is expected to deviate from the established storylines we’ve seen in the Dragon Age games, and that means that it is going to be a unique show all on its own. Absolution is also a standalone story that is going to deliver a plot that probably isn’t going to be remotely connected to the games, and this allows non-fans of Dragon Age to dive deep into the animated series without playing the games first.

Still, the details are expected to be there as the series is still inspired by the video game franchise and the universe that has already been established by the first Dragon Age game. However, there is also a good reason to believe that this series was actually created not only because Netflix wanted fans of the Dragon Age video games to flock over to their library to watch it but also because it allows people to have an introduction to the universe ahead of the release of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, which is the next video game installment of the franchise.


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So, while it is unlikely that Dragon Age: Absolution is going to have clear connections to the video games, it still serves as a way for fans and non-fans alike to get to know more about the Dragon Age universe so that they can understand more about what’s in store for them in Dreadwolf. After all, both Absolution and Dreadwolf are set in Tevinter. In that regard, there is a good chance that the events of Absolution will precede Dreadwolf so that fans can get to know more about the setting of the video game ahead of its release date.

How Is Dragon Age: Absolution Connected To The Games?

As of this writing, it is unlikely that Dragon Age: Absolution is canon to video games, but that could still change. That’s because, as mentioned, the series could be a way for BioWare to actually market the upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, which is set to have a 2023 release date.

So, in a way, there is still a chance that Dragon Age: Absolution will serve as a prequel to Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, as it might serve as an invitation that will allow those who have never played any of the previous Dragon Age games to try to look at the upcoming release after getting exposed to the animated series. After all, video games are now becoming the best medium for storytelling in the modern world, and there might be a few people out there that would be willing to give Dragon Age: Dreadwolf a try after loving the storyline of Dragon Age: Absolution and the universe that both games are set in.

That said, these are all just speculations on our part, as we can neither confirm nor deny whether or not Dragon Age: Absolution is canon to the games or if it has any connection to them at all. Regardless of that, video game adaptations have always been a way for the game developers themselves to subtly market their upcoming or existing products to people who haven’t played any of their games before. And there is a good chance that, regardless of whether or not it is canon, Dragon Age: Absolution serves the same purpose for BioWare.

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