Is Dragon Age: Absolution Kid-Friendly? Parents Age Guide

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Dragon Age: Absolution is the newest Netflix original that was adapted from a video game. As such, there are many fans who want to watch this series, especially because these fans grew up playing the many different Dragon Age games that have been released so far. But while Dragon Age: Absolution may be based on a video game, the question of whether or not children should be able to watch it comes into mind. So, is Dragon Age: Absolution kid-friendly?

Because it is rated TV-MA, Dragon Age: Absolution is not kid-friendly as it has a lot of mature content that is unsuitable for children under the age of 17. Of course, the Dragon Age games were never child-friendly as well as these games were full of violence and sexual content.

Despite the fact that it may be based on a video game, Dragon Age: Absolution is just like its source material in the sense that it is a very mature animated series that kids shouldn’t be able to watch. Of course, the video games themselves were quite mature as well. Now, with that said, let’s talk more about Dragon Age: Absolution and why it isn’t kid-friendly.

What Is Dragon Age: Absolution About?

One of the things that Netflix has become known for is the fact that the streaming giant has actually become quite active in adapting video game titles and franchises into series. Of course, this is a smart move on the part of Netflix because these series already have fans in the form of the ones that adore video games. Because of that, it has become quite apparent that Netflix will not stop adapting video game titles into live-action and animated series.

Dragon Age: Absolution is set to become the newest addition to Netflix’s lineup of video game adaptations. This series is based on the best-selling video game franchise called Dragon Age, which has had three mainline titles that have all won awards and sold countless copies throughout the world. In that regard, there are already fans of the Dragon Age franchise willing to watch the animated version of the video game series. But what is Dragon Age: Absolution about?

At this point, we don’t know a lot about what Dragon Age: Absolution is all about. But what we do know is that this series is based on the same universe as the Dragon Age games, as the main setting of Dragon Age: Absolution is the Tevinter Empire, which is a human empire that is quite familiar to the fans of the video games.


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Dragon Age: Absolution follows the storyline of a group of adventurers that all come from different races that live in Tevinter. Of course, every member of this group of adventurers has a story to tell. The characters embark on a quest that is full of dangers in a world where things like magic, monsters, ghouls, and dragons exist. That means that there are going to be a lot of fight scenes in this series.

What Is The Age Rating Of Dragon Age: Absolution?

Even though Dragon Age: Absolution is an animated fantasy series that’s based on a video game, it is important for parents to know that this is rated TV-MA. The TV-MA rating is the highest age rating for television shows. On top of that, TV-MA shows were designed to be viewed by adults and contain scenes and themes that are unsuitable for children under the age of 17.

As such, it is clear that Dragon Age: Absolution is a mature series that was made for adults because it comes with a TV-MA rating. Despite the fantasy adventure themes that come with Dragon Age: Absolution, it has a far more serious tone than parents would think. 

Of course, this isn’t something new to the Netflix library, as most of the animated video game adaptations that can be found in the streaming giant’s roster are actually quite mature. For instance, animated shows like Dota: Dragon’s Blood and Arcane, which are both video game adaptations, are also quite mature.

In that regard, it is quite obvious that Dragon Age: Absolution follows that trend as it comes with mature themes that are not suitable for children. It is too early to talk about what those themes are but trust us when we say that this is a very mature series that may be animated but is actually meant for adults.

Is Dragon Age: Absolution Kid-Friendly?

As mentioned, Dragon Age: Absolution is a series with a TV-MA rating, which means that it isn’t anywhere near being kid-friendly. That may sound odd to parents out there because it is actually based on a video game. But there are a lot of video games that are far more serious than any mature movie we have.

In this case, the Dragon Age games are actually full of mature content. For instance, there is a lot of violence and plenty of bloody scenes in the games. On top of that, the Dragon Age games also have sex scenes that you can’t even find in other video games. That means that it is quite understandable why the Netflix adaptation of the Dragon Age games is quite mature as well.

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It is also worth noting that Dragon Age: Absolution is a series that should have different themes that parents might not want their children to get exposed to. We know for a fact that there should be plenty of violent scenes and different fights in this series, and that means that it’s going to be quite bloody. But it is also possible that there are scenes that may be sexually suggestive, as that has always been one of the themes that have made the Dragon Age games popular.


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Of course, while we can’t say for certain which scenes are too mature for children, the fact of the matter is that this should be a series that kids shouldn’t be able to watch, regardless of whether there is parental guidance. As such, for parents out there, it’s best to watch this series while your kids are asleep or in school.

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