Is Eddie Munson Gay? (& In Love with Dustin Henderson)

Is Eddie Munson Gay? (& In Love with Dustin Henderson)

Since the release of Season 4 of Netflix’s megahit series Stranger Things, the fans have been going crazy with various theories. Not only were they concerned with the characters’ possible deaths, but their sexuality was widely discussed too. After confirmation of Robin’s sexuality, and due to Will’s recent behavior, there have been some speculations about the possibility of other characters covertly being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. This brings us to our latest beloved character – Eddie Munson. Even though he had just been introduced in Season 4, he quickly replaced Steve and became one of the fan’s sweethearts… only to be brutally ripped from the show a few episodes later. During his last minutes in Volume 2, while Dustin held him, Eddie has told him that he loves him. His last words have been used as fuel to recent speculations; is Eddie Munson gay? And, is he actually in love with Dustin Henderson?

On the sexuality spectrum, the term gay is mostly used to describe homosexual males and lesbian females. Simply put, the term relates to being attracted to the same gender one has. Since sexual identities and orientations are complex and resist easy classification, we cannot say for sure if Eddie is gay. His sexuality has never been confirmed, so we can only speculate whether he is gay, bi, or even fully straight. In the prior episodes, he seemed to have been developing feelings for Chrissy. It is very unlikely he was in love with Dustin, as Dustin was like a younger brother to him.

If you’re curious to find out more about Eddie and his relationship with Dustin, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out if Eddie Munson is actually gay, and if he’s really in love with Dustin!

Who is Eddie Munson, really?

Is Eddie Munson Gay? (& In Love with Dustin Henderson)

Played by Joseph Quinn, Eddie Munson is a newly introduced character in Stranger Things. As soon as he became introduced in Season 4, he became the fans’ favorite, and, for a good reason – this scary-looking goof is actually a complete sweetheart. In such a short time, he became an important part of the whole series. Unfortunately, the rest of Hawkins will surely never realize how pure he was, all because of his premature death in Volume 2. For some, he died as a hero. For others, he died as a serial killer. But, who was he really?

Eddie was the leader of the Dungeons and Dragons Hellfire club, and a close friend of the famous trio – Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. They all met in high school, and have been close ever since. He was very intelligent, but, due to his eccentric personality, he often struggled in school. As it has already been said, a big part of the plot revolves around Eddie, which is exactly why the fans have dreaded his possible death.


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Even though he was a full-on non-conformist, and as a result, was never understood by the residents of Hawkins, it seems like his character was too good to be true. After all, who could possibly resist his charm? While everyone thought he was weird, he was extremely kind-hearted and pure. For many, he was a fictional figure they strongly related to. Sadly, the worst expected outcome has been realized, as he died in Dustin’s hands in the last episode of the fourth season, after battling demobats in the Upside Down World.

Is Eddie Munson gay? And, is he actually in love with Dustin Henderson?

Is Eddie Munson Gay? (& In Love with Dustin Henderson)
Dustin and Eddie hugging.

Since the beginning of the series (which started years ago, in July of 2016!), the fans have been doing their work, picking up clues and investigating characters’ sexual orientations. After Robin confesses her sexual orientation to Steve, the fans have started to be warier of other characters. For years, Will has been under the microscope because of his closed-off behavior and lack of interest in girls. There have also been many speculations about the possibility of other characters covertly being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Among those is Eddie, for whom the fans think he might be gay. So, why would they think that?

In the face of danger, Eddie has decided not to run anymore. He bravely fought to protect his friends, all while buying them some more time in fighting Vecna. Against fans’ wishes, the Duffer brothers decided Eddie has to go. And that’s exactly when it happened – Eddie told Dustin he loves him, which made the fans flip out.

Is Eddie Munson Gay? (& In Love with Dustin Henderson)
Eddie, in Dustin’s arms, during his last minutes.

In the prior episodes, it was obvious Eddie has developed feelings for his high school classmate, Chrissy Cunningham. Sadly, Chrissy was among Vecna’s first victims in Season 4, so the love story between them never got to fully develop. He has never shown any signs of being interested in males, so why would fans come to that conclusion?

Although they might have been some theories that Eddie’s way of dressing was his way of signaling he was gay, it seems like fans decided he might be gay simply because, during his last minutes, Eddie has told Dustin he loves him. Dustin held him in his arms while Eddie slowly faded away into eternal sleep. But, does that necessarily alludes to Eddie being gay?

Absolutely not. While Eddie might be gay, and, in fact, in love with Dustin, it is very unlikely he is. Toxic masculinity, which prevails among many men, has made it rare for men to express their love and appreciation for one another so they don’t seem gay. While Eddie might covertly be gay, or belong to any other part of LGBTQ+ community, telling his best friend he loves him, while dying, does not make him gay.

As I’ve already said, Eddie was a non-conformist; he was true to himself, even in his last minutes. So, it shouldn’t come off as a shock that he decided to make tell his closest friend he truly cares about him when he realized he will not survive.

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