Is Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Dead or Alive? What Happened to Him?

Is Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Dead or Alive? What Happened to Him?

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Tite Kubo has introduced several groups of characters in Bleach – the humans, the Shinigami, the Hollows, and the Quincys, among others. In this article, we are going to talk about the Hollows, as we are going to focus on Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, one of Aizen’s Espada and one of the most intriguing and popular characters in the series. We know that Grimmjow ended up being severely injured during the battle with Ichigo, but in this article, we are going to bring you all the details regarding that battle and its consequences.

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez had a very intense fight with Ichigo in Hueco Mundo and despite him giving it his best, he lost the fight and was seriously injured. He was further injured by Nnoitora, who wanted to finish him off, but was saved by Ichigo and left in the sand of Hueco Mundo. It was later revealed that Grimmjow survived the confrontation and he would help Ichigo and the Gotei 13 fight the Sternritter.

The rest of the article is going to be dedicated solely to Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez and his supposed death in Bleach. You’re going to find out how Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez died, who killed him, and when the events we are talking about actually took place, as well as what happened afterwards. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez is a character with a great story, which is why the events surrounding his death are certainly of interest to fans. Beware, this article is going to be full of spoilers.

How did Grimmjow die in Bleach?

Along with the other Espada, Grimmjow attends the briefing where Aizen warns them of the arrival of Ichigo and his companions in search of Orihime, and advises them to remain calm and await the arrival of their enemies in their quarters. Grimmjow interrupts the meeting to go in search of Ichigo, but Aizen stops him and with his simple spiritual pressure forces him to kneel on the ground and wait for him to finish speaking.

Later, learning of Ichigo’s defeat at the hands of Ulquiorra, he decides to take Orihime to heal his eternal rival and thus be able to finish their fight, Grimmjow rescues her from the clutches of Loly Aivirrne and Menoly Mallia, killing them both, but he is surprised that Orihime brings them back to life. Initially, Grimmjow is stopped by Ulquiorra himself, but he manages to lock him up for a time with the help of Ulquiorra’s Caja Negación, finding no more obstacles to satisfy his desire to fight.

When Grimmjow ordered her to heal Ichigo, Orihime refused, saying it was just to hurt him, but Ichigo insists that Inoue heal him so they can start their duel. Ichigo releases his Bankai and confronts Grimmjow, who seems to be enjoying the fight tremendously. Grimmjow questions him for not taking Orihime after rescuing her, saying that the path her instincts lead her down is to fight.

Both opponents were even, but Grimmjow says that Ichigo is not yet at the level he wants, so he prepares himself and throws a powerful Cero at the defenseless Nel and Orihime. Before the attack of the Sword, Ichigo is forced to show his Visored mask, which was what Grimmjow intended from the beginning. Showing pleasure, the Sexta Espada releases his Zanpakutō and after letting out a tremendous roar, he throws himself on his opponent.

Although at first, Grimmjow’s new abilities overwhelm Ichigo, it doesn’t take long for him to fight back and the two starts a fairly even fight, showing that Ichigo’s Visored powers, already much more developed and stable, are at the same level as Grimmjow’s. Grimmjow tries to attack Nel and Orihime with Panther’s Claw, but Ichigo receives the attack instead; Grimmjow tells him that he was hurt after receiving that attack and after his skepticism, he uses this ability again to completely destroy one of the pillars of Las Noches.

However, the Sexta Espada begins to take advantage and slowly begins to tear apart Ichigo’s Visored mask, who does the best he can against his opponent’s onslaught, until he receives encouragement from Orihime, who, after a moment of fear, decides to encourage to his friend, hoping that he will not be hurt again because of him.

190Grimmjow is attacked

Ichigo thus stops Grimmjow’s attack and strikes him with his Zanpakutō on the shoulder. Seeing that his enemy has regained his self-confidence and one more reason to fight, as well as feeling slighted by everyone, Grimmjow shows off his most powerful attack, the Desgarrón technique. Even so, Grimmjow ends up being caught up and defeated by Ichigo, who, however, is also wounded and very fatigued after the intense confrontation.

Although the battle has ended and the Arrancar has regained its sealed form, the Sexta Espada does not give up and wants to continue fighting, being stopped again by Ichigo, who had already headed towards Orihime and Nel thinking that there would be no more fights. Ichigo stops Grimmjow with his bare hands and tells him that if he continues to annihilate anyone who despises him, he will eventually become a lonely king.

More, before any reaction can be seen in the Arrancar, Nnoitra Gilga, the Quinto Espada, makes his appearance and seriously injures Grimmjow with his huge Zanpakutō and prepares to finish him off when he is stopped by Ichigo, who defends his visceral enemy to his surprise. Later in the manga, we see that Grimmjow survived the battle.

What happened to Grimmjow in Bleach?

During Yhwach’s invasion of the Soul King Palace, Yoruichi opens a Garganta from which Grimmjow emerges. Grimmjow tells Ichigo that it’s been a long time since they last saw each other and as he draws his sword he asks Ichigo if he thought he was dead; when they were about to face each other, Nell appears in the adult form to hug Ichigo.

Grimmjow asks Nell to leave so he can face Ichigo, but Nell refuses and Nell tells him that a Sexta Espada cannot face her; Grimmjow tells her that that was in Aizen’s time, but at that moment, someone breaks the conversation telling them that they did not come for this. Grimmjow, along with Ichigo’s group, arrives at Soul King Palace, where Grimmjow notices the presence of one of the Quincy so he pounces on Askin Nakk Le Vaar.

However, the Sternritter tries to flee, but Grimmjow asks him to stop running. Askin tells him that he will if he promises not to kill him. But Grimmjow tells him that he never said that and that it is normal that he would end up dead, however, Askin points his fingers at him and winks at him, saying that he did not come to fight, but to kill silently.


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Grimmjow still does not understand why he is fleeing and informs him that he is also Ichigo’s enemy, so Quincy proposes to join forces to kill Ichigo. However, the Arrancar tells him to stop babbling and talking nonsense and turns his hands into claws and sets out to try and hunt down the Quincy.

Sometime later Grimmjow continues to chase Askin until he throws his Gift Bereich at him. Just by touching this poisonous sphere that Askin threw at him, Grimmjow falls to the ground defeated and running out of strength, only to see how Askin mocks him. Later when Kisuke Urahara fights Askin, Grimmjow appears to help him by piercing Askin’s chest, pulling him out, and destroying his heart. But Askin survives and explains to both of them that with his death his Gift Ball Deluxe will only increase his power and as Askin explains this both Grimmjow and Urahara begin to feel the effects of Askin’s Gift Ball Deluxe.

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