Is Halo Infinite Split Screen? (& How To Play It)

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Halo Infinite is the newest Halo game in one of the most popular video game titles of all time, and that’s why there is a good number of players playing the game today. That said, Halo Infinite allows you to experience it better if you play in multiplayer because of how you’ll now be able to play against different human players. However, there are also players who would prefer to play couch co-op with friends instead of playing online. So, does Halo Infinite have split-screen multiplayer?

There is a split-screen mode in Halo Infinite, but this feature is only available for those who are playing it on Xbox. That means that Halo Infinite players on PC won’t be able to play split-screen. Halo Infinite can support two players for the Xbox One but will allow up to four players in Xbox Series X/S.

Split-screen multiplayer mode has always been one of the main features in Halo, and the tradition continues with Halo Infinite. This is why Halo has always been a favorite among different players as it allows couch co-op sessions among friends who would want to have a gaming party at home. That said, let’s look at what we know about Halo Infinite split-screen multiplayer mode.

Does Halo Infinite Have Split Screen?


One of the most important things that people tend to look for whenever they are playing multiplayer games is the split-screen co-op mode that allows different players to play the same game on the same console whenever they are playing multiplayer mode. That’s because split-screen multiplayer allows gamers to play in one place and will allow them to share the same experience without necessarily needing a second console.

That said, Halo has always been one of the best games for different Xbox and PC gamers because of the fact that this is one of the true exclusives under Microsoft’s belt. The Halo franchise has always been around and has always been a favorite among different players, not only because it has a great story and gameplay but also because it allows gamers to play various multiplayer modes.

Of course, one of the best multiplayer features of the Halo franchise is that almost all of the different games in the series come with split-screen multiplayer. This feature allows gamers to enjoy Halo together with their friends whenever they are having a gaming party at home. And not a lot of games have been including split-screen multiplayer mode into their games ever since the rise of the digital age where players can simply play against each other online.


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The newest game in the Halo franchise is Halo Infinite, which follows the same Halo formula that has always made the series great while also continuing the story that started with the very first Halo game. But, considering that Halo Infinite was released during the time when more and more games have been ditching couch co-op split-screen in favor of online multiplayer, does it still have split-screen multiplayer?

The good news is that Halo Infinite still has split-screen multiplayer mode because this has always been one of the main features that make the Halo franchise so great. Halo’s developers made it a point for it to have split-screen multiplayer mode because of the fact that Halo games have always been favorites among players who host gaming parties at home. And allowing Halo Infinite to have a split-screen mode makes it possible for a group of players to enjoy the game on one single console without having to carry another console around.

That said, the unfortunate news is that Halo Infinite’s split-screen multiplayer mode is exclusive only to Xbox players. Only those who are playing the game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S can play Halo Infinite split-screen. This means that PC gamers won’t be able to enjoy this feature.

The most probably reason why split-screen multiplayer was not included in the PC version of Halo Infinite might be due to the fact that PC gamers don’t tend to invite people around to enjoy couch co-op games as much as console gamers do. Of course, there’s also the fact that console gamers tend to play their games on larger screens and in living rooms with multiple seats and couches, unlike PC gamers who tend to play in front of a computer desk.

Still, it could be possible that the PC version of Halo Infinite will soon come with split-screen mode, especially if there is a high demand for it. That’s because a future update might be introduced so that PC gamers could now play the game in split-screen mode. And that might not be too hard to do, considering the fact that it is already possible in the Xbox version and that both versions are very similar to one another.

Nevertheless, the fact that split-screen multiplayer is available on Xbox is still good news because more and more games today tend to ditch this mode to focus more on online multiplayer mode. And split-screen mode will probably stay with the Halo franchise indefinitely as long as there are many players who enjoy the mode all over the world.

How To Play Halo Infinite Split Screen? 

If you want to play Halo Infinite in split-screen multiplayer mode, here’s how you can do so:

  • First off, everyone playing should have an Xbox account to use. Halo Infinite will not allow guest accounts to play split-screen mode. As such, one single Xbox console should be logged into multiple accounts.
  • Turn on the second (or third or fourth) controller. Make sure that the controller has already been paired with the Xbox console. 
  • On that controller, press the Menu button and log into a second (or third or fourth) Xbox account.
  • From there, the second player will now be added to your Fireteam locally and will be added to your team when you play multiplayer modes that will support split-screen.
  • Repeat the same process for the third and fourth players that you may want to add to your team.

How Many Players Can Play Halo Infinite Split Screen?

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At this point, you could probably already tell that Halo Infinite split-screen multiplayer mode could support more than two players. In that regard, how many players can play Halo Infinite’s split-screen multiplayer mode?


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If you are gaming on an Xbox One, regardless of what version of the console you are using, you will only be able to play split-screen co-op mode with two players. That’s because the Xbox One probably doesn’t have enough power to render more than two screens at the same time.

However, those who are playing on the more powerful next-gen Xbox Series X and S consoles should be able to play split-screen co-op mode with up to four players. This can be done in the eight-player game modes.

Unfortunately, regardless of which console you are playing on, Halo Infinite will only allow up to two players to play split-screen in the Big Team Battle multiplayer mode. Still, the fact that you can have up to four players in the regular eight-team modes is great news for those who are playing on their Xbox Series X and S consoles.

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