Is I Am Groot Canon in the MCU? (& How It Fits in the Timeline)


The newest Marvel Studios series to hit Disney+ is the short series called I Am Groot, which is an animated series that chronicles the story of Baby Groot’s adventures. Based on what we’ve seen from I Am Groot, it certainly is tailored for young Marvel fans (young children specifically). Nevertheless, those who want to follow everything about Marvel are wondering if this is part of the greater timeline in the MCU. So, is I Am Groot canon in the MCU?

I Am Groot is canon to the MCU, according to Marvel, but James Gunn, who is behind Guardians of the Galaxy, says that it isn’t necessarily canon to the Guardians movies and that it is still part of the MCU canon but is only canon to itself. As such, you don’t need to watch it to understand the MCU.

The series may be quite simple in terms of its premise, but fans were still wondering whether or not it is truly canon. Nevertheless, as long as Marvel Studios says it is canon, then it is canon. In that regard, let’s look at what we know about I Am Groot, whether or not it is canon, and where it falls within the entire scope of the MCU.

Is I Am Groot Canon In The MCU?

While it wasn’t one of the most widely marketed shows, I Am Groot is the newest Marvel Studios production to hit Disney+, as more and more Marvel shows are entering the streaming service platform at a time when the MCU is now getting bigger and bigger with the upcoming movies and shows in its slate. Of course, I Am Groot isn’t necessarily the biggest series because of the fact that it was made to be a child-friendly show that is perfect for the youngest Marvel fans out there.

Basically speaking, I Am Groot is a kid’s show that focuses on Baby Groot and some of his adventures during the time when none of the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy were looking. It kind of follows the theme of how kids do the most surprising things when no one is around to police them or if someone isn’t looking.

But while I Am Groot may be a child-friendly series that chronicles some of Baby Groot’s simple adventures, there are some people who may not see the series as something that’s entirely simple, especially if they are hardcore purists when it comes to what is canon or not. So, is I Am Groot canon in the MCU?

Marvel Studios classified I Am Groot as a canon MCU series that is part of Phase Four. Meanwhile, Brad Winderbaum, the producer of the series, also said that the series is canon. However, hardcore fans of Guardians of the Galaxy needed to wait for what James Gunn had to say regarding whether or not I Am Groot is canon because he once tweeted that I Am Groot episodes are “animated shorts so not necessarily part of the Guardians saga.” In that regard, fans were confused regarding the status of I Am Groot in the overall canon storyline of the MCU.

Gunn even went on to say that he found it hard to think of I Am Groot as part of the canon, even though Marvel Studios says that it is. But, whatever the case may be, I Am Groot is part of the MCU canon. James Gunn finally said that I Am Groot isn’t necessarily canon to the entire Guardians saga or even the MCU, but the episodes are canon to themselves.


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In short, the events of I Am Groot take place during the entire MCU canon timeline and actually happened as far as the official canon is concerned. That means that those who really want to watch all of the things that are canon to the MCU should watch I Am Groot because it is officially canon, as far as Marvel Studios is concerned.

But as to whether or not I Am Groot is ESSENTIAL to the MCU canon, this is where Gunn’s statement regarding it being canon in itself comes in. That’s because I Am Groot isn’t necessary for anyone to watch to understand what is going on in the MCU. The events happening in I Am Groot are only canon to Baby Groot’s life because, other than a brief appearance by Rocket, no other member of the Guardians of the Galaxy appears. In fact, it doesn’t even cover any other event regarding the MCU or the Guardians.

So, with that said, I Am Groot may be part of the MCU timeline, but it isn’t something that you should watch to keep track of what’s happening in the MCU. This is why I Am Groot was made to be a show for kids, as the events that happen in the show only concern Baby Groot and the adventures he experienced when no one was looking.

How Does I Am Groot Fit In The MCU Timeline?

The reason why James Gunn found it hard to fit I Am Groot into the entire MCU timeline of the Guardians of the Galaxy was the fact that it is hard to think where the episodes occur. That’s because, after the events of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Baby Groot was still just in its pot and was still unable to live outside of it. Meanwhile, Baby Groot and the rest of the gang were busy throughout the entire events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. And during the post-credit scene, Groot had already reached his teenage years.


Nevertheless, Brad Winderbaum said that most of the episodes of I Am Groot take place after the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and the mid-credit scene, just before Groot turns into a teenager. There are also episodes of I Am Groot that take place right before Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

This fits right into Groot’s progression in terms of his growth because he was yet to become a teenager during the events between the end of Guardians 2 and its mid-credit scene. And, of course, the character was still just a really young baby during the events right before Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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