Is Iron Man Gay, Bisexual or Straight? What Is Marvel Cannon?


Iron Man is one of the most iconic characters in the MCU. He is also known as Tony Stark, the billionaire industrialist, a founding member of Avengers, and the former CEO of Stark Industries. He is a character that started it all in 2008, with the first movie in the MCU as we know it today.

Iron Man is straight. No creators at Marvel have ever explicitly identified Iron Man as being on the LGBTQAI+ spectrum, but there is some recent evidence for his sexuality as being bisexual. But, until it is explicitly told that he is not straight, we can’t assume otherwise.  In the movies, not much is known about his relationships, only that he ends up with Pepper Potts.

Tony Stark would always flirt with everyone he meets, but that doesn’t prove anything. Or does it? In this article we are going to explore everything about Iron Man’s relationship’s in Marvel comics and movies- so keep reading.

Iron Man’s Relationship’s in Marvel Comics and Movies

First, let’s explore Iron Man’s relationships in Marvel Comics. Just to start things off, in the comics, he doesn’t end up with Pepper Potts. Unfortunately, things between them don’t work out, and she ends up marrying Happy Hogan. Another thing a lot of people don’t know is that Iron Man has an on-again-off-again relationship with She-Hulk. Tony Stark also fell for Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow when she was a spy for the Russian government. After he found out she was a spy, they broke up and after she defected to America they just kept being friends.

His most recent relationship in the comics is with The Wasp aka Janet Van Dyne. After she filed for divorce from Hank Pym, the two Avengers quickly formed and got into a relationship. These are his most famous and recent partners in the comics, but fans found panels that heavily imply that Iron Man is bisexual. In Superior Iron Man #8 which came out in 2015, in one panel Tony is seen waking from a night of heavy partying with both a man and a woman. Also in 2015, in Invincible Iron Man #14 in one panel it is sad that he and James Rhodes were more than friends.

Fans have been shipping Captain America and Iron Man for years, and in the 1998 Iron Man & Captain America Annual ‘98, Cap asks Tony when he had the will to resist him.

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Invincible Iron Man #14 (2015)
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Iron Man & Captain America Annual ‘98 (1998)

Iron Man has appeared in nine MCU movies, and in those nine movies, he only had a romantic relationship with Pepper Potts. Since the first Iron Man movie, it is clear they are meant for each other, but it’s not until Iron Man 2 that they share their first kiss. In Iron Man 3 she helps him manage his anxiety attacks, but things get very complicated as one of his suits accidentally tries to attack her. In Captain America: Civil War, they are on a break, as Pepper needed more space because Tony was in constant danger and she had a hard time dealing with that.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming we see Tony planning to propose to Pepper and before Avengers: Infinity War he does it. In the end, In Avengers: Endgame we find out they are married and have a daughter together named Morgan. So, in the movies, there is nothing implying that he is not straight.


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Is Iron Man Gay, Bisexual or Straight?

Superior Iron Man #8 (2015)

Finally, what is truly Marvel canon? Is Iron Man straight or bisexual? If we strictly have to strictly label it by social and sexual orientation norms, he is heterosexual. Even though there are a lot of panels in the comics about Iron Man complimenting other men, especially Captain America and Doctor Doom, there is no definitive proof he is anything other than straight.

None of the creators of Iron Man ever spoke about his sexuality, nor did they ever confirm anything. Iron Man is now one of the most recognizable Marvel characters, and when Superior Iron Man #8 came out the fandom got excited that we would have a really big character as bisexual representation. Because what is better than seeing yourself represented directly on the page Iron Man where is?

Another fun fact is that Tony had Tinder in the comics, and publicly apologizes to both men and women when his dating profile is taken down in the comics. This kind of flirtatious behavior can be seen outside of the comics and movies, in the Avengers Academy game, he does things like referring to Thor as handsome, calling Black Panther handsome to his face, teasing Loki for hitting on him, and complimenting his hair, openly check out Captain Britain’s biceps, all while still flirting with female characters like Pepper, Nadia Pym, and Natasha Romanoff.

These are all speculations and they have to be taken with a grain of salt, and with all facts we have- this Casanova is straight.

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