Is Jaden Smith Gay? Find All About Will Smith’s Son’s Sexuality

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The Smith family has been one of the most scrutinized families since the Will Smith fiasco during the Oscars. It only follows that people are looking to know more about the entire Smith family, which includes Jaden, the eldest son of Will and Jada. Of course, considering that Jaden is quite different when compared to the norms of society, people have been wondering about his sexuality. So, is Jaden Smith gay?

Jaden Smith has never publicly commented on his sexuality, but he did, at one point, admit that he was dating Tyler the Creator. However, Jaden has also been seen dating women since that revelation. This includes names like Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner. He is also rumored to have a girlfriend now.

Given the fact that we are living in a world that is more open, it can sometimes be difficult to box people into certain sexualities and gender norms. In that regard, Jaden Smith is someone who probably doesn’t want to box himself into certain norms, as seen from his somewhat androgynous style. That said, let’s take a look at what we know about Jaden Smith’s sexuality. 

Is Jaden Smith Gay?

It isn’t a secret that the Smith family has been one of the most popular people in Hollywood, especially when you look at the fact that Will himself is a megastar who has seen several decades of success as an overall performer. However, the family has been scrutinized heavily over the past few years, especially when you look at Jada Pinkett Smith’s revelation of having “entanglements” and when Will Smith smacked Chris Rock during the recent Academy Awards.


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Considering that people have been trying to learn more about the Smith family ever since they came under the spotlight for reasons that can be questionable, it only follows that people are trying to learn more about Jaden Smith as well. Jaden is the eldest son of Will and Jada and isn’t shy when it comes to the spotlight because he has been seen in his fair share of movies, such as The Pursuit of Happyness and The Karate Kid. He has also had his fair share of successful songs.


That said, there is no doubt that Jaden Smith is just like his father in the sense that he is a good all-around performer that has seen success in Hollywood and the music industry. Of course, a successful child of a power couple would always be just as scrutinized as his parents, especially when it comes to his sexuality. After all, a person’s sexuality is often one of the things that people try to explore and attack these days.

So, what is Jaden Smith’s sexuality? And is Jaden Smith gay? Jaden Smith’s sexuality became a huge topic back in 2017 when he took the stage on Camp Flag Gnaw and proclaimed that he and fellow performer Tyler the Creator were dating. 

“I wanna tell you… Tyler doesn’t want to say,” Smith said. “But Tyler’s my motherf***ing boyfriend, and he’s been my motherf***ing boyfriend my whole f***ing life!”

Ever since that proclamation by Jaden Smith, his sexuality has become one of the huge topics among those who keep a close watch on the young star’s life. And there’s also the fact that, in 2020, Tyler the Creator tweeted, “My boyfriend just won a Grammy” after Jaden won a Grammy award.

Then again, nothing has been set in stone because, other than that announcement by Jaden, there hasn’t been anything that would suggest that he is openly gay. Jaden has never publicly stated that he is gay or that he prefers dating men over women. He hasn’t even said anything about dating any other man other than proclaiming that he and Tyler the Creator were dating.

In that sense, it could be possible that Jaden Smith is gay, but it also is possible that he and Tyler the Creator were just messing around when the young star made the proclamation that they were dating. However, what is just as possible and is more probable is the possibility that Jaden Smith is bisexual or is someone who doesn’t choose who he dates based on the sexuality or gender of the person. 

We live in a more open-minded world that doesn’t see things in black and white anymore, and there’s a good chance that Jaden himself doesn’t see things that way as well. This allows us to look at him as merely a person who dates whoever he wants to date because he has the right to do so.

Is Jaden Dating Someone?

Jaden Smith has never been restricted to dating only men ever since he made the revelation that Tyler the Creator was his boyfriend. He has actually been linked with several different celebrities over the past few years since then.

In the past, there was a rumor that Jaden Smith was dating Kylie Jenner, but that was ages ago when they were still a lot younger. Meanwhile, he has also been seen sharing intimate moments with model Cara Delevingne, who had a movie together back in 2020. The most recent rumor is that Jaden Smith is dating a model named Sab Zada as they have seen having lunch out together in Beverly Hills back on Valentine’s Day of 2022.

Considering that Sab Zada was the last person seen hanging with Jaden Smith, it could be possible that they are still together. And considering that Jaden’s dating history doesn’t include a lot of men other than Tyler the Creator, it could be possible that his declaration of them as being in a relationship was just a joke because they are close friends with one another.

Why Do Fans think Jaden Smith Is Gay?

As you can see, Jaden Smith has a history of dating women, but there hasn’t been anything confirmed regarding him dating men. So, if that’s true, why do people think that Jaden Smith is actually gay?

Of course, the first reason was the announcement he made back in 2017 when he said that he was dating Tyler the Creator. That was the first thing that made people wonder about Jaden’s sexuality. However, as mentioned, it could’ve been possible that they were merely joking around back then.


Then there’s also how Jaden Smith kind of has an androgynous style in the sense that he doesn’t tend to stick with normal gender norms when it comes to the things that he does or the way that he dresses up. People tend to box other people into certain categories based on the way they act or look, and that’s one of the reasons why fans believe that Jaden is gay.


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Nevertheless, without any confirmation from Jaden Smith himself, it is silly to assume right now that he is gay. The only person who could say whether or not he is gay is Jaden, and that’s why we cannot say anything regarding his sexuality. 

What Does Will Smith Think About Jaden’s Sexuality?

From what we have seen so far, neither Will nor Jada have been very hands-on when it comes to their children’s personal lives when both Jaden and Willow (their daughter) were already old enough to handle their own celebrity status. They do help the kids out when it comes to their acting and music careers, but they tend to stay out of things that are personal to either Jaden or Willow.

That said, there are no confirmed statements from either Will or Jada regarding what they think about Jaden Smith’s sexuality. It could be possible that they are giving Jaden complete freedom over how he feels and what he wants to do with his romantic or sexual life. And that’s an important part of allowing Jaden to mature on his own and to figure out who he actually is and what he wants in life.

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