Is Julia Garner Related to James or Jennifer Garner?

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One of the rising stars in the film and television industry today is Julia Garner, who has seen her fair share of big roles in Netflix productions like Ozark and Inventing Anna. But one of the things that people know is that there are other Garners that are also popular in the film and television industry. So, is Julia Garner related to either or both James Garner and Jennifer Garner?

Julia Garner is not related to either James Garner or Jennifer Garner. She was born and raised in New York, but her father was raised in Ohio, and her mother was from Israel. But while she isn’t related to James or Jennifer, she has since become one of the fastest-rising stars in the industry today.

It is easy to think that Julia Garner could be related to James Garner or Jennifer Garner, considering that there aren’t a lot of Garners in Hollywood. However, she is from a completely different family, as are James and Jennifer, who aren’t even related to one another as well. So, with that said, let’s look at three of the biggest Garners that the film industry has seen.

Who Is Julia Garner?

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It isn’t a secret that Netflix has become a platform for different stars to rise up and become quite prominent in the world of movies and televisions, as this streaming giant is still the biggest in its own industry. As such, actors that have done well in their roles on Netflix have become quite popular due to the fact that plenty of people have seen them in their breakout performances.

One such name that has become quite prominent because of her roles on Netflix is Julia Garner. Even though Julia has become quite prominent on Netflix, she has been acting since 2010 and has had minor roles in movies like Perks of Being a Wallflower, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and The Assistant.

However, it was only when she began appearing in Netflix’s Ozark that she was able to truly find the platform she needed to become a known actress in the movie and TV industry. Her portrayal of Ruth Langmore, one of the main characters of Ozark, has allowed Julia Garner to earn more roles. She was able to land the leading role in the hit TV mini-series Inventing Anna, another Netflix original. 


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Julia Garner isn’t someone who is too shy when it comes to the spotlight because she grew up in the big city of New York. She grew up in The Brox to parents Thomas Garner and Tami Gingold. Thomas is a painter and teacher that grew up in Ohio. Meanwhile, Tami isn’t a stranger to the spotlight because she is a comedian that grew up in Israel and moved to the US to pursue her career in therapy and comedy.

In December of 2019, Julia Garner married Mark Foster, who you might be familiar with as the lead of the band Foster the People, a group that traces its roots to Los Angeles back in 2009.

Who Is James Garner?


Even though there aren’t a lot of people with the Garner surname in the movie and TV industry, Julia isn’t the first Garner in Hollywood. In fact, there was another Garner that became prominent in the industry long before she was even born. That man is James Garner.

James Garner was a longtime actor who saw his rise in the movie industry during the 50s when he starred in the film entitled Maverick. Then, in the 60s, he also starred in a lot of different movies, such as Steven McQueen, The Great Escape, and The Americanization of Emily. He also played the older version of Ryan Gosling in The Notebook.

However, what you should know is that he was never a Garner. In fact, James Garner was born James Scot Bumgarner in Denver, Oklahoma, back in the late 1920s. His father was Weldon Warren Bumgarner, and his mother was Mildred Scott Meek, who died when he was still a young boy. James also has two older brothers who were born Bumgarners, but Jack was the only one who carried the Garner because Charles kept his original family name.

During his teenage years, James went to Los Angeles with his father as he started modeling at a young age. However, he didn’t like the career and eventually moved back to his hometown to finish high school there. Meanwhile, he also joined the military during his 20s.

But when James started his career as an actor, a director changed his family name without his permission as he was credited as James Garner in one of the productions he acted in. As such, he never even had a say when his name was changed from Bumgarner to Garner. After that, Jack also began using the Garner name.

James Garner eventually left his career in Hollywood as he became older and older. During his 80s, he was dealing with health issues until he was taken away in 2014 at the age of 86. He died of coronary artery disease in his home.

Who Is Jennifer Garner?

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For those who were born during the 80s and 90s, the most prominent Garner in the film industry is Jennifer Garner, who is probably the most well-known Garner in Hollywood today because she is a megastar that has appeared in a lot of different productions that became successful because of her talents as an actress.

Jennifer Garden rose to prominence when she played the leading role in the hit series Alias. Since then, it was an upward trajectory in her career as she went on to appear in movies like 13 Going on 30, Pearl Harbor, Elektra, Dallas Buyers Club, and the recent Netflix original movie, The Adam Project.

She was born to parents William John Garner and Patricia Ann English in 1972 in Houston, Texas. Her father worked as a chemical engineer while her mother was a housewife. Later on, the family moved to Charleston, West Virginia, where Jennifer Garner grew up with her two sisters. 

The family was also quite conservative and religious while she was growing up, as they weren’t even allowed to wear makeup when they were in their teenage years. This is quite surprising, considering the fact that a career in Hollywood isn’t the most conservative line of work.

After finishing high school, Jennifer Garner went on to study at Denison University, where she studied acting before transferring to the National Theater Institute in Connecticut. It was clear that she wanted to become an actress at an early age.

During the height of her career as an actress, Jennifer Garner married Ben Affleck in 2005, and the marriage lasted until their eventual divorce in 2018. But they have been separated since 2015. The union bore Garner and Affleck three children.

Is Julia Garner Related To James Or Jennifer Garner?

As you can see from the profiles of James Garner and Jennifer Garner, it is clear that they aren’t related to Julia Garner. In fact, James and Jennifer aren’t even related to each other at all. And that means that three of the most prominent Garners in Hollywood have no relationship with each other at all.


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Julia was born and raised in New York by parents who aren’t related at all to James Garner and Jennifer Garner. Of course, James was never even a Garner at all because his given name was always Bumgarner. Meanwhile, Jennifer was born in Texas, and that means that her family isn’t remotely to Julia’s family.

While some people might think that Julia is related to Jennifer because they are both prominent actresses in today’s era, that isn’t even remotely true at all. Due to her mother’s heritage, Julia is Jewish. On the other hand, Jennifer’s family went to the United Methodist Church.

As such, despite the rarity of the Garner name in Hollywood, none of these three Garners are remotely related to one another at all. The only thing they have in common is the fact that they were able to make names for themselves in Hollywood as talented actors.