Main Ozark Characters Ranked By Importance

Ozark characters

If you like slow, but intense crime dramas, Ozark is a show you should definitely watch, if you haven’t already seen it or even binged it. Original, full of complications and twists from the very beginning, it is one the most anticipated shows before each season. It is also one of the shows where characters play the most important roles.

They are really memorable, unique in their own twisted way and definitely worth mentioning. What is interesting and must be emphasized is that its female characters are as important as its male. There are some seriously disturbing minds and brave individuals here. While waiting for the second part of its fourth and unfortunately final season, let’s have a look at the main Ozark characters ranked by importance.

Jacob Snell (Peter Mullan)

Jacob Snell

Head of very well-organised heroin distribution, Snell is a true picture of the Midwest redneck. He is not fond of tourists, doesn’t want anyone on his property and selfishly runs his business. He is really one of the characters who is so easy not to love. But still ends up as a tragic one, played by an even sicker and more disturbed individual.

Jacob is a true crime lord, smart and careful and always a step ahead of the ones who want to cross him. He thinks before he acts, has a slow temper and is pretty calm, which also makes him one of the most dangerous criminals in the whole show.

When you see that Peter Mullan is cast in a movie or in a show, you could be almost certain that it will be something worth watching. This Scottish actor with a very distinguished accent lost it completely for this role. And not only lost his, but so brilliantly delivered the one they speak in this Missouri region. And it goes so well with his character and everything he represents here.

Charlotte Byrde (Sofia Hublitz)

Charlotte Byrde

The most down to Earth member of the Byrde family, Charlotte is a teenager who is living a life she shouldn’t be. She should be going out and hanging with friends, meeting boys and coming late at night. But instead, she is in the middle of different types of organized crimes and forced to grow up much sooner than expected.

Through its four seasons, we are following the growth and maturing of this girl and not only once wish that she had a completely different destiny. But even though Charlotte might seem pretty fragile and shy at first, she is actually a brave and strong young woman who is ready to defend her family. She is forced to lie at the beginning, but very soon she completely adapts to the situation her family found herself in.

Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer)

Helen Pierce

This show bursts with peculiar and interesting supporting characters played by brilliant actors and actresses. One of them is certainly the British talent Janet McTeer who delivered a memorable performance as the ruthless attorney Helen Pierce.


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One of the most important characters and antagonists in the second and third season, Pierce is someone who disrupted many Byrde’s plans. She is cold and calculating, always putting herself in front of everyone else. She is a combination of Marty and Wendy and a mixture of their worst qualities. She has no problems turning a blind eye and cold-bloodedly overlook many illegal activities, such as murder, arsen or theft. A true picture of a corrupted advocate.

Omar Navarro (Felix Solis)

Omar Navarro

One of the main antagonists in the show, present from the beginning. We slowly start realizing how big and important his role is in everything. Head of the Navarro cartel and Helen Pierce’s boss, Navarro is a dangerous opponent to everyone who decides to confront him.

He is merciless, completely devoid of empathy and manipulates people to get what he wants. He doesn’t care about anyone, except his family. He shows his softer side when it comes to their safety and freedom. But very soon he goes back to his true self. His subordinates are mere pawns to him, someone who he uses for his illicit affairs. 

He is extremely intelligent and cherishes loyalty and a given word. Maybe that’s why he sees something in Marty and chooses to operate only with him and lean on his abilities to get him out of the cartel life.

Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan)

Wyatt Langmore

One of the most tragic characters in the show, the one you truly feel sorry for throughout all seasons. Until its final season when Wyatt unfortunately completely loses himself and starts to get on our nerves. But still, he didn’t deserve what he got coming. 

Raised by a lowlife father, in a trailer on the Ozark lake, Wyatt is also one who gets entangled in a web of illegal activities that go around. A prosperous youngster, smart and modest, he deserved a completely different destiny. He was even accepted to college, but this didn’t work out. Then he wanted to abandon the lifestyle he afterwards embraced, but once again failed.

Wyatt is really a lovable character, but so weak and desperate that he also starts to get on our nerves. We understand everything that triggers his actions, we know his background is too complicated, but we can’t help ourselves from wishing for something completely different for him.

Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery)

Darlene Snell

And the award for the most disturbing and twisted character in the show goes to Darlene Snell. We might have thought at the beginning that Jacob Snell was cunning and evil, but everything changed when we met his wife Darlene. We were confronted with a character so devilish and cold that we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. 


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Once again brilliantly cast, Lisa Emery became an impersonation of a completely emotionless woman who we wouldn’t like to have around. Especially not as our enemy. Nothing seems positive about her. Even the appearingly nice actions are driven by an inner urge to have her own way. She simply doesn’t care about other people and at the possible glimpse of something human in her, she shows us that we shouldn’t get our hopes up and proves that we weren’t wrong. She is the devil walking on Earth.

Jonah Byrde (Skylar Gaertner)

Jonah Byrde

A character with the biggest progress in the show. Jonah is at the beginning a shy and quiet boy who follows his family and listens to everything presented to him. But slowly we start noticing changes in him. We learn he has a brilliant, analytical mind, so similar to his father’s. We witness his bravery, but sometimes even stupidity in all this courage. 

Jonah is smart and independent, a boy who was put in the middle of a crisis so big and completely inappropriate. It was only a matter of time when he would start changing and protesting against everything. He has a strong sense of justice and at the beginning refuses to take part in all things concerning his family, but as the show progresses and he matures, he accepts his destiny.

Very soon he becomes one of the most crucial characters in the show. He represents a danger for his parents and is responsible for some of the biggest twists in the show.

Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner)

Ruth Langmore

I think that everyone who has seen Ozark will agree upon the fact that someone so annoying can at the same time be so likeable. If you hadn’t come across a character who will drive you crazy with almost anything he/she does, you obviously haven’t met Ruth Langmore. Never closing her mouth, always yelling and cursing, Ruth is a character that grows mostly on us during these four seasons.

At the beginning of the show, we meet this poor, sad teenager, raised by her uncles, with no female role model or anyone to look up to. She survives her days by helping men around her and being part of their petty crimes. Until she meets the Byrdes. There is something about her that Marty Byrde immediately recognized. She is extremely clever and resourceful, she reads people very well and is someone who you would like to have on your side.

And gradually we start seeing her on Marty’s side. Many other things happen till the end of the first part of season four. Relationships change, people get disappointed, they lose their loved ones. But the fact remains that Ruth became one of the strongest assets in anyone’s business and a strong young woman. Even though she is not very often on the right side of the law, she is a character who can teach us a lot.

We mustn’t forget to mention the fabulous Julia Garner who showed that she can carry out a very complex character. She will definitely be seen on the female A-list in Hollywood very soon. 

Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney)

Wendy Bird 1 1

The most important character in the show, one of the most fascinating characters ever on television is Wendy Byrde. We don’t often see such a brilliant and cunning mind. A woman who is willing to sacrifice her own family for her beliefs and well being. She also goes through a significant transfer throughout the show. 

We are from the very beginning aware of what she is capable of. Sometimes we can’t even imagine the intensity of her decisions. She is extremely clever, but also very dangerous, since she works from behind. She will tell you everything in your face, but you can expect so much more. And you better be alert and ready, because when she hits, she hits hard.

She thrives for more because she wants to be sure that she is never going to be poor anymore, but step by step she starts loving what she does and becomes dangerous not only for her enemies, but also her family.

Laura Linney is absolutely the perfect choice for this role, since she has that reserved and cold presence and is able to transform into a monster in a second. Wendy Byrde is a character who will be vastly discussed in the future and remembered for a long time.

Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman)

Marty Byrde

Although in the same business and having the same problems, as much as we dislike Wendy as a character, we are drawn to Marty Byrde. He is a person that you simply cannot have anything against. There is something in his character, something in the way he talks to people and listens to them that makes him a very lovable character. 

Marty is an accountant, a genius in his field of work and there is nothing that can go past him. He knows it all and becomes a wanted professional who very fast becomes part of various criminal organizations. Money makes the world go round and when you find yourself in the midst of it, it is easier to go back on the bright side.

Although he underwent many unpleasant situations, Marty somehow stayed almost the same. He is aware of the people and dangers around him and has to pay attention to everything. He can’t trust many and that’s why he cannot allow himself to change. He must be alert all the time and try to stay focused because he might lose everything.

He is a family man. He cares deeply for his children, but starts showing disrespect and skepticism towards Wendy. He knows that it is going to be very difficult to get out of the mess they found themselves in. The same as with Laura Linney, Jason Bateman is a great choice for this character, since he has this combination of warmth and resolution in him.

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