Is Netflix’s ‘Devil’s Advocate’ Based on a True Story? Explained

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‘Devil’s Advocate’ is another Netflix‘s legal crime drama that follows a Kuwaiti defense attorney determined to prove an innocence of a football player accused of murdering his wife. This athlete pleads a ‘not guilty,’ and his attorney is the only one who trusts him. The case and the storyline sound intriguing, and it would not be the first time that Netflix turned some real-life events into a show. With that said, is ‘Devil’s Advocate’ based on a true story?

The show is likely not based on a true story but rather on a combination of several factors: other movies and shows, possibly a novel, and the director’s creative touch. These are speculations since no official statement has been given regarding these questions.

In the last few years, Netflix created a few successful legal dramas, and there is no reason why the same thing could not apply to ‘Devil’s Advocate.’ The show does not lack thrill, suspension, and mystery, and it has everything to keep the audience hooked. Let’s see what we know about the show and where the inspiration comes from.

What’s the ‘Devil’s Advocate’ show about?

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‘Devil’s Advocate’ is a new legal crime drama directed by Essam Abdel Hamid. The show’s storyline revolves around Bader Khaled, a successful football player who is the main suspect in his wife’s murder.

A successful defense attorney, played by Haya Abdul Salam, decides to take on Bader as her client and do her best to defend him against all odds. This is an Arabic mini-series and is eight-episode long, with all the episodes being released simultaneously on Netflix.

The storyline occurs in Kuwait, and Loulwa leads the case as a defense attorney that could mark her career. This is interesting because seeing a female defense attorney in the spotlight is a fine refreshment, especially concerning criminal law and law-themed shows in general.

It all starts when a famous soccer player and team captain, Bader Khaled, reports that he found his wife dead. Soon after, a successful law firm informs Loulwa, one of its best attorneys, about the case. When she decides to defend Bader, her defense becomes straightforward. In court, she claims no evidence incriminates her client as a perpetrator.

However, not everything is as it might seem at first. Bader and his wife had their issues. Bader’s wife could not have children and was often scolded because of it by her relatives. She struggled with that fact and felt depressed. The spouses fought sometimes, and it seemed serious at moments. Like there is a darker side to Bader that he presented to the world.

Bader suffered in prison while waiting for his trial to be over, and his attorney tried her best to find out what really happened the night Bader’s wife was murdered. Three people had access to the keys to Bader’s home, which made them also potential murderers.


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However, it could all be misleading from the real truth- that Bader did kill his wife. The things from his past indicate that he had a rough childhood that could’ve left some trauma and psychological damage to him. His father disappeared when Bader was 18 years old. Interestingly, that was the same year Bader became a professional football player. His mother is also unwell, as she spent the last fifteen years in a psychiatric hospital.

Loulwa visited Bader’s mom, and she found out more about Bader than what he maybe wanted. Her investigation got her closer to the real truth but also put her in danger. All in all, one thing is for sure, not everything is as it seems at first.

There were speculations that the show is based on a movie of the same name

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Considering that the show shares the name with the popular movie from 1997, many assumptions regarding their connection arose. ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ is a legal drama-thriller movie that stars Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino, and it is considered one of the better movies of that decade. The movie was based on a book of the same name by Andrew Neiderman. However, that is not the case with the new Netflix’s show.

Netflix and the director of the show did not provide any straightforward information that the show is based on a true story, so it is fair to assume that it is not. The whole thematic and courtroom atmosphere reminds me of the movie of the same name, but they are not connected.


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However, it is smart to consider that ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ movie and/or book did inspire Essam Abdel Hamid to create this show. It would not be the first time he does that, as he also directed the show ‘Suits,’ which has the same name and similar storyline as the original American version.

The show airs on July 13; maybe we’ll get more concrete information afterward.

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