Is One Piece Leaving Netflix in 2023? Here Is What We Know!

Is One Piece Leaving Netflix in 2023? Here Is What We Know!

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is one of the most popular series in the history of Japanese animation. Based on the best-selling manga in history, One Piece has been around since October 20, 1999, with more than 1,000 episodes having been aired since then. One Piece is still going strong and will be around for a while, which is why it is important that you know where to watch it. Among others, One Piece has been available on Netflix but there were some talks that the anime will be leaving the platform and we are going to reveal everything we know about it.

As of January 2023, One Piece is not leaving Netflix, the show is still available for streaming. There was talk about One Piece leaving Netflix in recent months due to the constant changes that keep happening on Netflix, as well as the fact that Netflix has redistributed its money to other sectors, which led to cuts in the anime department. But, with the live-action series coming up soon, not only is One Piece leaving Netflix, it is adding more content in 2023, as more seasons will be available for subscribers.

In the rest of this article, we are going to give you all the information you need to know about One Piece (not) leaving Netflix. We are going to tell you what the current status means, whether One Piece is going to leave in the future, and, if it is, where you can watch this great anime series instead. This is going to be your go-to article for the issue at hand.

Is One Piece leaving Netflix?

One Piece fans will know that one of the longest-running anime series ever is available on Netflix. They will also know that the whole series is not available on the streaming service and that Netflix has been adding One Piece content over the years. The additional schedule has been as follows:

#ArcEpisodesDate of Addition
1East Blue1-6112/06/2020
2Entering the Grand Line62-7712/06/2020
3Enter Chopper at the Winter Island78-9112/06/2020
7The Golden Bell174-19522/05/2022
8The Naval Fortress196-20722/06/2022
9The Foxy Pirate Crew208-22822/06/2022
10Water 7229-26322/06/2022
11Enies Lobby 264-28422/07/2022
13Goodbye Going Merry307-32522/07/2022

Now, as you can see, Netflix has been steadily adding One Piece content since 2020, with 2022 being exceptionally prolific for fans, with a total of nine added seasons and almost 200 new episodes, which is almost three times the number of episodes that had been on the service before 2022. Now, before 2022, there were numerous talks of One Piece leaving Netflix, especially since the platform only had a small number of seasons and episodes online.

But, it became obvious that things were about to change when Netflix announced a live-action adaptation of One Piece, not long after the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. Now, whether this is a good idea or not is up to you to decide, especially in light of the failure that was Cowboy Bebop, but regardless of that, the announcement confirmed that Netflix would be collaborating with the producers of One Piece and that definitely meant that the anime was not going anywhere.

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This was, of course, corroborated as the months passed, and now we know that with more than 300 episodes, One Piece is alive and well on Netflix, and the good thing for fans is that the roster will – most probably – only keep expanding. We’ve had some rumors that two additional seasons would be added on Netflix in early 2023, which is definitely good news.

To sum it up, no, One Piece is not leaving Netflix and from what it seems, the roster is simply going to keep expanding. With the live-action series on the way, One Piece‘s future on Netflix seems great. Sure, they probably won’t add all the episodes in the near future, so other streaming services will remain a better pick for hardcore fans, but the service still offers a very solid slate that you can enjoy.

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Where to watch One Piece aside from Netflix?

So, now that we have explained that One Piece is not leaving Netflix, fans don’t need to worry, but we have said that Netflix doesn’t have all the episodes available, wh. Sure, we know that Netflix never had all the episodes, but still, you might have enjoyed the limited content they had and simply want to rewatch some of the old episodes once more. In this section, we are going to tell you whether some other (major) streaming services have One Piece:

HuluOne Piece is available on Hulu, but there are certain restrictions, not all the episodes are available, and it is not available in every country; which is a major issue with Hulu, since it cannot be accessed from every country in the world. In addition to that, One Piece can be streamed on Hulu with a $7.99 per month subscription, meaning no premium subscription is required.
Amazon PrimeAmazon doesn’t have all the episodes of One Piece, as we managed to see. They have roughly 11 of the 20 seasons, with the most recent episodes being those from 2014. New episodes are, still, unavailable.
HBOOne Piece is unfortunately not available to watch on HBO Max. We don’t know the exact reasons behind this, especially since HBO Max shares some of its anime programs with other streaming services, but if you have an HBO Max subscription, you won’t be able to watch One Piece.
Disney+Disney+ does not contain a single episode of One Piece, which, as we have elaborated above, isn’t surprising in any way. Disney+ is generally very restrictive when original content created by other studios is concerned, and anime is not just that, it is also direct competition for Disney.
CrunchyrollOne Piece is, of course, available on Crunchyroll and it is currently the only source of its kind that has all the episodes and is updated regularly, which is why we definitely recommend it as your primary source for watching One Piece online. The slate currently has more than 1,000 episodes as of the time of writing this article.
FunimationFunimation is a good source to watch One Piece, but while it is known for offering high-quality dubs, it has its downsides. It’s not free, it doesn’t have the whole series (as far as we are aware, it has only 12 seasons), and it is available in a very limited number of countries.
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