Is Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay? PC, PlayStation & Xbox Guide

rainbow six siege crossplay

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Rainbow Six Siege is an incredibly popular game, with over 70 million active users to date making it one of the most well-loved FPS titles in the genre. With so many gamers wanting to indulge in this game, it’s no surprise that players want to compete with fellow Rainbow Six Siege fans on other platforms.

Crossplay and cross-progression between the same family of consoles or between PC and Stadia are supported by Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft has announced that some changes are on the way, many of which will make the process simpler and easier for Rainbow Six Siege players across platforms.

While the ability to crossplay is an incredibly important aspect of enjoyability amongst many gamers, the process isn’t always as clear-cut as one would hope. Stick around to find out about crossplay and cross-progression in Rainbow Six Siege, and how the process may be improved in the future.

Does Rainbow Six Siege Have Crossplay?

Crossplay is an incredibly important and popular feature amongst avid gamers worldwide, allowing players to connect and compete with each other irrespective of their preferred platform. In many games, crossplay enables PC and console gamers to play their favorite games together, competing with each other, teaming up against enemies, or even grouping into parties to take on vicious NPCs and bosses.

But, this feature is not always possible, or perhaps fair, with all games, as some games (like Rainbow Six Siege) can have more unpleasant consequences when allowing crossplay between certain platforms. The notable differences between various platforms can either prove beneficial to all players or problematic for some players, depending on the game’s mechanics and inner workings.

rainbow six siege 1

Such is the case with Rainbow Six Siege, as its very nature can cause issues when controller mechanics differ between players. Still, Rainbow Six Siege does support crossplay, but the support is fairly limited considering the vast amount of platforms and devices used within the gaming community.

Using crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege will allow players to benefit from the following possibilities:

  • Move progress between platforms
  • Matchmake with other players on the same platform family

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Limitations

At the time of writing, Rainbow Six Siege only supports crossplay for platforms or consoles within the same family. PC players cannot crossplay with console players, and console players cannot play with PC players.

This crossplay system can open up some room for crossplay opportunities, but it also leaves quite a lot of areas for improvement. Below are examples of the crossplay possibilities for Rainbow Six Siege:

PlatformRainbow Six Siege Crossplay Compatibility
PCStadia account
PlayStationPlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
XboxXbox One and Xbox Series X|S

For example, this arrangement would mean that crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege would be possible between PC and Stadia, but it would not be possible between any of the consoles – unless the console belonged to the same family. PlayStation users would be able to crossplay between PlayStation generations, much like Xbox users would be able to crossplay with other Xbox gens and players.


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But, PlayStation and Xbox users would not be able to crossplay with each other – at least, for now. It’s still a neat arrangement for crossplay when playing with groups of friends or family members with the same or next-gen consoles, but it does lack options for friends with different consoles entirely.

Future Changes To Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay

Considering that there is still plenty of room for improvement, Ubisoft does have plans to extend the potential of crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege. During Ubisoft Forward, Ubisoft announced that massive improvements will be coming to Rainbow Six Siege, including new changes to the crossplay system, as seen in their official tweet below:

Sometime in 2022, Rainbow Six Siege will be receiving crossplay between consoles – that’s right, you’ll finally be able to play between PlayStation and Xbox! In addition, some new changes will be coming to PC crossplay, as crossplay will become possible between PC, Stadia, and Luna.

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Between PC and Console

Ubisoft has made it abundantly clear that there will never be available crossplay between PC and console platforms, namely PlayStation and Xbox. There are plenty of possible reasons for this, and the differences between PC and consoles leading to a range of debates in the FPS gaming world are nothing new.


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Within the Rainbow Six Siege community, some have said that the use of a mouse and keyboard can prove advantageous over players using a controller, primarily due to faster and more precise movements. Others argue that controllers have an advantage since the developers have implemented aim assist, which can make things easier compared to PC players.

The choice may even come down to something far deeper, such as the inner workings of the game itself. Either way, there’s certainly a ton of potential for unfairness and issues when allowing this sort of crossplay system – possibly the main reason why Rainbow Six Siege will never be cross-playable between PC and console gamers.

Does Rainbow Six Siege Have Cross-Progression?

Rainbow Six Siege also supports cross-progression, granted that this arrangement has the same setup as crossplay. Players will only be able to use the cross-progression feature with other platforms belonging to the same family.

Using the cross-progression feature in Rainbow Six Siege will enable players to benefit from the following possibilities in the game:

  • Use the same inventory
  • Benefit from the same progress
  • Use the same Player Stats across platforms that the features are available on

However, the player’s multiplayer Rank will not carry over between platforms. Players will have separate Ranks, depending on the platform. As an example, players with a Platinum rank may be Unranked on a different platform.

rainbow six siege 2

That being said, cross-progression will only work if the player owns Rainbow Six Siege on all platforms they wish to play on, and it will not be possible to disable cross-progression. Sanctions are carried over to different platforms, and players will not be able to receive refunds for items purchased on two different platforms.

In addition to the changes announced by Ubisoft concerning crossplay, some changes to cross-progression are also coming. Cross-progression will become possible between all available platforms in the future.


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How To Crossplay Rainbow Six Siege

In order to make use of the crossplay feature in Rainbow Six Siege, players will need to link the same Ubisoft account to the relevant platform being used to play the game. Rainbow Six Siege may prompt you to link your platform progress to a Ubisoft account via a pop-up, but players can complete the process through a browser as well.

But first, you will need a Ubisoft account. Follow the steps below to set up a Ubisoft account, if you do not have one already:

  1. Go to Ubisoft’s official website.
  2. Click on the “Log In” button, located in the top right corner.
  3. A small new window will appear, and you’ll be given the option to log in with your Xbox or PlayStation account.
  4. Click on your preferred gaming platform and enter your login details using the pop-ups and prompts.
  5. Sony and Microsoft will ask you whether you’re sure about allowing Ubisoft access to your info. Ubisoft will only need basic properties about your Xbox or PlayStation profile, including your Gamertag, friends list, activity, stats and rankings, and settings in addition to the content you share.
  6. Click on Yes
  7. Navigate back to the main page of Ubisoft, and the Log In button should be replaced with your Gamertag.
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Follow the steps below to setup crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege:

  1. Navigate to the Account Management section of your profile by logging into Ubisoft.
  2. Click on the Login button, if the automatic login process doesn’t get triggered.
  3. Click on the PlayStation or the Xbox logo, depending on the platform you use.
  4. Ubisoft will ask you to log into your console account to complete the linking process.
  5. Sony or Microsoft may require you to confirm your identity during the process.

During matchmaking, available icons will display what platforms other players are using. Players who join your match from a platform belonging to a different family will have the ‘cross-platform’ icon. Players who are playing on a platform belonging to the same family as your own platform will be indicated with your platform icon.

How To Turn Off Crossplay In Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege players can choose to turn off or disable crossplay at any time if they wish to only play with others on the same platform. That being said, finding a game can take longer since there will be fewer players looking to find matches at the same time.


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Follow the steps below to turn off crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege:

  1. Open Rainbow Six Siege and access the Settings Menu
  2. Head to the “General” section
  3. Scroll down to “crossplay matchmaking”
  4. Set this option to “off”
  5. Navigate to “crossplay communication” and turn this off as well

Although struggling to play Rainbow Six Siege with friends or family using other platforms may be frustrating, the game does allow room for crossplay in quite a few fair and simple ways. Still, players will soon have more options available for crossplay after the relevant improvements have been made.

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