Is Rainbow Six Extraction Crossplay? PC, PlayStation & Xbox Guide

rainbow six extraction crossplay

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Countless avid gamers adore Rainbow Six Extraction, which involves a tone of threats and extraterrestrial invaders that really force players to watch their backs. But, crossplay can often feel essential since this game’s co-op elements demand some solid and supportive teamplay, which may not always be possible with classic matchmaking.

Rainbow Six Extraction enables crossplay automatically, applying to players across all available platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia) whether the game is owned or being played on trial. Cross-progression is also available, and players will need to link their Ubisoft Connect accounts to enable these features.

With so many players enjoying this incredible game, it’s totally understandable that anyone would want to have crossplay enabled in Rainbow Six Extraction. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about crossplay and cross-progression in Rainbow Six Extraction, including available platform crossplay and how to manage this feature in-game.

Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have Crossplay?

Crossplay is an incredibly important and popular feature amongst avid gamers worldwide, allowing players to connect and compete with each other irrespective of their preferred platform. In many games, crossplay enables PC and console gamers to play their favorite games together, competing with each other, teaming up against enemies, or even grouping into parties to take on vicious NPCs and bosses.

Rainbow Six Extraction is a cooperative FPS game that lets players assemble teams of operators to save Earth from alien forces. The challenge levels continue to increase as you progress through the game, which can often demand some trustworthy teammates – hence the desire for Rainbow Six Extraction crossplay.

Rainbow Six Extraction

While there are options like matchmaking, playing Rainbow Six Extraction with strangers can often leave somewhat of a void – playing with friends is undeniably the best way to experience this game. When it comes to a game as co-op-focused as Rainbow Six Extraction, there’s nothing quite like taking down bad guys with a squad that will genuinely have your back.

Thankfully, Rainbow Six Extraction allows full crossplay across all available platforms. This will allow players to team up with players on other platforms, irrespective of their preferred hardware, platform, or platform family.

Players can invite their friends to play Rainbow Six Extraction by sharing their Ubisoft Connect names and sending friend requests. After you’ve become friends with other players on different platforms, you’ll be able to see when they are online and can invite them to your shooting session whenever you’d like!

Rainbow Six Extraction Crossplay Platforms and Compatibility

Rainbow Six Extraction players can now team up and grind through the game’s latest content with friends and family, irrespective of the preferred platform. While Rainbow Six Siege does have some specific limitations, Rainbow Six Extraction allows players of all platforms to mingle with each other in-game.


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This full crossplay system means that Rainbow Six Extraction players can all play together freely. There are no set limitations as to who can and cannot join a shooting session in-game – at least, not regarding platform choice or platform families.

Rainbow Six Extraction allows players to crossplay between all of the available platforms, namely:

  • PC
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Stadia

The ability to crossplay also extends to Rainbow Six Extraction ownership, which is a very simple yet incredibly appreciated addition as it allows new players to really get a feel for the game’s potential. Crossplay is available for players who own Rainbow Six Extraction and for players who have only downloaded the trial version, using Buddy Tokens to play.

Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have Cross-Progression?

While crossplay is an unbelievably integral aspect of Rainbow Six Extraction, cross-progression can really help the overall enjoyability of the game. This is especially true for players who play Rainbow Six Extraction across multiple platforms, where the loss of progress is a very real fear.

Thankfully, Rainbow Six Extraction does support cross-progression as well, and the cross-progression system in Rainbow Six Extraction is surprisingly simple. It allows players to shift between platforms at a later stage, continuing right where they left off!

rainbow six extraction banner

But, in order to gain access to cross-progress saves, players will need to link their Ubisoft Connect account to their new platform. All of your unlocked tech and Rainbow Six Extraction operators should be ready to go!

Follow the steps below to set up a Ubisoft account, if you do not have one already:

  1. Go to Ubisoft’s official website.
  2. Click on the “Log In” button, located in the top right corner.
  3. A small new window will appear, and you’ll be given the option to log in with your Xbox or PlayStation account.
  4. Click on your preferred gaming platform and enter your login details using the pop-ups and prompts.
  5. Sony and Microsoft will ask you whether you’re sure about allowing Ubisoft access to your info. Ubisoft will only need basic properties about your Xbox or PlayStation profile, including your Gamertag, friends list, activity, stats and rankings, and settings in addition to the content you share.
  6. Click on Yes
  7. Navigate back to the main page of Ubisoft, and the Log In button should be replaced with your Gamertag.

From this point, you will need to link your Ubisoft account to Rainbow Six Extraction on your chosen platforms. Ubisoft advises that players should log into the same Ubisoft Connect account on each platform.


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That being said, there are a few limitations to cross-progression, although they are fair – Trophies and Achievements will not carry over to different platforms. Players will need to grind Rainbow Six Extraction and acquire these again on the different platforms.

How To Crossplay In Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction’s crossplay feature is accessible to anyone who plays the game, regardless of hardware or platform. There’s no need to tinker around trying to get it running, as the crossplay feature is entirely automatic according to Ubisoft, who stated that:

Cross-play is enabled by default in Rainbow Six Extraction.


How To Turn Off Crossplay In Rainbow Six Extraction

Although playing crossplay can be really fun and immersive, there are a few downfalls – namely, potential advantages for certain platforms in certain activities. The differences between PC and consoles leading to a range of debates in the FPS gaming world are nothing new, and players have been facing platform or mechanic-related issues during crossplay for ages.

rainbow six extraction cover

Within the general gaming community, some have said that the use of a mouse and keyboard can prove advantageous over players using a controller, primarily due to faster and more precise movements. Others argue that controllers have an advantage since the developers have implemented aim assist, which can make things easier compared to PC players.

Below is an outline and pictorial of how to disable crossplay in Rainbow Six Extraction, thanks to Gameskinny:

rainbow six extraction crossplay turn off
  1. Navigate to the “Settings” menu (The button prompt for your respective system is shown to the left of the ‘Gear’ icon in the upper right portion of the screen).
  2. Choose “Options”.
  3. Navigate the “General” tab.
  4. Scroll to “Cross-Play”, which can be found under the “Game” section.
  5. Select “Off” and press the interact button (e.g. X on PlayStation).
  6. Apply changes (the necessary button prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen).

If Crossplay is turned off, players will matchmake only with other players on the same platform or consoles within the same family. Although, players will need to note that matchmaking can take longer since there will likely be fewer players on the same platform, also hoping to play at the exact same time.

While crossplay is automatic, it will remain disabled after you complete this process. To turn crossplay back on, follow the same steps as mentioned above, selecting “On” instead of “Off” in the “Cross-Play” section.

Having access to crossplay is remarkably effective for immersion and enjoyability, and it can seriously change the entire experience for anyone who loves the feel of Rainbow Six Extraction. Thankfully, Rainbow Six Extraction has an incredibly simple and efficient full crossplay system, allowing Rainbow Six Extraction fans from all platform communities to bond and enjoy shooting sessions together.

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