Is Reva Really Dead, and What Happened to Her After the Fight with Darth Vader?

reva death

One of the biggest twists shown in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series was Reva’s motives as an Inquisitor. It was revealed that she was in it to get close enough to Darth Vader and take revenge for what she did to her friends back when Anakin Skywalker slaughtered the younglings in the Jedi Temple during Order 66. However, she lost a duel near the final part of episode 5 as Vader simply overpowered her. But is Reva really dead after her encounter with Darth Vader, and what happened to her after the fight?

Reva seemingly survived the duel with Vader because she was just left there to die after she got stabbed by a lightsaber. As she was left fending for her life, she found a transmission from Bail Organa telling Obi-Wan about “the boy.” This suggests that Reva will find Luke Skywalker on Tatooine. 

The reason why Reva has managed to stay alive the entire time was her thirst for revenge, as she simply wanted to kill Vader for what he did to her family. But because Reva is nowhere near the Sith Lord’s power, it was suggested that she would use Luke to her advantage in her efforts to take revenge. Now, let’s look at what happened to Reva at the end of episode 5.

How Did Reva Lose To Darth Vader?

The Obi-Wan Kenobi series began with the introduction of an Inquisitor named Reva, who is also the Third Sister of the Inquisitorius. Throughout the entire series, she was relentlessly hunting Obi-Wan Kenobi for reasons that were yet to be revealed. In fact, she wanted Kenobi so badly that she was willing to kill the Grand Inquisitor to get to him. And it was hinted that she wanted to be the one to hunt the Jedi Master herself so that she could rise to the title of Grand Inquisitor, as it was believed that she was just a power-hungry Inquisitor.

grand inqisitor death

Nevertheless, it was revealed in episode 5 of Obi-Wan Kenobi that there was more to Reva than we thought. Kenobi told Reva that it would have been impossible for her to know that Darth Vader was Anakin Skywalker all along unless she knew him before Order 66. And considering that Order 66 purged all of the Jedi, including the younglings, Kenobi didn’t think that Reva was old enough to have known Anakin during the time of the Republic.

However, Reva revealed that she was there as a youngling when Anakin slaughtered everyone she knew at the Jedi Temple. She only managed to survive the encounter because she hid under the cold bodies of her friends while playing dead the entire time. And the only thing that she had in her mind after that encounter with Anakin was revenge, and that was the reason why she knew who Darth Vader was.


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Since then, Reva had been plotting her revenge on Darth Vader. It was suggested that she joined the Inquisitors and fought hard to get to a high enough position of power because she wanted to get as close to Darth Vader as possible and earn his trust up to the point that she could kill him. And the only way for her to earn her trust was to hunt down Obi-Wan Kenobi, the very man that Vader had wanted to kill ever since he lost that duel in the Mustafar system.

After Kenobi had convinced Reva to let him go so that Vader would fix his attention on him long enough for her to land a surprise attack, the Inquisitor did so right then and there. However, before she could even hit Darth Vader, the Sith Lord had already telegraphed her attack and used the Force to block her saber.

Seemingly toying with Reva, Darth Vader used the Force to deflect all of her attacks as the struggling Inquisitor couldn’t do anything to stop the imposing Sith Lord. That was when Vader finally allowed her to have a lightsaber duel with him, only to completely overpower her. Darth Vader stabbed her in the abdomen and left her on the ground while revealing that he knew who she was and what she had been plotting the entire time.

That was when Vader also revealed that the original Grand Inquisitor was still alive. The Grand Inquisitor said that, after he got stabbed by Reva, it was his revenge that kept him alive the entire time. Both he and Vader left Reva to die, saying, “we will leave you in the gutter where you belong.”

Did Reva Die After The Fight With Vader?

reva stabbed

After the fight with Darth Vader, Reva was left wounded on the ground due to the lightsaber stab injury that she suffered at the hands of the Sith Lord. The Grand Inquisitor also arrived to gloat at her situation, as it was clear that they had no plans of finishing her off right then and there.

As such, Vader and the others merely left her on the ground without even dealing the final blow. It can be presumed that they just simply wanted her to die an agonizing death from her injury without thinking that she could still muster up the strength to pull herself back up in time.

But, as the final scenes revealed, Reva was still far from dying because she mustered up enough strength to get to her lightsaber and even the transmission device that Obi-Wan had been carrying but accidentally dropped in his escape.


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As such, Reva is still alive as far as we’re concerned. In fact, this was not the first time that a Force user survived a stab wound, as the Grand Inquisitor himself came back from a similar injury. As the Grand Inquisitor himself suggested, revenge can help a person find the will to survive. And that meant that Reva’s thirst for vengeance was still fueling her as she was keeping herself alive after what was supposedly a fatal wound that she suffered from Darth Vader.

What Happened To Reva After The Fight With Vader?

Reva, who was still very much alive but was badly wounded, was seen crawling to the transmission device that Kenobi dropped during his escape. The device was still working but was badly damaged as a transmission from none other than Bail Organa was playing.

bail organa transmission

Organa was saying that there was a chance that the Empire would learn about “the children” if Obi-Wan had been captured. He also said that he was on his way to Tatooine because of “the boy,” who happened to be Luke Skywalker. 

This would suggest that Reva, using her will for vengeance to survive, will muster up enough strength to get herself to Tatooine in an attempt to try to use Luke Skywalker to her advantage. She might have pieced together how important the children are and who they actually are.

It is possible that Reva would end up discovering that they are actually the children of Anakin Skywalker himself and would use that to her advantage by taking her revenge on Luke instead because she knew that she didn’t stand a chance against Darth Vader. This is merely speculative on our part, but we believe that everything between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Reva will conclude in Tatooine.

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