Reva’s Double-Bladed Spinning Lightsaber Explained

Reva's Double-Bladed Spinning Lightsaber Explained

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The wonderful history of Star Wars‘ lightsabers is a truly amazing one. We on Fiction Horizon have already talked about a lot of models and types, so we’ll simply continue the tradition in this article. With Obi-Wan Kenobi trending around the world, we have decided to talk about one very special lightsaber from the miniseries – the double-bladed spinning lightsaber we saw in the hands of Reva, the Third Sister. In this article, we are going to explain it in detail.

The Third Sister, Reva, uses a double-bladed spinning lightsaber which is a standard-issue weapon among the Inquisitors. The first time we actually saw a double-bladed lightsaber was in The Phantom Menace, when Darth Maul used it. The Inquisitors’ weapons seem to be a more advanced version of that original model used by the Sith.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we are going to explain the double-bladed spinning lightsaber in more detail. We are going to tell you a bit about the double-bladed spinning lightsaber and its history, as well as the mechanics behind the construction of this particular lightsaber.

What kind of lightsaber does Reva use?

The Third Sister, formerly known as Reva, was a female human Jedi in the final decades of the Republic. After the fall of the Jedi Order, she became an Imperial Inquisitor, where she received the code name Third Sister. Her task, like that of other inquisitors, was to search for and capture Force-sensitive children. In 9 BBY, she interrogated moisture farmer Owen Lars in an attempt to discover the whereabouts of the fugitive Jedi Nari. She later orchestrated the kidnapping of Leia Organa, hoping to lure Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was on friendly terms with Bail Organa, out of hiding.


Why Does Reva Always Fail & Why Is Vader Putting Up with Her?

In episode five of Obi-Wan Kenobi, it is revealed that Reva was a youngling that survived the slaughter of younglings during the early hours of Order 66. She saw Anakin murder her friends and survived by pretending to be dead. Later, she joined the Inquisitors so she could get her revenge on Darth Vader, pretending to be extremely loyal to him.

During her missions, she has used a lightsaber that was similar in design to the standard-issue double-bladed spinning lightsabers wielded by other Imperial Inquisitors. She utilized the lightsaber during her pursuit of Obi-Wan Kenobi, brandishing it on Tatooine and on Daiyu, later also on Jabiim and Mapuzo. Now that we have defined the type of Reva’s lightsaber, let us reveal more about it.

What is the double-bladed spinning lightsaber?

The double-bladed spinning lightsaber, also known as the Inquisitor lightsaber, is a specially designed lightsaber model used by the Inquisitors, an organization of dark side adepts in the service of the Galactic Empire. Notable weapons wielders included the Grand Inquisitor, the Fifth Brother, the Sixth Brother, the Seventh Sister, the Eighth Brother, the Third Sister, and a number of other Inquisitors.

The Inquisitors’ lightsabers were used in hunting down Jedi survivors of Order 66, as well as during other missions. The color of the blades earned the Inquisitors the nickname “Red Swords” among the citizens of the Empire who happened to see and experience them. The lightsaber could be used with either one or two blades, and could rotate if both blades were activated, allowing the skilled wielder to perform powerful offensive and defensive melee moves.

Like the Jedi and Sith, the Inquisitor’s lightsabers retained the basic standard parameters, but were created with different designs. The design of this type of sword made it larger than a single-bladed lightsaber, albeit more compact than a conventional double-bladed lightsaber. Another unique feature of this weapon was that during the rotation of the blade, its handle remained stationary, which allowed the user to pay more attention to the attack, while maintaining the most convenient degree of control over the weapon.

Some versions of the lightsaber contained a built-in spinning wheel with sharp blades, which was used as an alternative way to deal damage to the enemy. Ezra Bridger almost lost his arm when the Eighth Brother used this function in battle against him. In addition, these swords could also be used for flight thanks to the repulsor engine built into the hilt. Engine power was enough to lift the owner off the ground.

As a rule, the Inquisitors used this function to retreat from the battlefield. However, the weapon often suffered from a number of design flaws: due to the presence of a hole during rotation, the enemy was able to cut through the disk from the center of the ring, as a result of which the sword failed. The ring emitter was also a weak point and could be disabled during the battle. This error resulted in the deaths of the Fifth and Eighth Brothers when they faced Ahsoka Tano, Kanan Jarrus, and Maul in a standoff on Malachor.

The double-bladed spinning lightsaber first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels animated series. The weapon was originally developed for the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, but ultimately did not find a place for it in the final game.

Who has used the double-bladed (spinning) lightsaber?

Before we finish with out text, here is a list of the famous users of this type of lightsaber:

  • The Grand Inquisitor’s lightsaber was the lightsaber of the Grand Inquisitor.
  • Second Sister’s lightsaber was the lightsaber of the Second Sister.
  • Third Sister’s lightsaber was the lightsaber of the Third Sister.
  • Fourth Sister’s lightsaber was the lightsaber of the Fourth Sister.
  • Fifth Brother’s lightsaber was the lightsaber of the Fifth Brother.
  • Sixth Brother’s lightsaber was the lightsaber of the Sixth Brother. It was used by Ahsoka Tano in the construction of her own lightsabers.
  • Seventh Sister’s lightsaber was the lightsaber of the Seventh Sister It was distinct because of its curved hooks and ornate engravings.
  • Eighth Brother’s lightsaber was the lightsaber of the Eighth Brother Its ring could unfold its sections and function as a buzzsaw.
  • Ninth Sister’s lightsaber was the lightsaber of the Ninth Sister.
  • Maul’s lightsaber was the lightsaber of former Sith Lord Maul and was built out of an unknown double-bladed spinning lightsaber.
  • Jerserra’s inquisitor master and later Jerserra herself wielded a double-bladed spinning lightsaber.
  • Inquisitor Lightsaber belonging to Unidentified red-skinned Inquisitor
  • Inquisitor Lightsaber belonging to Unidentified Twi’lek Inquisitor
  • Tenth Brother’s two red shoto Inquisitor lightsabers share heavy design elements with the Double-bladed spinning lightsaber, however they were never shown locked together or spinning.
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