Is Sauron Adar? Could He Be The Fallen Elf?

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Ever since the very first episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, the one thing that everyone in the series and the people who are watching the storyline unfolding has been wondering is the identity and whereabouts of Sauron. At this point, basically, anyone can be Sauron, who is known to be a deceptive master of disguise. But the one man that seems to be the biggest suspect is Adar, the fallen Elf that leads the Orcs in the Southlands. So, is Sauron Adar?

It is unlikely that Sauron is Adar. That’s because Sauron wouldn’t want to reveal his identity at this portion of the storyline. Of course, Adar also said that he wasn’t a god, and we all know that Sauron is a Maia, which is a divine spirit. And Adar was also insulted when Waldreg thought he was Sauron.

At this point in the series, it should still be a surprise that Sauron is yet to be revealed because he did spend a good part of the Second Age deceiving people so that he could put his plans into motion. As such, he wouldn’t reveal himself at such an early portion of the storyline, or else the Elves would catch on to him quickly. Now, let’s look at the reason why Sauron isn’t Adar.

Is Sauron Adar?

There is no doubt that The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has done a great job at making sure that we are always guessing where Sauron is and who he could be. After all, even the characters in The Rings of Power don’t know where and who he is. And the reason for all of the secrecy in relation to his identity and whereabouts is the fact that Sauron historically spent a good part of the Second Age disguised in another form and identity so that he could put his plan into action, and that is the creation of the Rings of Power and the One Ring.

While we don’t know who Sauron is, there is a short list of suspects when it comes to the secret identity of the dark lord. The one who is probably at the top of the list of many people is Adar. So, is Sauron actually Adar?

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The reason why some people would think that Sauron is actually just hiding in the form of Adar is quite obvious. That’s because he is the only villain at this point in the series. Of course, he is the one in command of the Orcs that are rampaging all over the Southlands and are now on their way to attack Ostirith. 

We also saw in episode 4 that Adar was quite familiar with Arondir’s birthplace and was willing enough to let him go so that he could convince the Men hiding in Ostirith to pledge their allegiance to him. Considering that Sauron has had Men with him during the First Age and the Third Age, it isn’t odd that he would want the Men of the Southlands to work with him.


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But while some of the viewers may think that Sauron is hiding in the form of Adar, there are also some indications that would prove that to be otherwise. And we believe that these clues are more than enough to prove that Sauron and Adar are not one and the same.

First off, during the events of episode 4, Adar told Arondir that he wanted to recreate the world but lacked the power to do so because he wasn’t a god. That is where things got interesting in terms of his identity because we all know that Sauron, while not a god, is still a divine entity called a Maia. He may not have godlike powers that will allow him to instantly recreate the world, but Sauron, as a Maia, is still powerful enough to bend different forces to his will so that he could overrun Middle-Earth with his orcs and recreate it.

The fact that Adar isn’t a god is probably the reason why he is searching for the sword hilt that Morgoth or Sauron left behind for the people of the Southlands to use. We all know that the Southlanders used to fight for Morgoth during the First Age. As such, this sword was probably left behind for them to use. And we all found out in episode 5 that Adar wanted to get this sword hilt from Theo because it could be a key to something important or powerful.

Second, we saw in episode 5 that Waldreg pledged his allegiance to Adar, who he thought was Sauron. Adar looked like he was insulted when Waldreg assumed that he was Sauron, and that was when he attacked the old man and pinned him to the ground.

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So, if Sauron and Adar were one and the same person, Adar shouldn’t have been insulated when Waldreg thought that he was Sauron. And the fact that he was insulted may mean that Adar probably didn’t want to get associated with Sauron, as he may have his own reasons for leading the Orcs.

Now, with that said, the verdict is still out in terms of who Sauron could be, but we do believe that he isn’t Adar. Nevertheless, we do believe that we are all in for a big surprise when Sauron finally reveals his identity. And that’s because he might be someone who we least expected him to be.

Who Could Adar Be?

So, if Sauron and Adar are not one and the same, we are still wondering who Sauron could be. But because Adar is currently the bad guy that we are paying attention to as the series progresses, it might be more important to determine his identity first.

To start things off, “Adar” probably isn’t Adar’s real name because this word means “father” in Elvish. In fact, Arondir even asked Adar why the Orcs call him father, and the fallen Elf never answered that question. Instead, he simply told Arondir that he had been told many lies that have become truths because of how long people have believed these lies.

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That means that he merely came in as the father figure of the Orcs as they indeed call him father and even revere him like a god at times. And this could be related to how the Orcs were created.

Way before the First Age, it was suspected that Morgoth created the Orcs by transforming Elves into these hideous creatures. After all, the only god capable of creating life was Elu Ilúvatar. As powerful as Morgoth is, he wasn’t capable of creating new races from scratch, and that was probably the reason why he corrupted some Elves to create Orcs.


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Now, if we look at Adar, he does look like an Elf that has been through a lot. He no longer has the fair appearance that all Elves have because he has a scarred look and a seemingly deformed face. That could indicate that he may be some sort of a cross between an Elf or an Orc or is an Elf that never fully reached his Orc transformation. And it is probably from his line that some of the other Orcs came from, and that could be the reason why he is the “father” of the Orcs that he is leading.

There is also a possibility that he is simply a Fallen Elf that has become a sympathizer of the Orcs. Remember when he told Arondir that he had been told many lies? The lies Adar was probably referring to are in relation to the Orcs and what kind of creatures they really are.

Adar must have discovered something about the Orcs, and that was the reason why he became a sympathizer. Because he sympathized with the Orcs, these creatures probably looked up to him as a father figure that could lead them while Sauron was still somewhere in the world. And the reason why he wants to recreate the world is probably related to the secret that he learned about the Orcs.

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