Why Is Adar Emotional & Sad When Orcs Are Dying in The Rings of Power

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The end of episode 3 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power left us with a mystery because of the fact that the Orcs were following the orders of a mysterious figure named Adar. Of course, episode 4 allowed us to see who Adar is, as he was a mysterious Elf that the Orcs actually respected and revered. The Orcs didn’t even care when he mercy-killed one of their own, as he was clearly emotional when the Orc was dying. So, why was Adar said when the Orc was dying?

Adar was sad when the Orc was dying because of the fact that he was the “father” of the Orcs. The word “adar” actually means “father” in Elvish, and that means that Adar himself had taken the mantle as the father figure of the Orcs during a time when they had no leader to look up to, with Sauron still missing.

At this point, what we know about Adar is still minimal at best, and that means that we don’t know anything about his background except for the fact that he came from the same region as Arondir. Still, for some reason, the Orcs respect and revere him as a figure that’s close to a god. Now, with that said, let’s look at why Adar was emotional about the death of the Orc and what he ultimately wants.

Why Was Adar Emotional And Sad In The Death Of The Orc?

Back in the events of episode 3 of The Rings of Power, it was finally revealed that Orcs still existed in Middle-Earth but were simply hiding in the Southlands while they were creating a realm that was meant for themselves, as Morgoth had originally planned for Sauron and the Orcs. Arondir was the one who found this hidden Orc settlement, but he was taken prisoner together with other Elves.

During the time when they were in that Orc camp, Arondir and the Elves learned that the Orcs followed the orders of someone named Adar, who they originally thought must have been one of Sauron’s identities. Whoever Adar was, it was clear that the Orcs revered and respected him.

Of course, Arondir and the Elves tried to escape the camp, only to fail in doing so. Arondir and his companions injured some of the Orcs and even killed a Warg. Nevertheless, they failed, as the Orcs were about to kill Arondir before one of their own suggested bringing him to Adar, who they believed was in the best position to know what to do with the Elf.

It was in episode 4 when we finally saw Adar’s face, as he was simply an Elf with a scarred face. During his introduction scene, Adar was visibly emotional when he saw that one of the Orcs got injured so badly that he was dying. Adar, clearly sad, killed the Orc out of mercy, as the creature was probably happy that it was their leader that took pity on him before killing him. So, why was Adar emotional and sad when the Orc was dying?

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To answer that question, it all goes to the very fact that Adar is not a name but is actually a title that the Orcs began calling him. In Elvish, the word “adar” means “father.” Being an Elf, Adar was probably the one that introduced this word to the Orcs, as they went on to call him by that name because of what he is to them.


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Like any father, Adar showed emotions during the death of one of his “children” because he acts like a revered father figure to these creatures. And we can guess that Adar took pity on them and even believed that the Orcs were misunderstood creatures based on the conversation that he had with Arondir.

Adar asked Arondir where he came from, as the captive Elf told him that he was born in Beleriand, which is a region that had already been destroyed due to the effects of the War of Wrath at the end of the First Age. Clearly familiar with Beleriand or, at the very least, what it used to be, Adar must have also come from the same region before he became the “father” of the Orcs. And after the destruction of Beleriand, Morgoth was bound by the Valar while Sauron disappeared from the face of Middle-Earth.

After that, Arondir asked Adar why the Orcs called him father, and that was when the mysterious Elf told Arondir that he had been told many lies. Adar went on to say that these lies have been told for a very long time that they have become common knowledge. 

While we weren’t told which lies he was referring to, he must have been talking about the Orcs and their origin story and how they came to be in Middle-Earth. We can infer that from the fact that Adar answered Arondir with that statement when the captive Elf asked him why the Orcs called him Father.


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As such, it is possible that Adar felt pity for the Orcs and was sad about them because he probably heard the story behind them and eventually felt sorry for the way the world looked at them. And, of course, the Orcs were left without a master and a leader after Morgoth’s demise and Sauron’s apparent disappearance.

In that regard, Adar must have felt the need to be the “father” of the Orcs when he learned more about their history and felt pity for these creatures. And because Adar must have felt some sort of disdain for the Valar and the Elves due to the destruction of Beleriand, it was possible that he eventually realized that he needed to side with the Orcs.

What Does Adar Want?

theo flaming sword

In the same conversation where Adar told Arondir about the “lies” he was told, he also told the captive Elf that he sought to recreate the world. But the problem was that he also said that only a god was capable of doing so. And we all know that he isn’t a god but is simply an Elf.

That could mean that Adar is searching for the power that would allow him to transform and recreate Middle-Earth (or at least the Southlands) into a realm specifically for the Orcs because of the “lies” that the people were told. As the father figure of the Orcs, he must have felt the need to create a realm specifically for them, and we all know that this eventually became Mordor.

As such, Adar is looking for the sword hilt that Theo has in his possession because of how it probably had a portion of Morgoth’s or Sauron’s power, considering that it was forged by either of those dark lords. And it is probably the sword that will allow Adar to have enough power to reshape the lands and create a realm specifically for his Orcs.

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