Is Shuntarō Chishiya from Alice in Borderland Gay, Bisexual, Nonbinary, or Straight?

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Shuntarō Chishiya is one of the most popular characters in Alice In Borderland due to his calculating and scheming personality. Of course, it also helps that he is one of the coolest and most attractive characters in the entire series. The fact that Chishiya is attractive is what allows him to stay on top of the list of the most popular characters in Alice In Borderland, and that’s why you might be wondering who he is attracted to. So, is Shuntarō Chishiya from Alice In Borderland gay, bisexual, nonbinary, or straight?

There is a good chance that Chishiya is actually an asexual character in Alice In Borderland. That’s because he didn’t show any kind of attraction to any character, regardless of what their genders may be. That means that there is a good chance that he isn’t sexually attracted to anyone at all.

The fact that Chishiya was portrayed to be someone who focused more on winning and on understanding his opponents and the situations he is in is what makes him one of the coolest characters in the storyline. But it is this very calculating and logical approach that makes it difficult for anyone to determine what his sexuality is. That said, let’s get to know more about Chishiya’s sexual preference.

What Is Chishiya’s Sexuality?

Ever since he was introduced in the first season of Alice In Borderland, Shuntarō Chishiya was always one of the most popular characters in the storyline. And there are a lot of different reasons why he became as popular as he is, as he is quite arguably more popular than any other character in the series.


For one, Chishiya is the most calculating individual in the storyline. He is the most scheming person in the storyline and is known for being particularly great at using different resources and people to get the results that he wants. On top of that, he is one of the most logical characters in the series as fans believe that he might even be more intelligent than Arisu, who himself is known for being quite intelligent.

But the thing that has always made Chishiya popular is his appearance. With his baby-faced look and cool demeanor, Chishiya only became more attractive. As such, there are a lot of fans wondering about his sexuality due to the fact that they are fans of the character. So, what is Shuntarō Chishiya’s sexuality in Alice In Borderland?


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The truth is that we aren’t in any position to determine Chishiya’s sexuality in Alice In Borderland due to the very fact that he never showed any hint regarding his sexual preference. Unlike Arisu, who is clearly in love with Usagi, and the other characters that show that they are attracted to people of the opposite sex, Chishiya never showed anything remotely related to his sexuality at all.

Of course, while most people would say that he is straight because he didn’t show whether or not he is attracted to someone of the same sex, the safest thing to say is that Chishiya is actually asexual. And that means that we are saying that there is a good chance that he isn’t actually attracted to anyone in a sexual way.

Some of you might not agree with this but there are clues about him that hint at the possibility that Chishiya is actually asexual. And we have to actually go back to the very nature of Chishiya’s character and personality.

Throughout the entire storyline, the thing that was clear about Chishiya was the fact that he was a very logical and analytical person that focused more on observing people and the situation he is in so that he could get to the most logical way to clear games. It doesn’t even matter to him what happens to the people around him as long as he could achieve what he wants. And this goes back to the very nature of who he is.

Let’s not forget that Chishiya was always meant to be the Cheshire Cat counterpart of Alice In Borderland, and that’s why he is a sly and scheming individual with motives that are difficult to analyze. And that was the reason why he was a constant threat in the games that he played.

Chishiya showed during the early part of Alice In Borderland that he wasn’t afraid of using people and discarding them to clear games. To him, the games played in the Borderlands aren’t even about life or death because they are just games to him due to the fact that he doesn’t think that his or the life of other people have any meaning.

Simply put, Chishiya didn’t care about other people or even himself, and that was the reason why he wasn’t remotely close to showing that he was attracted to anyone. This lack of empathy was what made us believe that he wasn’t interested in anyone in a sexual manner due to the fact that he just doesn’t care about anyone at all. And this was the reason why he was able to excel in games that didn’t have anything to do with teaming up with people.


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It is still possible that Chishiya could be sexually attracted to anyone but that isn’t something he has shown in the storyline at all. That is why we believe that he is asexual. Still, there is a good chance that this will be changed later in the storyline if Chishiya were to return for a possible third season of Alice In Borderland.

Was Chishiya In A Relationship With Kuina?

During the early part of Alice In Borderland, we saw that Chishiya was allied with Kuina, who we learned was actually transgender. They worked together when they were on the Beach, as they were allied with one another to try to steal the Number cards from Hatter. So, was Chishiya in a relationship with Kuina?

Chisuya and Kuina Alice in Borderland

In truth, Kuina was merely one of the characters that Chishiya actually used to obtain what he wanted. He allied with her due to how she actually worked well with other people and was great in Clubs games. And it was Kuina’s friendly nature that allowed Chishiya to use her to get to Arisu and Usagi, who were both important parts of his plan to get to the Number cards.

Of course, while Chishiya’s relationship with Kuina was stained when he said that she was just one of his pawns, it was clear that Kuina actually cared for him like a real friend would because she tried to look for him in season 2 when they got separated early in the storyline. But there was never a hint that they were both attracted to one another.

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