Is ‘Silo’ a Limited Series? Will There Be Season 2?

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Apple TV+’s Silo has joined the list of the best Sci-Fis the network has ever released, as the dystopian series has garnered a global following. However, continuity is a major concern for most fans since the first season has seen most of the main characters getting killed off. With no one seeming indispensable in the show, fans can’t help but wonder whether Silo is only a limited series bound to conclude after one season.

Apple TV’s ‘Silo’ has been renewed for a second season. The news came two weeks before the finale of the first season. Some rumors suggest that the show’s second season is already in production.

Despite Allison, Holston, and other major characters getting killed off in the early stages of the first season, the story seems to be just getting underway. Juliette Nichols has lived up to Holston’s expectations as a strong leader, able to uncover the mysteries of The Silo, but she hasn’t discovered much. Therefore, a second season of Silo is almost certain, so here is a look at what it will likely cover.

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What is Silo about?

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Silo follows a group of 10,000 people survivors living in a giant mile-deep silo divided into 144 levels somewhere on a post-apocalyptic Earth.

The survivors don’t know how they got into the silo, but they understand that they can’t get out because the surface is toxic.

Law and Order inside the silo are maintained by a sheriff and a mayor, but the real power lies with a group of authoritarian higher-ups called Judicial.

The harshest punishment for the worst of crimes is getting expelled from The Silo, in a process called “being sent to clean,” which essentially means certain death.

The population is controlled by a strict code of regulations that limit the members that are allowed to have children.

The first sheriff in the show is Holston, whose wife, Allison, gets convinced of a conspiracy to keep the people obedient to the laws, including preventing people deemed likely to oppose the government from having children.

She decides to break the sacred rule of The Silo by demanding to leave The Silo, after which she is expelled and dies immediately after reaching the surface.

Convinced about the conspiracy and unable to live with the loss of his wife, Holston also chooses to leave The Silo after nominating a mechanic called Juliette Nichols to replace him as sheriff.


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Nichols inherits the badge at a difficult time with mysterious murders to solve, including her boyfriend, the mayor, and a deputy whom she suspects have been eliminated by Judicial.

Nichols keeps following in her dead boyfriend’s footsteps of digging into the mysteries of the Silo despite knowing the dangers involved.

Despite being a novice in law enforcement, Juliette also proves to be a strong leader willing to do anything to keep everyone in the Silo safe.

Juliette’s reign begins a revolution in the Silo system as the authoritarian regime starts falling apart and more people seek to uncover The Silo’s hidden secrets.

Has Silo been renewed for a second season?

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Silo has been renewed for a second season. The news came just before the show’s 8th episode was about to air. Matt Cherniss described the series as the most successful drama on the platform currently.

“It has been enormously fulfilling to see the engrossing, atmospheric, and beautifully crafted sci-fi epic Silo quickly become Apple’s number one drama series. As audiences around the world have become gripped by the mysteries and conspiracies buried within this fascinating subterranean world, viewership only continues to climb, and we are so excited for more secrets of the silo to be revealed in season 2″



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What is Silo based on?

The Wool Book Series by Hugh Howey

Silo is based on the Wool Trilogy written by the American writer Hugh Howey between 2011 and 2013.

The first book in the series was published on Amazon Kindle before the writer signed a print-publishing deal that saw the entire trilogy published as one book.

Hugh continued to improve on the books even after publication, including adding another unnamed book that is believed to be an extension of the series, which he calls Silo 40.

The first season of Silo is primarily based on Wool, the first book in the trilogy, so there are still more storylines to cover in case the show is renewed for more seasons.

The show’s first season follows the book’s line of events closely, starting with Allison’s death and Juliette’s choice as sheriff.

However, unlike in the book, where Bernard Holland is Juliette’s arch-enemy, the show made Robert Sims the main villain.


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The second book, Shift, goes back in time to the beginning of the Silo system in Silo 1, where it is revealed that the people that created the Silos are also responsible for destroying the world.

Silo 1 is inhabited by the masterminds of the Silo program and acts as the command center for 50 different silos.

Silo 1 occupants have the power to destroy any of the other silos with the push of a button, but that has mostly been averted because the tyrannical leader, Thurman, was sidelined and frozen against his will by his more reasonable partner Donald Keene.

The survivors in Silo 1 have lived for all 250 years since the world was destroyed by preserving their bodies in a frozen state and waking up in shifts to control the Silos.

In the third book, Dust, the stories from the two books merge as the protagonist of Silo 1, Donald Keene, seeks to help Juliette Nichols save the survivors of the other silos as Thurman seeks to destroy every silo.

Nichols has her fears of everyone in Silo 1 after discovering the truth and watching them kill thousands of people in Silo 18, but she eventually trusts a survivor from Silo 1 called Charlotte and, together, they forge a path to save everyone.

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