Is SnowRunner Crossplay? (PC, Xbox, PS)

Snowrunner crossplay

Sequel to Mudrunner, SnowRunner was first released in 2020 on Epic Games Store. It received favorable critical acclaim and this off-road simulation game has the players control the off-road vehicles as they traverse locations to complete objectives. The game is loaded with content – it has 60 different vehicles and more than 15 sandbox locations. Even though the game is available for almost all gaming platforms, in this article, we will discuss if SnowRunner is crossplay or not.

Even though the game did not support crossplay in the beginning, SnowRunner developers decided to add a crossplay feature across all gaming platforms starting May 31st, 2022, as a part of the Season Year 2 Pass update of the game. Developers listened to the feedback of the fans and added this cool feature. So, fans of the simulators, you can rejoice.

Besides the crossplay topic, we will discuss more SnowRunner, its new features game developers added to the game recently, and discuss if the crossplay is limited for certain gaming platforms. If you are interested in this topic, stick with us until the end of the article.

SnowRunner New Features

Even though SnowRunner is a sequel to the simulator like MudRunner, it still had to add more things added to enhance and upgrade the player experience and overall gameplay. Game developers went in really seriously into this project and added so much content in comparison to MudRunner.

Is SnowRunner Crossplay ? (PC, Xbox, PS)
  • Larger Environments meant that the game map got four times bigger than in MudRunner.
  • New Environments were added, so besides Russian and American regions, the player gets access to new horizons like the Alaskan region, which is quite immersive if you think about the theme of the game.
  • More Licenced Manufacturers means that the original collection of vehicles in MudRunner got much bigger and manufacturers like Caterpillar and Pacific were added to the game as well.
  • Improved Visuals is straightforward – new graphics, which means a better look of water, lighting, and more
  • Unique Cockpit Views interior cockpits got so much better aesthetically, which gives a player an option to immerse themselves in a true SnowRunner experience
  • Vehicle Upgrades and Add-Ons impacted the gameplay tremendously, and give a player an option to choose their vehicles efficiently.
  • Vehicle Customization is one of the best things in any game, and SnowRunner is not impartial to it. Do you want your own vehicle? Just customize it however you want
  • New Cargo Types are pretty important in this simulator, and their weight will affect players’ gameplay
  • Improved UI got much better and its upgrade brought players deeper immersion and completely overhauled the experience
  • Improved Tutorial is good since it is hard to go into simulator games blind – great preparation for what is waiting for the player later.

All in all, SnowRunner brought up a lot of new and cool features that enhanced and upgraded the simulator tremendously well. We know those game developers of SnowRunner listen to their fans a lot, so the big question here is if they took into account pleads from fans about including crossplay in SnowRunners.

Before we start listing gaming platforms that support crossplay, we are obliged to mention that if you want to play the multiplayer version of the game, you first need to go through the singleplayer part of the game. On one hand, this obligation seems harsh and annoying, but it actually prepares you for the online trucking and cleaning that awaits you when you log in.

SnowRunner is available on almost all relevant gaming platforms – PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, P, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.


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Is SnowRunner Cross Platform: PC, Xbox

Crossplay was not part of the game at its release but SnowRunner developers actually listened to the feedback from the fans and decided to include this for me, a must-feature in any multiplayer game.

There actually is a crossplay feature between two gaming platforms – PC and Xbox. Players can play together on different gaming platforms on the same server and test their skills in cleaning snow or being the best truck person on the server. It also helps that Microsoft and Xbox are basically always sharing the same servers since they are from the same company but still it is good to mention and inform players who don’t know those facts.

Is SnowRunner Cross Platform: PC, PS4

PC and PlayStation platforms always had problems with crossplay features over the years. PlayStation has always been tight-lipped when it comes to their gaming exclusives and PC was always the flexible one of the duo. However, when it comes to SnowRunner crossplay, PlayStation gladly agreed with the crossplay arrangement and developers added PC and PS4 crossplay as well.

Simulators are vastly different “monsters” when played with different outputs, so it is interesting to see which players of each gaming platform will come out on top.

Is SnowRunner Crossplay ? (PC, Xbox, PS)

Is SnowRunner Cross Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC

Nintendo does not usually include themselves between Xbox, PC, and PlayStation because they are always doing their own thing and their games always attract a vast number of gamers, especially with Super Mario games and Pokemon. They did get involved with SnowRunner and enabled cross-platform gameplay between them and PC players.

Is SnowRunner Cross Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS

There was always an argument in the gaming community – which platform is better: Nintendo or PlayStation? That discussion died down after PlayStation started “battling” with the Xbox console but in this instance, you won’t need to be afraid since Switch and PlayStation players, both four and five, will be able to play together on the same servers.


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Is SnowRunner Cross Platform: Xbox, PS

Of course, these two consoles mostly have the same issues the PC platform had with PlayStation, but again, they did share some big gaming titles. Even though SnowRunner is not the biggest game in history, the simulator is available for crossplay feature, which means Xbox players and PlayStation ones will go head-to-head on who is more skilled between two gaming platforms.

To conclude, yes, every single gaming platform is available to play on the same servers, in other words, crossplay is available across gaming platforms. SnowRunner showed that when listening to fans’ feedback, you can make your game so much more enjoyable.

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