Is Soldier Boy Good or Bad in The Boys Season 3?

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Season 3 of The Boys has just arrived as we got to see new characters joining the mix. Of course, one of the new characters that the trailers have been teasing us about is Soldier Boy, who is one of the most iconic supes in the entire universe of The Boys. We also saw a few moments of Soldier Boy in the three-episode release by Amazon Prime. So, is Soldier Boy good or bad in season 3 of The Boys?

Soldier Boy’s alignment hasn’t been shown yet in The Boys season 3 because we only saw him in flashbacks working for Payback, which is another superhero group created by Vought. However, he is like all of the Vought supes in the sense that he is spoiled, undisciplined, and kind of an asshole.

Throughout the entire story of The Boys, it has been quite rare to see a supe who is actually genuinely good as most of the strongest supes have their own personal issues and problems. It seems like Soldier Boy is one of them, as he was portrayed to be quite an asshole in Grace Mallory’s flashback story. Now let’s get to know more about Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3.

Does Soldier Boy Appear In The Boys Season 3?

One of the things that The Boys has done throughout its three-season run is adding new characters and supes into the series every season. Of course, in season 2, we saw the arrival of the powerful Stormfront, whose powers were so powerful that she was second only to Homelander. And season 3 had been teasing us of the arrival of a new supe in the form of their Captain America parody.

Soldier Boy is an iconic hero in the universe of The Boys because he was one of the oldest supes in the entire world, considering that he had been fighting for America since World War II. In a sense, he really is like Captain America because of how long he has been around and because he has the same powers. But does Soldier Boy appear in season 3 of The Boys?

The trailer for season 3 of The Boys had been teasing us that Soldier Boy will indeed be in the newest season and will be portrayed by Jensen Ackles. He does appear in the first three episodes of season 3 of The Boys but is yet to appear in the actual events of the series.


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In the series, Queen Maeve gave Billy Butcher information that could be useful in killing Homelander. She told him that a special weapon might have been responsible for killing Soldier Boy, who was seemingly impossible to kill because he was almost just as strong and as invulnerable as Homelander. As such, Butcher went on a quest to learn more about what happened to Soldier Boy and what this weapon is so that he could find a weapon that could be strong enough to kill Homelander.

Butcher was able to find out about the CIA’s involvement in Nicaragua, where Soldier Boy was last seen. He confronted Grace Mallory, who told her about her involvement in that operation in Nicaragua in 1984.

Mallory said that she was in charge of the government’s assistance to the Contra forces in Nicaragua. However, Vought decided to enter the picture as Stan Edgar brought Payback, led by Soldier Boy, to Nicaragua to fight for the Contra soldiers against the Sandinista forces.

So, in a sense, Soldier Boy has already appeared in season 3 of The Boys but only as a flashback. But what we know is that, as the trailer suggests, he will appear in the actual current timeline of The Boys. And that might happen in the next few episodes

Is Soldier Boy Actually Dead In The Boys Season 3?


In the universe of The Boys, the belief was that Soldier Boy was already dead. The official release was that he died when he stopped a nuclear holocaust and sacrificed his own life to do so. However, that was far from the truth because those who had inside knowledge of what happened in Nicaragua were of the belief that there was a weapon that killed him.

Going back to Grace Mallory’s flashback of what happened in Nicaragua, she saw that the members of Payback were trying hard to fight the Sandinista and Russian forces back but were unsuccessful because they didn’t have the training and the discipline of a true soldier. As Mallory was trying to get away from Gunpowder shooting a machine gun indiscriminately, she found herself getting knocked unconscious by the impact of an explosion.

Mallory was able to recover from what happened to her as she saw the entire camp devastated from the attack from the Sandinistas and the blunder of Payback. Crimson Countess approached Mallory and told her that the Russians were able to kill Soldier Boy, as she was left surprised by the fact that there was a weapon that was actually strong enough to kill someone who was arguably the strongest person on the planet at that time. 


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Grace Mallory also saw that a Russian helicopter was carrying Soldier Boy’s corpse away as everyone believed that the Reds were able to successfully kill the powerful supe. So, does that mean that Soldier Boy is actually dead in The Boys?

While everyone in the universe of The Boys believes that Soldier Boy is dead, he is most likely still alive. In the trailer, it was revealed that he had been kept in some sort of an experimental tank in Russia, where the members of The Boys are headed in the next episode. It was also revealed that he found himself in modern-day New York. As such, he is still very much alive in The Boys season 3.

Is Soldier Boy Good Or Bad In The Boys Season 3?


We all know that the supes all work for Vought International and are sort of the company’s products in the sense that they use the supes to create profit for the company. Soldier Boy and the entire Payback team seem to be similar to The Seven in the sense that they were created by Vought for the purpose of profit.

So, in that sense, Soldier Boy is aligned with Vought and America in the sense that he fought for the country during the different wars they fought since World War II, but he did so for Vought. That means that he isn’t any different from the other supes that fight for their own personal gain and for the sake of the company they were representing.

However, from what we saw from Soldier Boy in Mallory’s flashback scene, he is just like any other Vought supe in the sense that he is a spoiled and self-entitled person who can be quite of an asshole as well. Of course, there was also the fact that Billy Butcher found a file that said that Gunpowder was the victim of Soldier Boy’s sexual abuses as a form of hazing into Payback.

As such, while Soldier Boy may have fought for “the good guys” because he fought for America, he isn’t exactly a nice guy because he treated people like an asshole and was actually abusive towards his own sidekick. This makes him similar to almost all of the other powerful supes in The Boys as he believes that he is strong, powerful, and important enough to be able to do whatever he wants to do.

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