Is Tokyo Ghoul Worth Watching?

Is Tokyo Ghoul Worth Watching?

Sui Ishida’s two-part manga, Tokyo Ghoul, has been adapted into a popular anime series. Although the series wasn’t consistently praised, it is considered to be among the better modern-day anime series, especially in the seinen category. The story of Tokyo Ghoul is set in an alternative reality where people coexist with demonic creatures known as ghouls. The story follows a young boy named Ken Kaneki, who accidentally becomes a ghoul after surviving being eaten by one. Ghouls aren’t inherently evil – not all of them, at least – but they can only taste human meat and blood; everything else makes them vomit, which is why they eat humans. Tokyo Ghoul became a massive hit for Ishida, which also lead to the aforementioned anime adaptation and even two live-action movies based on the series.

Tokyo Ghoul is definitely worth watching. And while it is not a perfect adaptation of the manga with a lot of changes and several inconsistencies, Tokyo Ghoul is still a brilliant anime series that will capture your attention and make you watch it from start to finish.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the Tokyo Ghoul anime series. You are going to find out whether the series is worth watching and how it compares to other anime series. Also, we are going to tell you in what order you should watch the show. Enjoy!

Is Tokyo Ghoul worth watching?

Tokyo Ghoul started off as a 12-episode anime series by Studio Pierrot that aired on Tokyo MX between July 4 and September 19, 2014. It was also broadcast on TV Aichi, TVQ, TV Osaka, AT-X and Dlife with an offset of up to a week. A second season with an additional 12 episodes – titled Tokyo Ghoul √A (pronounced root A) – ran from January 9 to March 27, 2015 on Tokyo MX.

On September 30, 2015, an OVA Tōkyō Ghoul: [Jack], which is actually a prequel, had its premiere, and on December 25, 2015, another OVA, titled Tōkyō Ghoul: PINTO, which adapted the third chapter of the light novel Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi, was released.

The first part of the third season, Tokyo Ghoul: re, consisting of 12 episodes ran from April 3, 2018 to June 19, 2018. The second part of the third season, under the name Tokyo Ghoul: re 2nd Season, with 12 episodes, was aired from October 9, 2018 to December 25, 2018 in Japan. With this, the anime series was officially concluded.


Now, Tokyo Ghoul has a total of 48 episodes and two OVA episodes; we’re not counting the live-action movies here. In terms of longevity, Tokyo Ghoul is certainly not a big challenge as you can watch the whole series in a couple of weeks at most, and that’s only if you decide not to do a binge-watching session. But is it worth your time?

In our opinion, it certainly is. Now, there is a substantial amount of negative reviews directed towards √A and portions of :re, but despite that, Tokyo Ghoul is a pretty satisfying experience that you can thoroughly enjoy. We have to be honest and state that you’ll probably enjoy if more if you haven’t read the manga, but it still has a lot to offer, regardless of that fact.

Namely, Tokyo Ghoul is a show that has presented us with a lot of emotions and that is its most important aspects. The stories, as presented in the anime, are rarely neutral and they always ask for more emotional input from you, as the viewer. The characters are great in terms of writing and development, and the story is thrilling enough to merit a watch. On top of that, the music is absolutely mesmerizing.

Is Tokyo Ghoul one of the best anime?

Now, this is a pretty tough question if you ask us. Why? Well, it’s rather subjective, isn’t it? A lot of people like different stuff and have different tastes, and there is probably not one work of art (of any kind) that would get a unanimous 10/10 from just about everyone who’s seen it. The same applies to anime. People who don’t like dark fantasy or horror anime, who prefer, for example, isekai or slice-of-life stories, might detest the show, despite its qualities.

This is why it is difficult to give a precise answer to this question.

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What we can say, from our perspective, is that we really enjoyed the show. Thoroughly so, to be precise. It was an emotional rollercoaster, really, but it was worth it in the end. It might not be as good as Bleach or Psycho-Pass, for example, but Tokyo Ghoul is, in a lot of ways, different than these two shows.

It’s all a matter of the right perspective, don’t you think? If you compare Tokyo Ghoul to Sailor Moon or One Piece, for example, you might be dealing with a mismatch of comparisons, which is why you cannot evaluate the true value of Tokyo Ghoul in that context. You have to put the show into perspective and compare it with other similar shows that fit into the horror and dark fantasy genre.

In that aspect, Tokyo Ghoul is a truly great anime series and one cannot deny that it is among the best in its genre, which is what we, ultimately, agree with and why we wholeheartedly recommend it.

What Tokyo Ghoul should I watch?

Well, since you’ve come this far and still want to watch the show, there is no reason why you should skip any of it, really. You should watch all four seasons of the anime, as well as the two OVA episodes, as they offer an interesting insight into the backgrounds of some of the characters from the main narrative. The live-action movies are optional, really, so you can decide for yourself what you want to do with them.

As for the order in which you should watch the show, please refer to our complete watching order for Tokyo Ghoul for further information on this issue.

And that’s it for today. We hope you had fun reading this and that we gave you all the information you were looking for! See you next time and don’t forget to follow us!

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