Is Trigun Stampede a Reboot, Remake, Sequel, or Prequel?

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Yasuhiro Nightow’s 1995 manga Trigun was first published in three Tankōbon editions by Tokuma Shoten, which were released around 1996 and 1999. Trigun’s manga is unfinished because Shonen Captain, the monthly magazine where it was serialized, shut down in 1997. Trigun Maximum, which continued the original series and ran from January 1998 to March 30, 2007, was released. It was turned into a 26-episode anime television series in 1998 by the Madhouse studio, which the Tokyo TV network broadcasts at viewers’ homes. Trigun: Badlands Rumble, an anime movie, was created. Trigun Stampede, a new anime adaptation, is scheduled to release on January 7th.

With this in mind, it might be interesting to know what exactly is the new Trigun adaptation and if there is any previous knowledge required to watch the new season.

What Is Trigun Stampede?

In the 1990s, the iconic franchise Trigun played a significant role in defining anime and anime fandom. It has continued to survive the challenges of time and be acclaimed as a wonderful series over the decades, frequently being discussed in the same breath as compatriot success Cowboy Bebop. The legendary plot and ensemble of characters are currently being adapted into an anime for the contemporary era, much like many previous anime.

Trigun: Stampede is situated in the same universe as the first series, No Man’s Land. Vash the Stampede, often known as the Human Typhoon, is among the most feared individuals on the globe. Vash has a poor reputation and a huge reward on his head since he is thought to be a menace to everyone around him. Despite this unfavorable impression, Vash is not at all what the reports claim.

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Vash is essentially a pacifist who abhors combat, and many of the issues he encounters are brought on by those who want to kill him. Roberto De Niro and Meryl Stryfe, who have become reporters instead of insurance brokers, track him down to get a story. They discover a lot more about the mysterious Vash as a result of their quest for information about him. Everything about the ‘Human Typhoon’ is different from what they expected, from his passion for donuts to his brother’s relationship.

Is Trigun Stampede a Remake?

The original Trigun anime came out more than 20 years ago with an anime style and vibes similar to other classic anime from that time, like Cowboy Bepop and Yu Yu Hakusho. However, the 1998 anime was not considered entirely canon, since it was released together with new chapters of the manga, so a lot of filler episodes were added. So it is plausible that the anime industry would look forward to the possibility of making a Trigun anime remake and correctly adapting the story.

Even though this sentiment is real and it is what inspired the new anime to exist, it is not considered a remake, since it is totally different from the original anime and producers had a lot of creative liberty with the characters and world while making the anime.


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Is Trigun Stampede a Sequel?

Since the anime ended more than 20 years ago, it would be weird to see a sequel coming out after all this time, despite the fact we have already seen something like this happen with Dragon Ball Super coming out almost 20 years after the Dragon Ball Z anime ended.

The new anime is not a sequel, it is in fact adapting the original story from the 1995 manga and correctly following its plot points and story arcs. The characters are the same age as in the original story and the events will be the same, so it is not a sequel to the original anime.

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Is Trigun Stampede a Prequel?

The new anime is not a prequel, it is in fact adapting the original story from the 1995 manga and correctly following its plot points and story arcs. The characters are the same age as in the original story and the events will be the same, so it is not a prequel to the original anime.

Is Trigun Stampede a Reboot?

The story of the classic anime/manga was completely rewritten for Trigun: Stampede, which was initially announced in June 2022 as a reboot with a new and original look at the story. It was also confirmed that the show would be produced by the CG-focused company Orange, better known for the CG creature anime Beastars.


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Although returning viewers will probably find themselves at home, the content is also aimed to captivate a younger and new audience. Trigun: Stampede, a reboot of the original Trigun title, features an impressively modern new look that makes the franchise stick out like it never has. It may seem impossible to update such a cherished classic, but the new show is prepared to do it in donut-chomping fashion.

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Do You Need to Watch the Original Anime?

There is no need to watch the original anime or consume any of the previous installments of the series. Since Trigun Stampede is a reboot, it is aimed at people who are unfamiliar with the story and will provide everything there is to know to enjoy the franchise

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