Is Ultra Ego Vegeta Canon in Dragon Ball?

Vegeta ultra ego

One of the things that we know about the Dragon Ball anime and manga is that Vegeta is the story’s secondary character and is one of the strongest beings in the universe. However, it has been quite odd that Vegeta had been lagging behind Goku in terms of their transformations, considering that he almost always catches up with him. But he did achieve a new transformation called Ultra Ego in the latest manga storyline. But is Ultra Ego Vegeta actually canon in Dragon Ball?

Ultra Ego Vegeta is canon because it was included in the manga by Akira Toriyama, who created Dragon Ball. This latest Vegeta transformation was achieved in the manga, which is supervised by Toriyama himself. And while the transformation is yet to appear in the anime, it is canon and will soon appear.

Vegeta achieving Ultra Ego is a step closer to him becoming equal with Goku once more as Toriyama almost always makes both of these characters equal to one another at almost any point in time. In that regard, this transformation is one that would actually get fans excited in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super anime that is set to return soon after a long hiatus.

What Is Ultra Ego In Dragon Ball?

The one staple that has always been around in the Dragon Ball storyline ever since Dragon Ball Z is Goku and the other characters transforming to achieve powerful forms and states that allow them to defeat stronger opponents. We have come a long way from the Super Saiyan transformation as Dragon Ball Super has allowed us to see more transformations that have made Goku and his allies so much stronger than they were before.

We know for a fact that Son Goku has mastered his Ultra Instinct form, which is the very same form that he used to match Jiren during the Tournament of Power in the anime. But, ever since Goku mastered Ultra Instinct in the Galactic Prisoner arc in the manga, the one thing that fans have noticed is the fact that Vegeta has lagged behind.

Ever since the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, Goku and Vegeta have been rivals and have had power levels that are more or less similar to one each other. Every single time Goku was able to achieve a new power level and unlock a new transformation, it was almost certain that Vegeta was going to catch up and match Goku’s power and transformation with his own. And for a good part in Dragon Ball Super, they were both equals because they both relied heavily on Super Saiyan Blue.


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But ever since Goku achieved Ultra Instinct, Vegeta has lagged behind and was not able to achieve the same form due to the fact that he had a different style of battle. That was when he was able to achieve Ultra Ego in the manga. But what exactly is Ultra Ego?

Ultra Ego is basically what Vegeta called his new transformation so that he could match it with Goku’s Ultra Instinct. He was the one who named this new state as this form is simply Vegeta being able to completely harness the power of a God of Destruction and use the powers of one to achieve a power level that is similar to the most powerful Gods of Destruction in the Dragon Ball multiverse.

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The state can only be achieved when Vegeta was able to achieve the mindset of a destroyer as he reverted back to his base instinct as a warrior that loved battling without any moral inhibitions. In that sense, Ultra Ego is different from Ultra Instinct as it allows the user to relish the heat of battle and come at his opponent head-on. On the other hand, Ultra Instinct is more reliant on avoiding hits and delivering counterattacks.

It is the very fact that Ultra Ego relies on Vegeta’s battle lust that allows him to become more powerful while in this transformation. Then again, that is also the transformation’s drawback as it allows Vegeta to take a ton of damage because he tends to be more rash while in this state as opposed to Goku’s Ultra Instinct, which keeps him from getting hit.

When Does Vegeta Achieve Ultra Ego?

Vegeta’s Ultra Ego transformation was first introduced during the events of the Granolah the Survivor Saga in the manga. He was able to achieve this form during the fight with Granolah when Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue Evolved, which used to be his strongest form, was completely overwhelmed in their battle.

ultra ego 2

Upon assuming this transformation, Vegeta was able to scare Granolah, who himself is a very powerful fighter and is somewhere near the top of the list of the most powerful fighters in Universe 7. Vegeta nearly killed Granolah with his large ball of power of destruction.

Later in the manga, Goku and Vegeta both assumed their most powerful forms in what was a perfect display of yin and yang as they fought Gas, who had become the most powerful being in the universe.

Is Ultra Ego Canon In Dragon Ball?

The thing about Ultra Ego is that it was something that Vegeta achieved in the manga instead of the anime. So, does that mean that Ultra Ego is canon in Dragon Ball?

Yes, Ultra Ego is indeed a canon transformation of Vegeta in the Dragon Ball storyline because it was revealed in the manga. Of course, the Dragon Ball Super manga is the source material that the anime uses, especially because it is written by Akira Toriyama himself, who is the creator of the entire Dragon Ball world.


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However, Ultra Ego was conceptualized and created by Toyotarou, who is one people working alongside Toriyama on the Dragon Ball manga. Ultra Ego was Toyotarou’s own creation as Toriyama liked it and allowed him to include it in the storyline.

Considering that it was introduced in the manga, there is no reason to doubt whether or not it is a canon transformation. And that means that this Ultra Ego transformation will soon make its way to the anime once the Dragon Ball Super series returns after a long hiatus.

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