Is Violet Evergarden a Human or a Cyborg? Explained


One of the most underrated anime series of all time is Violet Evergarden, which takes place in a fictional world where a profession called Auto Memories Doll exists. Basically, Violet is an Auto Memories Doll, which is a profession that allows women to write and type letters based on what their client wants to say to the recipient of the letter. Of course, we also saw how Violet struggled with inputting her emotions into the letters that she wrote using her hands that were robotic. So, is Violet Evergarden a human or a cyborg?

Violet Evergarden was always human. The reason why she struggles with her emotions is the fact that she was raised to be the perfect soldier and hardly had any time to learn more about emotions and feelings. On top of that, she lost her hands during the war, and that’s why she has robotic hands.

The thing about Violet Evergarden is that this anime storyline is as much a story about how the character develops feelings while she also helps other people how to express their own feelings. This is why this is such a beautifully crafted story with amazing visuals and great character storylines that every anime fan should enjoy. That said, let’s learn more about Violet Evergarden.

Is Violet Evergarden A Human Or A Cyborg?

Violet Evergarden is one of the anime series that a lot of people love because of its amazing visuals and captivating storylines. Of course, the focus of the story is the titular character named Violet Evergarden, who used to work as a child soldier under Major Gilbert Bougainvillea, who acted as both her guardian and commanding officer.

After she returned from the war, Violet was given a chance to work as an Auto Memories Doll, which was a woman that had to type letters for clients. The job of a Doll is to be the one to determine what to type in the letter based on the words and emotions that the client wants to include in the letter. 

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However, at the start, Violet is more formal in her approach and is quite emotionless in the way she writes her letters. She struggled with understanding how people felt and didn’t even understand what the words “I love you” meant, as these were the last words that Major Gilbert told her the last time he saw him during the final part of the war.

Of course, while her prowess as a fighter was never the focus of the anime storyline, Violet also showcased her ability to fight different people without any effort on her part, as it was made clear that she was far stronger and more skillful than most soldiers. There’s also the fact that Violet has robotic hands that she uses for typing and the occasional fighting. So, is Violet Evergarden a human or a cyborg?


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While it might be true that Violet is an emotionless girl, has robotic hands, and is a great fighter, she was always just a normal human being. There was never a point in the series where it was hinted that she was anything but human, as cyborg technology never even existed during her time period, which resembled the time period of the First Great War in the real world.

In that regard, she was only a simple human girl that grew up as a soldier because she was found as an abandoned orphan and was trained to be the perfect soldier that her country could use in any kind of situation because she was deemed expendable.

The fact that Violet Evergarden only ever knew how to fight was the reason why she struggled with her emotions and why she didn’t know what life was outside of war. She only ever knew how to obey orders and how to execute the commands of her superiors down to the very detail. That explains why she is so formal and doesn’t have any idea what normal human society is as she was raised on the battlefield.

violet salute

But the fact that Major Gilbert wanted her to live a normal life outside of war because he loved her was the reason why she was given a second chance at life by working as an Auto Memories Doll for CH Postal Company. And it was through her job that she eventually learned what it was like to have emotions and what it meant to love someone, as she realized that she loved Major Gilbert.

Why Does Violet Have Robotic Hands?

Of course, as mentioned, Violet Evergarden is a human being that was raised on the battlefield as a child soldier. If that’s true, why does she even have robotic hands that she uses so effectively?

violet hands

Well, for starters, after the final battle that she had at the end of the war, Violet lost her hands during the same incident that she last saw Major Gilbert. She was immediately taken to the hospital after she was found, and that was when they used robotic hands to replace her original hands.


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Of course, the fact that the technology of that time period resembles post-World War technology in the real world makes things confusing because there is no way that they could have the technology to produce robotic hands that work like real hands. In fact, our current tech may not be able to produce robotic limbs that work perfectly well. 

Nevertheless, this is an anime storyline that exists in a world that may resemble ours but is entirely different. That is why Violet Evergarden has robotic hands that work just as effectively as her original hands.

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