Yoda vs. Darth Vader: Who Would Win & Why?

Yoda vs. Darth Vader: Who Would Win & Why?

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In this article we are going to answer a very important question related to the Star Wars franchise – is Jedi Master Yoda stronger than Sith Lord Darth Vader?

Jedi Master Yoda is certainly stronger than Darth Vader. Although there is no official confirmation, as the two of them never clashed, based on what we know about them and their powers, Yoda would win in a direct confrontation.

Saying that, there is still a lot more to be said about the fight between Yoda and Darth Vader. Let’s dive deeper into the article and see why exactly would Yoda win in a fight against Darth Vader.

Did Yoda ever fight against Darth Vader?

Technically no, Yoda never fought against Darth Vader, at least when the main continuity (i.e., movies) is concerned. There are alternative timelines and stories where the two of them actually do fight, but there was no clash between them in the main continuity.

While Vader was still Anakin, there was no direct need as Anakin was on the side of the Jedi. There was a possibility of a clash after Anakin’s betrayal, but Yoda declined Obi-Wan’s suggestion that he went after Palpatine, fearing that the Sith Lord would be too powerful for Obi-Wan. Thus, Yoda avoided a battle with Anakin and sent Obi-Wan instead.

Is Yoda stronger than Darth Vader?

Since there was no direct clash between them, we cannot officially state that one is stronger than the other, but based on what we know about the two characters and what has been presented in the main continuity of films, we can safely state that Yoda is more powerful than Vader. This thesis might be questioned if we include the extended universe, which dwells deeper into the two characters, revealing more of their powers and abilities, but we firmly believe that in both cases – Yoda would beat Darth Vader.

When it comes to using the Lightsaber, the situation is a bit more unclear and we could deduce that Vader could be a bit more skilled with this weapon than Yoda, but only a bit. Namely, we’ve seen Yoda fight with the Lightsaber on only two occasions. The first time was against Count Dooku, where he proved to be a worthy opponent to the former-Jedi-turned -Sith-Lord, but the fight ultimately ended as a tie because Dooku ran away when Yoda went to save Obi-Wan and Anakin. Later, he used the Lightsaber to fight Palpatine but had his weapon knocked out during the fight. Still, Yoda showed excellent skills and great agility with the Lightsaber, but we haven’t really seen everything he can do.

Yoda fighting Darth Sidious in The Revenge of the Sith
Yoda fighting Darth Sidious in The Revenge of the Sith

As far as Darth Vader goes, we’ve seen more of his skills. As Anakin, he was good, but was not a match for Count Dooku, who easily beat him and cut off his hand; Anakin later got his revenge, which was one step toward him becoming Darth Vader. Anakin was later no match for Mace Windu, the best Lightsaber user in the franchise, but managed to beat him by using the element of surprise. After becoming Darth Vader, Anakin was able to defeat every Jedi within the Jedi Temple, but to be fair – most of the Jedi had been away, fighting with the clones before the execution of Order 66.

When Vader fought against his former master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, he put up a good fight, but ultimately lost and was almost killed, which is more a demonstration of Obi-Wan’s great skills than Anakin’s lack thereof. We don’t know much about his later Lightsaber fights, except that he fought Ben Kenobi (ultimately killing him, but it is pretty certain that Ben Kenobi let him do it) and Luke Skywalker, the result of which was inconclusive. So, it might seem that Vader was a tad more skilled with the saber, but only because we never saw Yoda’s full potential.


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As far as the Force is concerned, there really is no doubt that Yoda is the better used and a lot better. Although we really haven’t seen more than a fragment of their full powers – both of theirs – we can still deduce that the great Jedi Master is a better Force user. Yoda has studied the Force far longer and more in-depth than Vader and he has knowledge of a lot of elements and aspects, certainly more than Vader.

Vader’s advantage is that he knows both the Light and the Dark Side, but as we’ve seen in his duel against Palpatine, Yoda is not only able to counter the Dark Side, but also use it against his opponent. Vader’s skills are also great, we’ve seen the devastating power of his skills in Revenge of the Sith and the original trilogy, but we are certain that Yoda has a better idea about the more intricate elements of the Force and that his knowledge is both deeper and more sophisticated.

So, what does this all amount to?

Vader might be a better Lightsaber wielder, but even that is not certain because we haven’t really seen Yoda in action during the movies. As far as the Force is concerned, Yoda is without a doubt the better among the two. This all brings us to the conclusion that, in the case of a direct clash, Yoda would be able to beat Darth Vader, despite them both being very powerful and dangerous.

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