James Gunn Discusses the Development of J.J. Abrams’ Black-Led Superman Movie

James Gunn Discusses the Development of J.J. Abrams Black Led Superman Movie

Many DC-based projects are currently in development. While attention is often on James Gunn’s DCU and his upcoming ‘Creature Commandos’ and ‘Superman,’ we shouldn’t overlook the Elseworlds series, which includes ‘The Batman’ film series and other upcoming projects.

Before the DCEU officially became the DCU, J.J. Abrams was collaborating with Ta-Nehisi Coates on a black-led Superman movie. Despite not hearing much about the movie for a while, a fan asked Gunn on Threads if it was still in active development, and Gunn confirmed that it was.

gunn on jj abrams superman

Of course, this movie is expected to be released as part of the Elseworlds label, which includes DC-based “alternative universe” projects like Mat Reeves’ ‘The Batman,’ the upcoming ‘The Penguin’ show, and ‘The Joker,’ among others.

When James Gunn assumed control of the DCU, he opted to cancel ‘Man of Steel 2’ and reboot the ‘Superman’ franchise with a younger actor in ‘Superman: Legacy’ (now titled ‘Superman’). However, this decision didn’t necessarily mean that other planned Superman adaptations under the previous leadership were completely off the table.

There’s limited information available about the Abrams’ project, other than it will focus on the black version of Superman. Abrams will serve as producer, with Ta-Nehisi Coates attached as the screenwriter. Details about the cast remain unknown, and the project has been shrouded in uncertainty for several years.

What’s noteworthy is Gunn’s apparent acceptance of alternative versions of Superman in live-action. However, Brad Schwartz from the CW recently revealed that ‘Superman & Lois’ was canceled due to Gunn’s reluctance to have competing Superman products in the market.

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