Jessica Chastain Reveals Conditions Under Which She’d Be Interested To Star In A Marvel Movie Again

We all remember how FOX’s X-Men franchise lasted for two whole decades, and it delivered us some amazing, but also some pretty bad movies. 2019’s Dark Phoenix was a pure example of a bad superhero movie. The movie that was supposed to revitalize the franchise was a complete commercial and critical failure.

During that time, Disney also finalized the acquisition of Fox, which meant that the X-Men characters will eventually finally show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney released one more movie that Fox filmed before the acquisition — New Mutants, but that movie was also a failure and it was released practically when the franchise was already concluded.

Marvel fans are now waiting for the complete reboot of X-Men as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although many fans agree that it will be very hard watching someone else as Wolverine, and some of the previous X-Men actors opened up about the possible return, the truth is we have no idea how Feige and Marvel Studios are planning to pull this off. Will they introduce X-Men again from the scratch, or use some Multiversal trick to bring some already known actors and their characters into MCU canon.

Two-time Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain played the villain Vuk, the leader of D’Bari, a shape-shifting alien race that sought to capture Phoenix. Regardless of Chastain’s acting abilities and potential, fans and critics agreed that the villain was pretty forgettable, but that doesn’t mean that Chastain isn’t open to giving herself another chance in a Marvel movie, maybe not as Vuk, but as some other character. 

Chastain revealed she would be interested to star in a Marvel movie again, but under two conditions, she would need to play the villain again, and it would only be a one-time villain. Take Cate Blanchett’s Hela as an example, well, something like that. Read Chastain’s full quote below:

“I think that I would be more interested in playing a villain than a comic book hero, because I think villains have more fun, honestly. I would love it to be a villain that’s already established in the comic books and not created, you know, like a new thing. And also, I would love it to be a villain that you don’t have to sign such a deal for. I’m kind of a one-and-done kind of girl, so it would be great to play a character that was naughty and then would disappear.” — Jessica Chastain, source: @bestofchastains

Would you like to see Chastain in a Marvel movie again? Should she play some other character this time?

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