Jojo vs DIO: Who Is Stronger? (Including Video)

Jojo vs DIO: Who Is Stronger?

Dio Brando is the archnemesis of Jotaro Kujo and was an enemy of the Joestar family since Jotaro’s great-grandfather’s time. DIO is an extremely powerful vampire who has the Stand, The World. With the power of his The World, he can defeat any enemy that he has. However, Jotaro has proven in the series that he can actually beat him.

Jotaro and his stand, Star Platinum, have lesser strength than Dio and The World. But Jotaro is known to be a very clever person who is not just all about strength, but also very witty when it comes to his combat strategies. With this, and since Star Platinum is still a very strong stand, Jotaro won.

In this article, I will further explain the fact that no matter what DIO can do, he will never beat Jotaro in a one-on-one match, like how the actual fight happened. But for the sake of the DIO fans out there, I will explain each aspect of the two characters’ power, as well as its detailed comparison.

Jojo And His Powers

Jojo And His Powers

Jotaro Kujo became an archnemesis of DIO because he is a member of the Joestar family, whose members have been hunting down DIO for several years. Jotaro is just a regular human, but with a build and physique, that’s meant for a fighter. His appearance as a delinquent, matched by his calm and collected personality, made him a badass and a formidable combatant at first sight. Due to being an experienced fighter, as well as having a very calm attitude, he can think clearly when in battle, while using his strength and speed to avoid danger as well.

It is indeed true that Jotaro has a good amount of strength if he decides to do the fighting instead of his stand. His strong physique enabled him to withstand damaging attacks done by his opponents and their Stands throughout the series. Even DIO was never able to defeat Jotaro, who is just an ordinary human unlike him. Aside from Jotaro being physically strong, he is also known to be resilient to withstand deadly attacks from his enemies, such as getting hit by multiple knives by The World.

Aside from his strong physique, Jotaro is also good at playing mind games when in battle. He has done a lot of tricks that enabled him to gain an upper hand in the battle, no matter how powerful their opponent could be. Jotaro’s cleverness also involves using random items to trick opponents. This was shown when Jotaro used magnets, whereas he placed one on his and DIO’s wrist. 

That way, DIO will think that it’s only the magnets that moved Jotaro’s hand when he stops the time. But in reality, Jotaro’s Star Platinum has the same ability that enabled him to move through stopped time, tricking DIO and landing a fatal blow to The World, and to the vampire as well.

Star Platinum

Jotaro’s Stand is Star Platinum. It is a close-ranged Stand that’s more focused on landing kicks, punches while having superhuman speed and strength. Star Platinum is a very powerful stand despite reaching only up to 2 meters away from Jotaro. The lack of range makes up for its ability as a very powerful Stand designed for fighting. Star Platinum is so strong, it can throw away vehicles, bend steel, and even launch a piercing attack from a distance with its finger

The most popular feature of the Star Platinum is its fast speed, enabling it to launch a barrage of punches. This is often called the Ora Ora Rush, where the Stand itself shouts the word “Ora” repeatedly. Aside from that, its speed makes it hard for enemies to attack Jotaro since the Stand will quickly respond to any attacks landed on its owner. Its ability to help its owner reaches the point where it helps pump Jotaro’s heart just to revive him from a deadly knife attack from The World.

During and after his battle with DIO, Jotaro discovered that his Stand is the same as DIO’s in terms of all its abilities. Aside from both having superhuman speed and strength, they both have the same ability to stop time. This is the reason why Jotaro was able to move when DIO stops the time, as well as gave Jotaro an upper hand despite fighting against the immortal DIO. 

DIO And His Powers

DIO And His Powers 

DIO is a vampire, and thus he is an immortal that can give for several years without aging or dying from it. DIO is also stronger than Jotaro in terms of raw strength, a feature that’s known in vampires not just in the Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure series. DIO is one of the strongest characters in the series because of this and has proven over time by defeating the Joestar family prior to his battle against Jotaro.

Here are the vampire abilities that DIO possesses, aside from not aging and superhuman strength:

  • Hypnosis
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Regeneration
  • Flesh grafting
  • Stingy eyes that can slice rocks
  • Healing
  • Freezing
  • Blood Sucking

The World

DIO is the owner of The World, a stand that has identical powers as Star Platinum. It is also a close-ranged Stand that has superhuman speed and strength. DIO claims that it is stronger than Star Platinum in terms of raw strength, which was shown in the first part of their battle. DIO had a lot of time to master his Stand since he is an immortal, enabling him to master his stand and all its abilities.

The World is not just all about landing strong punches just like the Star Platinum. Aside from its appearance, The World is unique in its own right since it can outmaneuver Star Platinum on their battle. The World was able to out-punch Star Platinum’s attacks by performing feint attacks. The World also gained an advantage against his archnemesis to unbalance Star Platinum as well. 

The World also has the same superhuman reflex that can protect its owner. But DIO goes way overboard than that since he is a vampire, and does not get killed by deadly attacks such as Polnareff’’s Silver Chariot stabbing him straight to the head. Through DIO’s experimentation of testing the limits of The World’s speed, he discovered the Time Stop ability when he ordered some of his men to shoot a shotgun at him. He noticed that the automatic protection that The World offers caused the bullets to stop, causing the Stand to pick them all up with its hand. 

Also, DIO was able to use esoteric powers to create a second stand that’s the same as Joestar’s stand, Hermit Purple. This vine-like stand is sharp and bendable enough to work as a whip and has the special ability to produce a photograph in someone’s mind through psychic powers. DIO would use this to track Jotaro and his friends as they hunt him down, sending Stand users along the way.

Now you know the powers of the two, you can have a clear solution to the question of whether Jotaro or DIO is more superior when it comes to their powers. As you progress, you will learn more about who’s the real victor in the fight.

Jojo’s And DIO’s Powers Compared 

In terms of their individual raw strengths, DIO will always win against Jotaro since DIO is a vampire. He can never get killed through the means of physical combat, no matter how Jotaro and his Stand punches DIO in the head. DIO can also regenerate by sucking someone else’s blood. All these feats are not present in Jotaro, who is just a regular, yet a strong human being. 

When you compare the characteristics of the two, you will notice that DIO has the attitude of being too cocky in a fight. This is probably because he feels that he is superior to humans due to being an immortal vampire who can just regenerate after a good fight by sucking blood. However, Jotaro’s calmer nature defeated DIO. I will give a summary of their fight, which actually showed all the capabilities of the two fighters, which is actually enough for power scaling them in this article.

At first, the fight was a test of their hand-to-hand combat skills, where their two stands were fighting evenly. However, due to Star Platinum specializing more on punches, The World managed to gain a bit of an upper hand by performing low kicks and other counters against the strong punches that Star Platinum can land. This scene has proven that The World can defeat Star Platinum, but with high difficulty due to the latter being as tough as the former is. 

This forced DIO to use the time stop technique, and use it several times on Jotaro. However, DIO’s cocky attitude always got in the way, causing him to play around with his opponent or say a lot of stuff to make him feel better. However, while doing those facades, he noticed that Jotaro seems to be moving. Take note that the instances when DIO first used Time Stop were his chances of killing another Joestar, but failed due to getting things over his head.

DIO managed to almost kill Jotaro by using his Time Stop ability and throwing knives all over Jotaro before resuming the flow of time so then all knives would hit simultaneously. The Star Platinum managed to hit a lot of them, but there is still a lot that reached Jotaro, with one more knife DIO shot through the head of Jotaro. At this point, Jotaro is heavily injured and is dying. But Star Platinum’s ability to protect its user prompted it to revive Jotaro. 

As DIO went back to make sure he killed him, he once again did not make sure of it at all since he did not use The World. Due to Jotaro’s willpower, Star Platinum is still moving and was able to protect its owner against DIO’s final attack. This time, it is too late for DIO to abuse Time Stop because Jotaro was able to figure out how to move inside the time-stopped world. Jotaro might not be able to hurt DIO, but Star Platinum is too strong to land a fatal blow on DIO.

Even if DIO gives himself a powerup by taking the blood of Jotaro’s grandfather, Joseph, Jotaro can still defeat DIO due to his wits and willpower alone. Jotaro’s capability to time things right with his calm mind, giving him a good reaction speed, enabled him to grab a chance to act even when time has stopped for him. The discovery of Star Platinum’s similarity with The World enabled it to clash against the latter and DIO continuously. 

When DIO powers up, his cockiness also upgrades towards madness and bloodthirstiness. Despite being several times stronger than Jotaro, DIO still never won when Jotaro finally became capable of using Time Stop as well. This is all thanks to Jotaro being so smart, that he analyzed DIO despite getting hurt so then he can land that ultimate opportunity to kill him in just one good play. This resulted in the ultimate defeat of Dio, and it’s all thanks to the willpower and the wits of Jotaro once more!

Jojo vs DIO: Who Is Stronger?

Physically, DIO is way stronger than Jotaro in all aspects since he is a vampire. But when it comes to using the mind, Jotaro will always gain an upper hand since DIO’s character just does not fit to be calm. After all, vampires also have heightened emotions aside from heightened senses. This is why Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is loved by a lot of fans because raw power and cool abilities are not the basis of victory for every fight scene. Also, it shows that too much use of emotions, such as DIO’s cockiness and overconfidence, can just block your own ability to think properly.

For solid proof of all I stated, I suggest you check out this YouTube playlist above, which shows the final battle of Jotaro vs DIO (divided into 9 parts). In that way, you will find out that wits will always be stronger than just being a superhuman, immortal monster.

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