Jotaro Kujo vs. Dio Brando: Who Is Stronger? (Including Video)

Jojo vs DIO: Who Is Stronger?

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Whether you like the series or not, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the most popular manga and anime series, with fans worldwide waiting for new episodes of the series. The series is not for everyone’s taste. Still, its popularity cannot be denied, and that is why this article is going to be a comparison of two powerful characters from the series. One of them is Jotaro Kujo, one of the principal protagonists of the series, while the other is his archenemy Dio Brando. Who is stronger, and who would win in a fight? Keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Jotaro Kujo’s Stand, Star Plasma: The World, is one of the strongest in the series.
  • Dio is an extremely powerful vampire who has the Stand, The World. With the power of his The World, he can defeat any enemy that he has.
  • Objectively, Dio is physically stronger than Jotaro, but due to his superior intellect, Jotaro is able to defeat his archnemesis.

Fighting skills and general abilities

Because of his fighting wits, Jotaro can defeat opponents like DIO and his Stand, The World, who have stronger stands than him. Jotaro’s cunningness and the enormous strength of his stand allow him to defeat opponents without special skills. Jotaro has also shown himself to be a very skilled hand-to-hand combatant, capable of defeating many formidable opponents with just his base skill level. His fighting skill gave him the upper hand in striking and kicking his opponents.

Because he is a Vampire, DIO is an exceptionally powerful character. He has superhuman traits such as strength, speed, and abilities, which make him a formidable foe; this is why it makes sense that he was chosen as Jotaro’s archnemesis. Due to his enormous strength, Dio is rightfully considered to be one of the series’ strongest characters.

And while Jotaro is strong in terms of pure physical power, he is unable to compare to DIO, which is why the first point goes to the vampire.

Points: Jotaro 0, DIO 1


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Intelligence and knowledge

Because he is usually incredibly calm under duress and intensely aware of his surroundings and talents, Jotaro is a very dependable combatant. It is implied that Jotaro has accumulated a substantial collection of diversified knowledge. At the beginning of Part 3, he had gathered several paranormal-related books in his cell to help him understand his Stand. As demonstrated in Part 4, he majored in marine biology.

DIO is not a stupid character; his intelligence doesn’t come to the forefront. He is rash; he has trouble controlling himself, and if he cannot defeat his opponent using brute force alone, he will have significant trouble in that fight, as he cannot outwit them like Jotaro can.

Due to the fact that Jotaro is significantly more intelligent than DIO, the second point goes to the protagonist.

Points: Jotaro 1, DIO 1

Special techniques

Jotaro’s Stand, which is a physical representation of his life force, is what has allowed him to become renowned and powerful throughout the series. Star Platinum is the name of Jotaro’s Stand. Jotaro is the closest he can get to him by two meters. Despite their near closeness, Star Platinum has proven to be a potent protective force for Jotaro, as seen by its fast knowledge of its owner’s needs and ability to save him just as he is about to die. It is also regarded as unquestionably one of the series’ strongest stands.

DIO’s Stand is The World, which is similar to Jotaro’s Stand in many ways. It is incredibly powerful, and what makes it even more dangerous is the fact that he has mastered it completely. It is usually compared to Jotaro’s Stand in terms of speed and power; some even claim that it is superior.

Because the difference between these two stands is not completely clear, we have decided to split the points.

Points: Jotato 2, DIO 2

Jotaro is not stronger, but he wins thanks to his superior mind

Jotaro and DIO are, indeed, very close in terms of their skills and abilities. One could easily state that they are almost complete equals. Sure, DIO is physically stronger, but since it all comes down to wits with Jotaro since DIO cannot outwit him, Jotaro can win this battle, and he has in the series.

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