Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Watch Order: The Complete Guide (2021)

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Watch Order: The Complete Guide (2021)

Well-drawn muscular bodies, model-like poses, witty strategies in every battle they face, clothing with outstanding accessories just like outfits in Yu-Gi-Oh!, and a recurring theme where main characters surprisingly die just like Game of Thrones. These are just some of the things that made a lot of fans love Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. It has a very interesting storyline that caught the attention of a lot of anime fans.

With the upcoming sixth season of the series, Stone Ocean, Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure has started to hype up a lot of fans, and pique the interests of those who haven’t watched it. If you feel curious about how to watch this show, since the series focuses on a variety of main characters, then you came to the right place. In this article, I will show you the complete guide in watching Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, as well as the reason why this should be discussed in full detail.

Do You Have To Watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure In Order?

To those who do not know yet, Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure focuses on the Joestar lineage. The Joestar family members are the main characters of the series who got engaged in a phenomenal adventure. The adventure is truly bizarre as it’s composed of a lot of unexpectedly surprising plot twists, a smartly written storyline that has good battle scenes, unique characters, and the Stand ability which makes main characters and their enemies so unique, and sometimes overpowered.

The whole series is in chronological order, with season 1 starring the son of the Joestar family, Jonathan Joestar, and his quest to hunt for Dio Brando. As the series progresses, time skips occur, changing the series’ main characters into a next-generation (or next-next generation) Joestar family member. Due to Dio’s plots, as well as how the series is ordered in chronological order, you need to make sure that you watch from the very beginning. 

The reason why this is so recommended is that you will miss out on a lot of events in the story, particularly if you are interested in knowing Dio’s grand plan. Despite the change of characters almost every season, there will be notable instances where some previous characters are mentioned. 

Some may think that it’s best to start with Stardust Crusaders since Jotaro is the main character, as well as Stands, were not introduced in seasons 1 and 2. However, the significance of each character mentioned in part 1, especially Dio himself, will guide you very well throughout the rest of the series as you progress to each season. Therefore, if you did not start from season 1, you might get confused with the events in the story despite the main characters changing every season. 

In the next part of the article, you will learn the importance of each series if you watch them by order. 

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Watch Order

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Watch Order

The watch order for the whole series is very easy to follow. But before you learn the watch order itself, you should first learn more about the series, as well as how the storyline goes (which is the reason why it’s so interesting).

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure is a manga series created by Hirohiko Araki, which has sold over 100 million copies. Each character in the story has an interesting storyline, along with an in-depth background. This notable theme of the series shows the importance of reviewing the history of characters due to the long-time skips involved in each season, as well as the importance of the characters. 

As a result of its unique plot and its twists, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure became popular enough to have its anime series, a handful of memes circulated online, and even some console games since the days of the Playstation 1. So if you feel hyped up already, let us ignite that even further by giving you the ultimate series guide for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

The list below will show a summary of each season, and even more interesting details. Do not worry, each season has a low number of episodes only, unlike some major manga series that have close to a thousand episodes. Without further ado, let us begin the list:

Season 1: Part 1 – Phantom Blood

Phantom Blood

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood is the very first part of the series, as well as part 1 of season 1 as well. The series focuses on Jonathan Joestar, the son of the patriarch of the Joestar Family, George Joestar. The series contains 44 chapters, with 9 anime episodes. It was aired in 2012.

The story of Phantom Blood follows Jonathan Joestar, also known as the grandfather of Joseph Joestar, as he grows up and fights his adaptive brother-turned-vampire, Dio Brando. Jonathan Joestar is a boy with a great reputation since he came from an elite family. However, everything in his life went spiraling down when his adoptive brother, Dio, came into his life.

Dio was very cruel towards his brother Jonathan, as he kept on beating him up and even tormenting him in different ways. Some of the torments that he made included turning Jonathan’s friends against him, as well as stealing Jonathan’s first kiss when he got into a relationship with Erina Pendleton. 

During the series, Dio discovered something that would make him much more superior to Jonathan. Dio’s discovery suddenly became an obsession over a stone mask that gave him the ability to become a vampire was the reason why Dio started to take over the Joestars, since Jonathan’s father George was keeping it. When Dio took it, he became a vampire and started to destroy humanity. As an act of revenge, and for the sake of clearing his name and to save humanity, Jonathan decided to fight Dio. 

Season 1: Part 2 – Battle Tendency

Battle Tendency

Battle Tendency is the second part of the series Season 1. This time, Jonathan Joestar’s grandson, Joseph Joestar (the one who was usually named as JoJo), throughout his quest to superior beings called the Pillar Men. The series had more chapters in the manga than Phantom Blood, consisting of 69 chapters. As for the anime’s episode count, Battle Tendency lasted for 17 episodes. It was aired in 2014. 

Battle Tendency stars Joseph Joestar, which is also known as the grandfather of the famous Jotaro Kujo, in his adventure that seems to look like a misadventure. In the story, he is hunting for the Pillar Men, strong beings that were responsible for creating the stone mask that turned Dio into a vampire. The Stone Mask had the potential to turn humans into more powerful beings but at a cost. It is also a story where the ability Ripple was heavily explained, as Joseph himself trains this innate ability of his. 

Seasons 2 and 3: Part 3 – Stardust Crusaders

Stardust Crusaders

Stardust Crusaders is the third part of the series but was aired in season 2 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. The story follows the most prominent character in the whole series, Jotaro Kujo, who is the grandson of Joseph Joestar. The series lasted in the manga for 152 chapters. It also had an OVA that summarizes the story into 13 episodes, as well as a newer-looking anime with 47 episodes. 

The third season also consisted of Stardust Crusaders but showed the parts in Egypt, as well as the final battle between Jotaro and Dio. Season 2 was aired in 2014, and the Battle In Egypt was aired in 2015.

Jotaro Kujo and his friends, along with the assistance of his grandfather Joseph, went on an adventure from Japan to Egypt to save Jotaro’s mother, Holy Kujo. She was abducted as a means to end the Joestar family once and for all by the archnemesis of the whole Joestar family, Dio. 

Jotaro’s friends who came with him were also famous characters: Jean Pierre Polnareff, Noriaki Kakyoin, Muhammad Avdol, and a smart dog named Iggy. Once again, Joseph Joestar is present in the series, still fighting strong despite his old age. This is also the part of the series where the Stands are finally introduced.

Season 4: Part 4 – Diamond is Unbreakable

Diamond is Unbreakable

Diamond is Unbreakable is the fourth part of the series, as well as the fourth season of the anime. The story features Jotaro Kujo once again, who went back to Japan to meet a high school freshman named Josuke Higashikata. Josuke is the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar, who then got informed by Jotaro that Joseph has died. 

As Josuke takes the incident upon himself, he then decided to protect his hometown instead against powerful Stand users who are trying to wreak havoc in it. Josuke, just like Jotaro, is also a Stand user who owns Crazy Diamon, a powerful Stand that can repair everything. Also, the story shows Josuke and his friends investigating a series of killings in his place. 

This part of the series consists of 174 chapters, making it the longest part of the whole Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series. The anime consists of 38 episodes. 

Season 5: Part 5 – Golden Wind

Golden Wind

Golden Wind is the fifth part of the series, as well as the fifth season of the anime. The story follows Giorno Giovanna, who dreams to become a high-ranking member of the mafia he joined in, as well as overtake the Pasione and defeat its boss. This part of the series had 155 chapters and had 38 episodes in the anime.

Giorno Giovanna is a mafia member who dreams to become the “gang-star” of his group, meaning that he must rise to the ranks. He also plans to defeat the boss of the most influential mafia in the country, called the Pasione. Giorno, along with his group of men and capo, Giorno also has a good intention of making the mafia well-known as a better group by getting rid of the corruption that looms within it. 

Giorno became as famous as Jotaro in the series not just because of his nature, but also because he had one of the most overpowered Stands in the series. He is also the illegitimate son of Dio Brando when the vampire stole Jonathan’s body. The series is also called Vento Aureo due to the story’s setting located in Italy, which is why there is a mafia involved. 

Season 6: Part 6 – Stone Ocean

Stone Ocean

Stone Ocean is the upcoming anime series that’s going to be aired on Netflix somewhere around either late-2021 or early-2022. The story features Jolyne Cujoh, the daughter of Jotaro Kujo. It is the very first part of the series to feature a female protagonist. It consists of 158 chapters, with its anime episodes yet to be announced. 

The story follows Jolyne Cujoh as she got accused of a crime that she never did at all. As a result, she was sentenced to a maximum-security prison in Florida called Stone Ocean. This is where she embarks on a quest in the prison due to a plot involving a person named Enrico Pucci, and the already-dead Dio Brando. This is also the part of the series where a notable character dies. 

The parts of the series mentioned above are now being aired as anime, except for Stone Ocean that’s going to be aired later around December 2021 or January 2022. The following parts below are only for those who read the manga:

Part 7 – Steel Ball Run

Steel Ball Run is the seventh part of the series that follows the adventure of Johnny Joestar in the United States as he joins a mad-dash race called the Steel Ball Run, or SBR. This event has a grand prize of $50 million. This is also part of the series that had a new type of continuity apart from the first 6 parts of the series.

Part 8 – JoJolion

Jojolion is the eighth part of the series that started several years after the events of Steel Ball Run and is regarded as the direct continuation of it as well. This is the ongoing part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series, which is why I cannot put the exact number of chapters that were published. 

A person named Josuke Higashikata (once again) is featured in the series once more, This time, the Josuke of this story is challenged throughout the series as he got afflicted by retrograde amnesia. But take note that this Josuke is different than the one who starred in Diamond is Unbreakable. The story is set once again in Morioh, where he seeks his true identity. 

Morioh got damaged by a massive calamity called the Tohoku Earthquake, which happened in real life as well. As Josuke finds his real identity despite his illness, he also faces inhuman beings called the “Rock Humans”, who were creatures who evolved by having Silicon as the primary component of their body. 

Johnny Joestar, the previous protagonist before the events of Jojolion, is going to make an appearance in this part as well. But other than that, no more spoilers will be provided since anime viewers are present here! So, just check out the manga series if you want more of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure once you’re done with the whole anime series.

Trivia: The setting of the story also happened in the same year when the earthquake occurred in real Japan. 

Take note that there are additional shows that you can watch in Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. The first one is its popular OVA which features the whole adventure of Jotaro Kujo, but with an older style of animation and a different type of artwork. The other one is the “Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe”, which features Rohan Kishibe – an ally of Yoshikage Kira in the Diamond is Unbreakable series. Roshan Kishibe also has other series such as Rohan at the Louvre and Rohan Kishibe Goes To Gucci.

Other Notable Mentions

Except for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OVA, the series mentioned above are spin-offs and are not related to the actual storyline of the series. So, consider them as an optional show to watch, especially if you are starting to become a hardcore fan of the series. 

With all thee being said, you will see that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s arrangement of the series and its timeline is not as bizarre as how the plot is written, and how the Joestar family tree looks like. What’s also interesting about the series is that the whole anime does not have any filler stories, plus the OVAs are all related to the story. This is why it’s highly advisable to never skip any part of the series, particularly Seasons 1 and 2 despite the Stand system not yet being revealed in those parts. 

To get started, start opening up your Netflix, or any anime site you’re comfortable watching. Remember to stream starting with Season 1, Episode 1 for you to see how awesome and lovable Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is. A lot of major characters have a good storyline, and some of them are related to future events despite the long time skips, which is why it’s so interesting!

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