Jojo vs Naruto: Who Would Win?

Jojo vs Naruto: Who Would Win?

Jojo, or also known as Jotaro Kujo is the long-running protagonist of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure series, while Naruto Uzumaki is everyone’s favorite shinobi who got the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox in the popular series Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden. With these two capable fighters, who would win if they got pitted in a one-on-one duel?

Naruto would easily win over Jotaro Kujo in a duel, given the fact that Naruto possesses superhuman strength. Whereas Jotaro is just an ordinary human in terms of his overall physique. Even with the Star Platinum, Naruto in his Tailed Beast Mode will gain an upper hand no matter where you look at it. 

But is there any other way for Jotaro to defeat Naruto? I would have to say that there is still a chance, but it involves a very strict condition that Jotaro should meet to defeat Nauto. To find out about that, I am going to explain the powers of these two awesome heroes in the history of anime and compare them against each other.

Jojo And His Powers

Jojo is known to be very clever in combat. Thanks to his talents in fighting, he became very formidable, coupled with the powers of his stand – Star Platinum. As a result of Jotaro’s wits in fighting, he can gain an upper hand against some opponents that have stronger stands than him such as DIO and his Stand, The World. 

Jotaro’s cleverness and his Stand’s superhuman strength make him capable of defeating enemies without the need to use special powers. When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, Jotaro is also proven to be a very strong fighter that can beat Naruto if fighting at his base level only. His skills in fighting made his stand so good in punching and kicking his enemies.

Star Platinum

What made Jotaro powerful and well-known throughout the series is all thanks to his Stand, the manifestation of his life energy. Jotaro’s Stand is named Star Platinum, a purple-colored entity that looks the same as Jotaro, and looks as muscular as he is. Star Platinum is a closed-ranged stand. His reach is limited at only 2 meters away from Jotaro. 

But despite the close range, Star Platinum is proven to be powerful protection for Jotaro thanks to its very fast awareness to protect its owner, to the point of being capable of reviving Jotaro when near-death. Also, just like Kurama, Star Platinum can grow violent when need is, despite the Stand looking very silent and as calm as Jotaro himself. Star Platinum is also known as one of the strongest Stands in the entire series.

The main power of the Star Platinum is superhuman strength, which can bend steel, and even throw vehicles away. The raw strength of this Stand can even destroy artificial diamonds by using its signature Ora Ora Rush attack. The reason why Star Platinum can launch multiple punches in just a few seconds is because of its superhuman speed that compliments well to its strength. It also has a piercing attack using its finger, which can be used to launch sneak attacks and penetrate through opponents from a distance.

Star Platinum also has the power to stop time, which can gain an upper hand against Naruto if worse comes to worst, giving Jotaro the potential to win in their deathmatch.

Naruto And His Powers

Naruto And His Powers

Uzumaki Naruto is a powerful shinobi that became Hokage through his efforts and reputation as a hero in saving the whole world from Kaguya’s grand scheme. In his base form, Naruto is already a formidable fighter thanks to his unique fighting style that’s augmented even further with Kurama’s chakra. But even without Kurama, Naruto already has a huge chakra reserve thanks to his Uzumaki lineage, which grants him higher vitality than other people.

Naruto’s unique fighting style is through his consistent use of the Shadow Clone Jutsu, which creates a clone of himself with an equally divided amount of chakra with him. Naruto can use as many as a thousand clones to fight alongside him. He can use it to create combos, divert the attention of their opponents, and perform sneak attacks. 

With Naruto training chakra control, shape manipulation, and nature transformation at its peak level, he is capable of using a very powerful technique called the Rasengan. His mastery over the Rasengan is so on-point, that he can create multiple variations and sizes of it. But his powerful version of the Rasengan is the Rasenshuriken, which has a wind nature applied to it in the form of multiple microscopic blades that form a whirling shuriken. 

He also has access to Sage Chakra through the application of Natural Energy to his chakra. This enables him to gain a superhuman body and strength that makes him tough enough to potentially withstand the attacks that Star Platinum can do. Naruto might be able to fight on par in hand-to-hand combat against Star Platinum if he enters Sage Mode.


And of course, Naruto has the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Kurama. Kurama might serve as a means to even the handicap since Jotaro has a sentient Stand. Naruto goes along very well with Kurama, which grants him access to the Tailed Beast Mode. This form makes him superhuman in terms of strength and speed and allows him to manifest Kurama himself like a cloak to protect Naruto. 

His mastery in using the Rasengan and Kurama enabled him to create Tailed Beast Bombs, large balls of concentrated chakra that deal immense and destructive damage. Take note that Naruto can even create a Tailed Beast Bomb Rasenshuriken as well. Will Star Platinum withstand its damage?

Jojo’s And Naruto’s Powers Compared

Comparing Jotaro and Naruto is best if you compare their characteristics first, as they are contrasting. Naruto is known to be an energetic person, while Jotaro is the type who always looks calm and collected. Jotaro’s calm nature makes him good at analyzing the battles he gets into. Being automatically protected by Star Platinum, Jotaro can easily observe Naruto, since he will surely let Naruto fight. Knowing Naruto’s nature, he will be the one who’s going to attack first with Shadow Clones to observe the Stand’s movements and reaction against his attacks.

Of course, Naruto will use his base form first to see if he can defeat Jotaro without wasting too much chakra, despite Star Platinum being deadly enough to potentially obliterate Naruto. That’s right since Naruto does not possess a body that’s as hard as Star Platinum, he can get killed if ever Star Platinum pummels him with the Ora Ora Rush. 

But of course, Naruto is smart enough to evaluate the battle by letting his clones do the attacks first. And if ever Star Platinum and Jotaro manage to get close to Naruto, he has Kurama who will automatically protect him as well. Thus, the battle between Jotaro and Naruto’s base form will often end in a stalemate only. 

As said earlier, Naruto will be able to fight on par with the Star Platinum’s superhuman strength in hand-to-hand combat once he enters Sage Mode. However, this mode is not yet that fast enough to get past the Star Platinum’s reflexes in protecting its owner. However, Naruto can throw his Rasenshuriken in this state, but Jotaro is a good fighter who can potentially evade it. Star Platinum might receive damage at this point. 

But once Naruto activates his Tailed Beast Mode, things will start to change. The only way for Jotaro to beat Naruto is at this very moment only. His time stop technique should be used right away before Naruto turns into a Tailed Beast. Or else, Jotaro will finally have no chance against the overwhelming might of Naruto and Kurama combined. Additionally, accessing their Baryon mode will surely obliterate Star Platinum into shreds with just a punch!

Jojo vs Naruto: Who Would Win

In all aspects, except for the part that I mentioned where Jotaro should use his time stop technique at the right moment, Naruto is going to win this battle. It will be a mid-difficulty battle for Naruto because Jotaro is a good fighter, and he has a very strong Stand that might have higher raw strength than Naruto in Sage Mode. No matter how you look at it, Kurama is more destructive than Star Platinum, which is why my bet is always with Naruto on this one!

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