Jon Watts Allegedly Returns as ‘Spider-Man 4’ Director

Jon Watts Allegedly Returns as ‘Spider Man 4 Director

The MCU has a lineup of upcoming movies despite recent challenges faced by Marvel Studios in both past and anticipated projects, such as ‘The Marvels,’ which is expected to have a lower projected Box Office. However, Spider-Man, the most profitable Marvel franchise, has consistently drawn audiences to theaters.

Within the MCU, Spider-Man already boasts three standalone films, with a fourth in the works. The sequel’s director, Jon Watts, who has directed three successful Spider-Man films, briefly stepped away from superhero filmmaking but is now slated to return for the upcoming installment after withdrawing from the ‘Fantastic Four’ project. Watts was also set to contribute to the development of the sixth ‘Final Destination’ movie and served as an executive producer for the Star Wars-inspired series titled ‘Skeleton Crew.’

The fourth chapter of the Spider-Man series, led by Tom Holland, is said to kick off filming in late 2024. Insider Daniel Richtman reports that Marvel and Sony intend to bring together Holland, co-star Zendaya, and director Jon Watts for Spider-Man 4. The storyline is expected to pick up from ‘No Way Home,’ exploring Peter Parker’s life post-Doctor Strange’s memory erasure to safeguard the Multiverse.


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While an official release date is pending, Sony is contemplating August 2025, and the decision rests solely with Sony, although Marvel Studios may aim for the film’s release before certain crossover events.

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