Jon Watts Shares Valuable Advice for the Future Director of ‘Spider-Man 4’

Rumors Jon Watts Wont Return to Direct Spider Man 4

The MCU has a lineup of upcoming movies, despite Marvel Studios facing challenges with recent projects. There’s been discussion about reducing the number of releases, as fans are growing weary of lower-quality shows and films. However, Spider-Man remains a consistent draw for audiences, being the most profitable Marvel franchise across various media.

In the MCU, Spider-Man has already starred in three standalone movies, with a fourth installment confirmed several months ago by producer Amy Pascal. She verified that work on the sequel has been in progress.

The upcoming sequel still lacks a director, as Jon Watts has moved on from the franchise to focus on other projects. However, several names have been floated around, including Drew Goddard, Justin Lin, and Sam Raimi. None of these names have been officially confirmed, especially considering that Goddard and Justin Lin are also involved in other significant projects.

Collider recently interviewed Watts at this year’s CCXP in Mexico City, where he was asked if he had any advice for the future director of ‘Spider-Man.’ He certainly had some thoughts to share.

I have a very practical bit of Spider-Man advice, and I think every Spider-Man director goes through it. It doesn’t look good when someone is just swinging on a rope. You think you’re gonna go in there, you’re like, ‘we’re gonna do it all practical. We’re gonna get a stuntman. We’re gonna be swinging around.’ It’s boring. It looks dumb. It looks like a monkey swinging on a vine when you put someone on just a rope. Don’t waste your time. That’s my advice to the next Spider-Man director.

I completely agree with him. Just having Spider-Man swinging on a rope would seem dull and lacking the dynamic action we anticipate from a movie of this caliber. There isn’t much information available about the plot of the upcoming movie, but there are strong rumors suggesting it will focus on street-level heroes and stories. Although the script for ‘Spider-Man 4’ is still in progress, the film is aiming to begin production in late 2024. This suggests we might see the movie sometime in 2026 or later. Have any thoughts to share? Feel free to drop them in the comments below!

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