Jujutsu Kaisen: Kirara Hoshi’s Gender Explained

Jujutsu Kaisen: Kirara Hoshi's Gender Explained

Jujutsu Kaisen’s Kirara Hoshi has been intriguing fans ever since his debut, mostly because of their eccentric personality and appearance. They are quite important, and their role in the Culling Game Arc cannot really be underplayed. But Kirara Hoshi is also quite enigmatic, a character whose story is interesting even beyond their role in the story. So, who exactly is Kirara Hoshi? Or rather, is Kirara a boy… or a girl? In this article, we will build on a previous article about Kirara Hoshi and tell you about one very interesting aspect of their character. Namely, even with the manga advancing a lot, the issue of Kirara Hoshi’s gender is still big, and we will use this article to explain that issue to you.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Kirara Hoshi is a secondary protagonist from Jujutsu Kaisen who debuted in Chapter 153; they are a third-year student at the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College.
  • Kirara Hoshi is best known for their relationship with Kinji Hakari, with whom they are very close; Kirara even left school because of Kinji’s temporary suspension.
  • They were born male and are biologically still male, but it is quite clear that they consider themselves a transgender person in the series.

Kirara is an important secondary character

Kirara Hoshi is a third-year student at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College. Kinji Hakari is presently Kirara’s assistant in the underground Gachinko Fight Club. Kirara is a skinny person with straight, dark hair that falls just below the shoulders, small eyebrows, and large eyes with a star-shaped pupil in each. Additionally, there’s a pale hue streak directly above their right eye. There are four piercings around their chin: two in the chin itself and two in each of the corners of their lips. Even though Kirara is born male, we will refer to her as “they” because of their extremely androgynous features and lack of gender clarity, but more on that later.

During the Culling Game Arc, while Kirara battled Megumi, Hakari faced off against Yuji. We won’t give away any of the action, but let us just say that even though the battles were exciting and interesting, both Kirara and Hakari eventually gave in to logic and joined the heroes—especially after they were shocked to learn that Gojo had been imprisoned in the Prison Realm. Given that Gojo acknowledged that Hakari was among the few characters who could outpace him in terms of strength and ability, this is very significant. From this moment on, Kirara has been a hero, and they have been helping the main protagonists ever since. This was just a brief introduction before we continued with the main issue of this article.

Kirara Hoshi is biologically male, but the series has made it clear that they are a member of the LGBTQ community

The main issue is, of course, Kirara’s gender. As we have said above, there is some ambiguity here, although we do know a lot of facts about this character and their overall story, not just the main aspect from the Culling Game Arc. Let us observe this:

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Okay. Now, let us observe this:

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The top picture, that of a high school boy, is a picture – or a drawing, to be more precise – of Kirara Hoshi. The picture above, which shows either a girl or a very androgynous-looking boy, is… well, also a picture of Kirara Hoshi. This might come off as a bit confusing to you, so we have decided to clear everything up.


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Biologically, Kirara Hoshi is male. He was born male and has – as far as we know – not changed their gender surgically, so they remain a boy from a biological perspective. But, the series has also made it clear that Kirara Hoshi is an LGBTQ character and it is more than obvious that Kirara and Kinji are a couple. Now, being a member of the LGBTQ community doesn’t have to imply confusion about one’s gender, but in the case of Kirara Hoshi, it has become obvious that they are not just attracted to men but that they are also transgender.

This is why we’re referring to them as “they” and why fans are confused. Now, the series wasn’t explicit in stating whether Kirara considered themselves a female or whether they are just androgynous, so we don’t have any precise data on that, but we can confirm that they are biologically male and that they are also considered to be a transgender character, which – basically – makes the whole situation clearer and explains everything you ever wanted to know.

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