All 14 Jujutsu Kaisen Volumes & Arcs in Order

Jujutsu kaisen arcs and volumes in order

Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen manga has been published since March 5, 2018, and is still ongoing, with a total of 22 volumes as of the time of writing this article. The manga became a global phenomenon, and the ongoing anime has quickly become one of the most popular in the history of the genre, along with the prequel movie.

Now, since neither the manga nor the anime are over, there is still a lot of material you’ll be able to enjoy. In order to prepare you for that, here is a thorough guide to all the Jujutsu Kaisen anime arcs.

Editor’s Note: Since Jujutsu Kaisen is an ongoing manga, this article is regularly updated to include new arcs, volumes & chapters.

How many Jujutsu Kaisen arcs & Volumes are there?

Jujutsu Kaisen has 22 volumes so far. As we have said, Jujutsu Kaisen has been out since March 5, 2018, with a prequel manga having been published between April 28, 2017, and July 28, 2017, under the title Jujutsu Kaisen 0. The prequel is considered a single arc, while the main Jujutsu Kaisen manga currently has 14 arcs, spanning 221 chapters of the manga.


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The arcs are of uneven length and don’t contain the same number of chapters. The longest arc at this moment is the Shibuya Incident Arc, which has a total of 58 chapters. The two shortest arcs, with four chapters each, are the Cursed Child Arc and the Cursed Womb Arc.

Jujutsu Kaisen arcs in order

This section is going to list all the major manga arcs and give you some basic info about their plots.

1. Cursed Child Arc


Number of Chapters: 4
Chapters: 0.1-0.4

Yuta Okkotsu is a young man who is the victim of a special grade curse, Rika Orimoto. During a school day, he is harassed by some classmates, and Rika shows up, severely beating the whole gang. Yuta is escorted to the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College, where he himself decides to be executed. However, Satoru Gojo appears and decides to transfer Yuta to Jujutsu College.

Although he initially refuses to go to his first day of school, Satoru convinces him to attend. In the classroom, there are Maki Zenin, Toge Inumaki, and Panda, three other first-year students at Jujutsu College. When Yuta enters the room nervously, the three of them visualize Rika who is behind Yuta, and at the same time, they are on guard to attack.

Yuta is scared and shocked by the sudden behavior of the trio, suddenly, Rika manifests herself as ready to attack those who attack Yuta. Satoru recounts that 6 years ago, Yuta and Rika made a promise to get married when they grow up. However, Rika was run over and Yuta cursed in the process.


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He continues by introducing each one and assigning them a paired mission, where Yuta teams up with Maki, who starts attacking him with words and telling him that he needs a goal in order to pass Jujutsu school. The place of Maki and Yuta’s mission is an elementary school in which two children have disappeared.

Putting up the curtain, Gojo leaves and leaves them both inside. Maki quickly puts her guard up and manages to exorcise three curses. Suddenly a great curse appears and swallows them both. Inside the stomach, they find the two missing children who are cursed, in the process, Maki is also cursed. With the two children scared and Maki being very badly injured, she asks Yuta why did he come to Jujutsu school, Yuta replies that he wants to save people, then Maki replies that he should do it at that time. Yuta summons Rika and manages to save everyone.

2. Introduction Arc

Chapter 1 28Cleaned29

Number of Chapters: 5
Chapters: 1-5

Each year in Japan, there are more than 10,000 unexplained deaths and missing persons. In most cases, it is the negative feelings of human beings that are to blame. Suffering, regrets, humiliation: their accumulation in the same place often causes fatal curses. As of July 2018, Yuji Itadori is an ordinary high school student with extraordinary physical strength who excels in all sports.

Instead of taking advantage of his gift, he prefers to hang out with his friends from the spiritualism club of Sugisawa 3 high school. One day, when he goes to see his grandfather, the latter dies in his bed, telling Yuji to put their strength at the service of others. The same evening, Yuji crosses paths with Megumi Fushiguro, an exorcist from the Tokyo School of Exorcism who is looking for an S-class relic from the most powerful scourge in history: Ryomen Sukuna.

However, it is Yuji’s friends from the spiritism club who are in possession of the relic. They accidentally unseal it, attracting a nest of evil spirits to their location. Together, Yuji and Megumi try to fend off the plagues but end up cornered in the end. Pushed to his limits, Yuji ingests Sukuna’s finger to gain his power, but now he is possessed by the King of Plagues.

3. Cursed Womb Arc

Cursed Womb

Number of Chapters: 4
Chapters: 6-9

In July 2018, in Nishitokyo, a matrix that could evolve into a potential S-class plague suddenly appears in the Eishu Juvenile Detention Center. While Satoru is away, Kiyotaka Ijichi sends his three students to evacuate potential survivors of said event.

Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara are determined to rescue the remaining inmates; however, by the time they enter the center, the matrix has already produced an S-class spirit and slaughtered all of the inmates in the detention center, trapping the seconds in its territory. While witnessing this massacre, Yuji wishes to bring back the corpse of one of the detainees to his mother, but Megumi prevents him from doing so.


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The latter thinks that the inmates cannot be saved since they are criminals, causing an argument between him and Yuji. Nobara, who is trying to separate them, is then suddenly separated from them, and the S-Class Bane appears out of nowhere in front of Yuji and Megumi. As the latter tries to attack him, Yuji loses his hand. Nobara, for his part, faces several other scourges.

4. Cursed Training Arc

Chapter 16 28Cleaned29

Number of Chapters: 9
Chapters: 10-18

Suguru Geto walks through the streets of Tokyo with a group of curses as they talk about their recent plan; Apparently, they are to blame for the appearance of the Cursed Womb at the Eishu Detention Center since they wanted to check Sukuna’s true strength. Later, they enter a restaurant. Meanwhile, Gojo is irritated and angry at recent events.

He doesn’t understand why Ijichi sent a group of freshmen on a rescue mission, not even knowing if there were any survivors, and it doesn’t seem logical to him that they should be dealing with a special grade curse. He is completely sure that the higher-ups sent their students on this mission for the purpose of Itadori’s death.

In the face of his anger, he desires to kill his superiors. Just then, Shoko Ieiri enters the room and prepares to perform the autopsy on Itadori. At the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College entrance, Megumi talks to Nobara about Itadori’s last words. Both of them act as if they are not really affected by the death of their partner. However, Megumi looks at Nobara and notices signs that she is sad. Their conversation is interrupted when second-year students Maki Zenin, Toge Inumaki, and Panda arrive on the scene.

5. Vs. Mahito Arc

Chapter 23 28Cleaned29 723x1024 1

Number of Chapters: 13
Chapters: 19-31

Junpei Yoshino, a young high school student, remembers how his classmates used and bullied him. He assures that if there was a button that is capable of eliminating everyone who hates him, he would not hesitate to press it. To relieve the stress his classmates cause him, he decides to go to the Kinema Cinema instead of class.

However, in the place, he feels annoyed at the constant noise that some spectators are causing. At that moment, Mahito is present and asks the viewers to behave, followed by their bodies beginning to disfigure. Junpei realizes the situation and decides to follow the man who caused this. When he meets the person responsible for the situation, he begins to question whether a human is capable of doing that.

Mahito looks at the human and asks if the people he disfigured were important to him, but Junpei just asks if he can ever be able to do the same. Itadori meets with Kento Nanami, a first-grade Jujutsu Shaman, who will be in charge of investigating what happened at the Kinema Cinema.

Nanami finds remains of Cursed Energy Remnants, but Itadori doesn’t understand what he’s talking about; the oldest begins to explain the basic theory of what he is talking about until the youngest realizes and understands everything. Nanami questions his abilities as an independent man, upsetting Itadori, who just wants her to congratulate him for understanding.

6. Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

Chapter 37 28Cleaned29

Number of Chapters: 23
Chapters: 32-54

In some strange mountains surrounded by hot springs, Jogo enjoys his time while smoking a pipe. He is interrupted when a cheerful and naked Mahito appears and launches himself into a water fountain, completely bathing Jogo. Geto is happy to see Mahito recovering and mentions that he looks too weak.

Mahito alleges that it is due to his unexpected encounter with the King of Curses. They start talking about what happened since the plan to attack Satozakura High School was started. Mahito mentions that from the beginning, Junpei Yoshino was nothing more than a mere toy and admits that he regrets killing him since if he had thought better of the situation, he could have simply seriously injured him, and Itadori could have used Sukuna to cure it.


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Despite the failure, Geto congratulates Mahito for getting Itadori to bond with his toy, as he finds creating emotional connections with others no easy task. Mahito adds that thanks to what happened, he understood the true value that Sukuna possesses and that, no matter what it costs, they will get him to be part of the team.

7. Death Painting Arc

Chapter 58 28Cleaned29

Number of Chapters: 10
Chapters: 55-64

In June 2018, Taichi Kanada makes a phone call and complained about his faulty door with security, claiming that whenever he comes home, his door is open and he doesn’t understand what was going on, especially since it should automatically close. Frightened, he demands security check his door again. At that moment, a curse appears behind him. Days later, it is confirmed that Kanada from Iwate Prefecture was the first victim of the curse.

A second victim, known as Shimada Osamu from Kanagawa Prefecture, was found in August, and a third, known as Yamato Hiroshi from Aichi Prefecture, was found in September. The case is being investigated by the first-year students of the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College, accompanied by the assistant Akari Nitta, who informs them of what happened. She adds that the three victims were stabbed outside their apartments while complaining to security about the problem.

8. Gojo’s Past Arc

Chapter 77 28Cleaned29

Number of Chapters: 15
Chapters: 65-79

In the spring of 2006, Utahime Iori and Mei Mei find themselves on a mission in a western-style mansion. They scan the corridors and realize that they are trapped by the curse’s strange ability that allows it to replace pieces of the corridors as they go. Both conclude that the only way to get rid of this technique is to split up to confuse the enemy, and the one that manages to get out first must save the other.

Meanwhile, the mansion begins to collapse, and from outside, it is revealed that the person responsible is Satoru Gojo, who came to the place to help his companions. Mei is unharmed, and Utahime falls to the ground as a result of the collapse; the latter gets angry with Gojo for intervening, and he mocks, claiming that he is weak.

When Utahime starts complaining that she didn’t ask him for help, a great curse manifests behind her back. Immediately, Suguru Geto appears and deals with the new opponent in a matter of seconds. He then asks Gojo not to bother those weaker than him.

9. Shibuya Incident Arc


Number of Chapters: 58
Chapters: 80-136

On October 19, 2018, Gojo was asleep and had dreams about the first time he met Megumi and what they had discussed that day. When Yuji, Megumi, and Gojo arrive, Gojo wakes up and sends them to Utahime’s location. Once the three of them meet up with Utahime, she tells them about the mole at school and how they are going to investigate Kokichi Muta.

At Kyoto school, Miwa meets with Mechamaru about the notebook they have to hand in. Mechamaru tells her that she has left him and that she is going to sleep for a while. Once Mechamaru is asleep, Miwa wonders where the real Mechamaru is. Elsewhere, Utahime informs Nobara, Yuji, and Megumi about Kokichi’s ability to use cursed energy.

When they enter the room Kokichi is being held in, they find it empty, learning that he is elsewhere. In a completely separate room, Kokichi meets Geto and Mahito. Kokichi comments on how she had thought they forgot about him, to which Geto replies that they would never do that as Kokichi knows the consequences of the cursed restriction.


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As Mahito suggests that they kill Kokichi since they have the information they need, Geto tells him that they first have to heal Kokichi before they can kill him due to the terms of the Binding Vow between them. Mahito comments that Kokichi should show some enthusiasm, but Kokichi replies that it comes after his business is settled.

10. Itadori’s Extermination Arc

Chapter 137

Number of Chapters: 7
Chapters: 137-143

After the events that occurred during the Shibuya Incident, Japan was thrown into chaos and was left in a political vacuum as they were unaware of what happened to members of the government during the disasters that occurred. The possibility of declaring the entire Tokyo Metropolitan Area as an evacuation zone and limiting the birth of new curses in that area is discussed.

It is reported that a total of twenty-three cities were destroyed, and only the area surrounding Okutama is currently habitable. It is planned to start evacuating at least 5 million people using all the buildings still available in the country. In another part of Tokyo, a girl is eating inside a supermarket when she sees a strange shadow that she calls out to her.

The girl decides to help whoever she has in front of her. However, when a curse approaches, she tries to kill her. At that moment, the special grade shaman, Yuta Okkotsu, arrives at the scene and ends the curse in a matter of seconds. Okkotsu tries to start a conversation with the girl in order to find out where her relatives are and to be able to take her with them.

In the middle of the talk, the curse tries to attack again, but Rika is in charge of finishing it. The girl seems to realize something is wrong and Okkotsu scolds Rika for having exerted too much force. Later, Okkotsu has a meeting with the members that make up the Jujutsu General Supervision Department.

The higher-ups congratulate the shaman for his hard work in exorcising curses and cleaning the country’s streets. Okkotsu is apathetic and informs that he will follow their established orders. One of the department members is suspicious that Okkotsu is actually working for them. Okkotsu is annoyed and alleges that, beyond being a student of Satoru Gojo, he assures that he will be the one in charge of executing Yuji Itadori for being the one responsible for Toge Inumaki losing part of his arm in Shibuya.

11. Perfect Preparation Arc

Chapter 150

Number of Chapters: 15
Chapters: 144-158

Remembering his grandfather’s words, Itadori agrees to help Megumi, and they prepare to find Tengen. However, he sets the condition that Okkotsu must immediately execute him if Sukuna comes to take his place. Later, somewhere in the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College, they meet with Yuki Tsukumo and Maki Zenin where they follow Choso’s plan to infiltrate the Catacombs to reach Tengen.

However, their plan doesn’t pan out when everyone’s presence causes them to be shunned. At that moment, Tengen is present and greets the newcomers. Tengen sets out to reveal information on the condition that, between Yuki Tsukumo, Yuta Okkotsu, and Choso, two must stand by his side and protect him.

After accepting, he reveals that the brain responsible for recent events is an ancient shaman known by the name of Kenjaku. He started the Journey to Extinction because he wants Tengen to be able to assimilate with all humanity, an issue that will cause evil to begin to spread. Spread all over the world. In order to prevent this from happening, Megumi, Itadori, Okkotsu, and Maki will participate in the game to integrate a rule and save the rest of the participants, while Tsukumo and Choso will be in charge of protecting Tengen.

Before moving forward with the plan, Tengen gives them the back door of the Confining Prison so that they can free Satoru Gojo. However, they must get Hana Kurusu, who has a technique capable of canceling other techniques, to be in charge of canceling the attack. prison stamp.

12. Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc


Number of Chapters: 15
Chapters: 159-173

Jujutsu high students are ready to head into the famous Culling Game. As they come up with a plan, many other sorcerers, both new and old, begin making their moves. What dangers lie within Tokyo’s first culling colony?


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13. Sendai Colony Arc

Chapter 174

Number of Chapters: 7
Chapters: 174-180

Yuta Okkotsu has excelled in the culling game, impressing all who watch him. However, in slaughtering Dhruv Lakdawalla to ensure the safety of a group of civilians, Yuta has also attracted the attention of a disturbing new threat.

14. Tokyo No.2 Colony Arc

14. Tokyo No.2 Colony Arc

Number of Chapters: 10
Chapters: 181-190

Yuta defeats Uro and Ryo and takes their points. In Tokyo No. 2 Colony, Hakari meets Charles Bernard, a manga artist who has lost hope in the Culling Game. Hakari battles him and wins by using his Domain Expansion, the “Idle Death Game”. Elsewhere, Panda faces Hajime Kashimo, who easily defeats him and demands to know the whereabouts of Sukuna. Hakari saves Panda and battles Kashimo, using his newfound invincibility to overpower him. Hakari makes a deal with Kashimo to help them in exchange for the opportunity to fight Sukuna. The group meets with the Kyoto students, who reveal that Maki has been causing chaos in the colonies, and they plan their next move.

15. Sakurajima Colony Arc

Sakurajima Colony Arc

Number of chapters: 8
Chapters: 191-198

Kenjaku uses his true identity as the original Noritoshi Kamo to take over the Kamo clan, ruining the plans of the student Kamo. Maki and Kamo discuss their next move in the Sakurajima Colony but are ambushed by a cursed spirit, who is revealed to be Naoya reborn as a curse. Naoya defeats Maki and Kamo thanks to his incredible speed, but Kamo keeps him busy while Maki heals. Hagane Daido and Rokujushi Miyo, two reincarnated sorcerers, join the fight and help Maki and Kamo.


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Miyo enters her Simple Domain and unlocks her true potential while Daido fights Naoya with Maki’s katana. Naoya activates his Domain Expansion, trapping the sorcerers, but Maki, who has no cursed energy, is able to kill him with her katana. In Tokyo No. 1 colony, Megumi, Hana, Yuji, and Takaba awaken and learn about Hana and Angel’s plan to take out the reincarnated sorcerers. They make a deal to help them track down Sukuna in exchange for removing the seal on the Prison Realm.

16. Current Arc

Current arc

Number of chapters: 19+
Chapters: 199- Ongoing

After searching for Hana Kurusu, the jujutsu students finally locate her and realize that she holds the key to freeing their mentor, Satoru Gojo, from his imprisonment. However, the Angel reveals that she and her companions have their own agenda and require the assistance of the sorcerers to take out the Disgraced One first. The students find themselves in a tough spot as they are torn between their loyalty to their mentor and their new allies.