Julia Garner Cast as Female Silver Surfer in the Upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

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‘Fantastic Four’ is generating a lot of buzz as the next big movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Recently, the release date and cast were revealed, confirming some long-standing rumors. Pedro Pascal will play Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Vanessa Kirby will portray Sue Storm (Invisible Woman), Ebon Moss-Bachrach will be The Thing, and Joseph Quinn will take on the role of the Human Torch.

Although the main cast was announced earlier, there was still speculation about the supporting characters. According to Deadline, Julia Garner has been cast as Shalla-Bal, a female version of Silver Surfer. This casting choice adds weight to the idea that the movie might take place in an alternate universe, as discussed recently.

If you’re puzzled by us describing Shalla-Bal as a female version of Silver Surfer, you’re partly right. In the comics, she wasn’t Galactus’ Herald (except for one alternate version of the character, Starglow) but rather the primary love interest of Norrin Radd. Shalla-Bal and Norrin met during a time of grief for him, and despite her affection, Norrin often prioritized his duties over their relationship. Even after tragic events, Shalla-Bal remained loyal, hoping to marry Norrin. However, when Norrin became the Silver Surfer and left her, she was heartbroken. Despite their separation, she never stopped loving him, always yearning for his return.

Shalla Bal has experienced many transformations, from cloning to confusion, death, and resurrection. Throughout these changes, her bond with Silver Surfer has seen repeated cycles of coming together and drifting apart. At one stage, she assumed the role of Zenn-La’s Keeper of the Great Truth, aiming to spread her planet’s ideals across the cosmos with the Illuminatrix. She even enlisted The Thing as her herald. However, when she aimed her efforts at Earth, Silver Surfer opposed her. In a last-ditch effort to thwart her plans, he destroyed the Illuminatrix, inadvertently wiping out Zenn-La’s culture from the universe, along with Zenn-La itself.

It’s likely that Shalla Bal will serve as a minor antagonist for the Fantastic Four to confront, with a possibility of redemption as her actions are motivated more by past trauma than inherent malice.

Since the announcement of the movie, there have been rumors circulating about the inclusion of a female Silver Surfer, leading many fans to anticipate Juno’s appearance. Juno, deeply rooted in Greek mythology as the daughter of Arimathes and granddaughter of Hercules, inherits a heroic legacy. When Hercules sacrifices himself to protect the Andromeda Galaxy, Galactus, impressed by the act, offers Juno the role of his herald. She accepts, becoming the new Silver Surfer with cosmic powers that grant her unparalleled speed and grace in space travel.

During her time as the Herald, she ensured that Galactus avoided consuming inhabited planets.

While we can’t be completely certain about the movie’s direction until its release, this strongly suggests that Galactus will be the primary antagonist.

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